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Bug 656049 - teach comm-central to invoke r=Standard8 - Adds a new make co|checkout target to run - Adds support for: mk_add_options CLIENT_PY_ARGS="--verbose --skip-venkman" in .mozconfig to control what arguments to pass to - Adds support for: mk_add_options ALWAYS_RUN_CLIENT_PY=1 in .mozconfig to control if should pretty much always be invoked during make invocations, or limit itself to being invoked explicitely via make checkout

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIStreamListener.idl"

interface nsIMsgStatusFeedback;
interface nsIMsgIdentity;
interface nsIMsgSendLaterListener;
interface nsIMsgFolder;

 * nsIMsgSendLater is a service used for sending messages in the background.
 * Messages should be saved to an identity's unsent messages folder, and then
 * can be sent by calling sendUnsentMessages.
 * Although the service supports passing identities as parameters, until bug
 * 317803 is fixed, all identities use the same folder, and hence the option
 * currently doesn't work.
[scriptable, uuid(fa324a4b-4b87-4e9a-a3c0-af9071a358df)]
interface nsIMsgSendLater : nsIStreamListener 
  /// Used to obtain status feedback for when messages are sent.
  attribute nsIMsgStatusFeedback statusFeedback;

   * Sends any unsent messages in the identity's unsent messages folder.
   * @param aIdentity   The identity to send messages for.
  void sendUnsentMessages(in nsIMsgIdentity aIdentity);

   * Adds an listener to the service to receive notifications.
   * @param aListener   The listener to add.
  void addListener(in nsIMsgSendLaterListener aListener);

   * Removes a listener from the service.
   * @param aListener                 The listener to remove.
   * @exception NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG  If the listener was not already added to
   *                                  the service.
  void removeListener(in nsIMsgSendLaterListener aListener);

   * Returns the unsent messages folder for the identity.
  nsIMsgFolder getUnsentMessagesFolder(in nsIMsgIdentity userIdentity);

   * Returns true if there are any unsent messages to send.
   * @param aIdentity  The identity whose folder to check for unsent messages.
   *                   If not specified, all unsent message folders are checked.
  boolean hasUnsentMessages([optional] in nsIMsgIdentity aIdentity);

  /// Returns true if the service is currently sending messages.
  readonly attribute boolean sendingMessages;