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Bug 656049 - teach comm-central to invoke r=Standard8 - Adds a new make co|checkout target to run - Adds support for: mk_add_options CLIENT_PY_ARGS="--verbose --skip-venkman" in .mozconfig to control what arguments to pass to - Adds support for: mk_add_options ALWAYS_RUN_CLIENT_PY=1 in .mozconfig to control if should pretty much always be invoked during make invocations, or limit itself to being invoked explicitely via make checkout

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 * The nsIMsgSend method will create an RFC822 message and send it all in one operation 
 * as well as providing the ability to save disk files for later use. The mode of delivery 
 * can also be specified for the "Send Later", "Drafts" and "Templates" operations. (NOTE: 
 * This method could easily be broken in to a few different calls. Currently, this method 
 * does several functions depending on the arguments passed in, but this could easily lead 
 * to confusion. This is something that very well may change as time allows). 
#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsrootidl.idl"
#include "nsIMsgIdentity.idl"
#include "nsIMsgCompFields.idl"
#include "nsIMsgSendListener.idl"
#include "nsIMsgSendReport.idl"
#include "domstubs.idl"
#include "nsIPrompt.idl"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"
#include "nsIMsgComposeParams.idl"

#include "nsIURL.h"

interface nsIMsgProgress;
interface nsIURI;
interface nsIRequest;
interface nsIMsgDBHdr;
interface nsIMsgHdr;
interface nsIDocShell;
interface nsIFile;
interface nsILocalFile;
interface nsIOutputStream;
interface nsIMsgComposeSecure;
interface nsIMsgStatusFeedback;
interface nsIEditor;

typedef long nsMsgDeliverMode;

%{ C++
// Callback declarations for message delivery
// For completion of send/message creation operations...
typedef nsresult (*nsMsgSendCompletionCallback) (nsresult aExitCode, void *tagData, nsILocalFile *returnFile);

// For completion of sending unsent messages operations...
typedef nsresult (*nsMsgSendUnsentMessagesCallback) (nsresult aExitCode, PRUint32 totalSentCount,
                                                     PRUint32 totalSentSuccessfully, void *tagData);

%{ C++
// Forward declaration
class nsMsgAttachmentHandler;

// Attachment file/URL structures
struct nsMsgAttachmentData
  nsIURI* url;            // The URL to attach. This should be 0 to signify "end of list".

  char *desired_type;      // The type to which this document should be
                          // converted.  Legal values are NULL, TEXT_PLAIN
                          // and APPLICATION_POSTSCRIPT (which are macros
                          // defined in net.h); other values are ignored.

  char *real_type;        // The type of the URL if known, otherwise NULL. For example, if 
                          // you were attaching a temp file which was known to contain HTML data, 
                          // you would pass in TEXT_HTML as the real_type, to override whatever type 
                          // the name of the tmp file might otherwise indicate.

  char *real_encoding;    // Goes along with real_type 

  char *real_name;        // The original name of this document, which will eventually show up in the 
                          // Content-Disposition header. For example, if you had copied a document to a 
                          // tmp file, this would be the original, human-readable name of the document.

  char *description;      // If you put a string here, it will show up as the Content-Description header.  
                          // This can be any explanatory text; it's not a file name.             

  char *x_mac_type, *x_mac_creator; // Mac-specific data that should show up as optional parameters
                                    // to the content-type header.
  PRInt32 size;                  // The size of the attachment. May be 0.
  PRBool  isExternalAttachment;  // Flag for determining if the attachment is external
  PRBool  isDownloaded;          // Flag for determining if the attachment has already been downloaded

// When we have downloaded a URL to a tmp file for attaching, this
// represents everything we learned about it (and did to it) in the
// process. 
typedef struct nsMsgAttachedFile
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> orig_url;  // Where it came from on the network (or even elsewhere on the local disk.)

  nsCOMPtr <nsILocalFile>  tmp_file;    // The tmp file in which the (possibly converted) data now resides.
  char        *type;        // The type of the data in file_name (not necessarily the same as the type of orig_url.)

  char        *encoding;    // Likewise, the encoding of the tmp file. This will be set only if the original 
                            // document had an encoding already; we don't do base64 encoding and so forth until 
                            // it's time to assemble a full MIME message of all parts.

  char        *description;    // For Content-Description header 
  char        *x_mac_type;    // mac-specific info 
  char        *x_mac_creator; // mac-specific info 
  char        *real_name;      // The real name of the file. 

  // Some statistics about the data that was written to the file, so that when
  // it comes time to compose a MIME message, we can make an informed decision
  // about what Content-Transfer-Encoding would be best for this attachment.
  // (If it's encoded already, we ignore this information and ship it as-is.)
  PRUint32    size;
  PRUint32    unprintable_count;
  PRUint32    highbit_count;
  PRUint32    ctl_count;
  PRUint32    null_count;
  PRUint32    max_line_length;
} nsMsgAttachedFile;

[ptr] native nsMsgAttachmentData(nsMsgAttachmentData);
[ptr] native nsMsgAttachedFile(nsMsgAttachedFile);
[ptr] native nsMsgAttachmentHandler(nsMsgAttachmentHandler);

[scriptable, uuid(8a3eb87e-6643-439b-bf0c-3aa2ede692ef)]
interface nsIMsgSend : nsISupports 
  // This is the primary interface for creating and sending RFC822 messages
  // in the new architecture. Currently, this method supports many arguments
  // that change the behavior of the operation. This will change in time to 
  // be separate calls that will be more singluar in nature.
  // NOTE: when aEditor is non-null, a multipart related MHTML message will 
  // be created

  /// Send the message straight away.
  const nsMsgDeliverMode nsMsgDeliverNow = 0;
   * Queue the message for sending later, but then wait for the user to
   * request to send it.
  const nsMsgDeliverMode nsMsgQueueForLater = 1;
  const nsMsgDeliverMode nsMsgSave = 2;
  const nsMsgDeliverMode nsMsgSaveAs = 3;
  const nsMsgDeliverMode nsMsgSaveAsDraft = 4;
  const nsMsgDeliverMode nsMsgSaveAsTemplate = 5;
  const nsMsgDeliverMode nsMsgSendUnsent = 6;

  /// Queue the message in the unsent folder and send it in the background.
  const nsMsgDeliverMode nsMsgDeliverBackground = 8;

    void createAndSendMessage(in nsIEditor                    aEditor,
                              in nsIMsgIdentity               aUserIdentity,
                              in string                       aAccountKey,
                              in nsIMsgCompFields             fields,
                              in PRBool                       digest_p,
                              in PRBool                       dont_deliver_p,
                              in nsMsgDeliverMode             mode, 
                              in nsIMsgDBHdr                  msgToReplace,
                              in string               attachment1_type,
                              in string               attachment1_body,
                              in PRUint32                     attachment1_body_length,
                              [const] in nsMsgAttachmentData  attachments,
                              [const] in nsMsgAttachedFile    preloaded_attachments,
                              in voidPtr                      relatedPart,
                              in nsIDOMWindowInternal         parentWindow,
                              in nsIMsgProgress               progress,
                              in nsIMsgSendListener           aListener,
                              in string                       password,
                              in AUTF8String                  aOriginalMsgURI,
                              in MSG_ComposeType              aType

   * Sends a file to the specified composition fields, via the user identity
   * provided.
   * @param aUserIdentity    The user identity to use for sending this email.
   * @param aAccountKey      The key of the account that this message relates
   *                         to.
   * @param aFields          An nsIMsgCompFields object containing information
   *                         on who to send the message to.
   * @param aSendIFile       A reference to the file to send.
   * @param aDeleteSendFileOnCompletion
   *                         Set to true if you want the send file deleted once
   *                         the message has been sent.
   * @param aDigest_p        If this is a multipart message, this param
   *                         specifies whether the message is in digest or mixed
   *                         format.
   * @param aMode            The delivery mode for sending the message (see
   *                         above for values).
   * @param aMsgToReplace    A message header representing a message to be
   *                         replaced by the one sent, this param may be null.
   * @param aListener        An nsIMsgSendListener to receive feedback on the
   *                         current send status. This parameter can also
   *                         support the nsIMsgCopyServiceListener interface to
   *                         receive notifications of copy finishing e.g. after
   *                         saving a message to the sent mail folder.
   *                         This param may be null.
   * @param aStatusFeedback  A feedback listener for slightly different feedback
   *                         on the message send status. This param may be null.
   * @param aPassword        Pass this in to prevent a dialog if the password
   *                         is needed for secure transmission.
  void sendMessageFile(in nsIMsgIdentity       aUserIdentity,
                       in string               aAccountKey,
                       in nsIMsgCompFields     aFields,
                       in nsIFile              aSendIFile,
                       in PRBool               aDeleteSendFileOnCompletion,
                       in PRBool               aDigest_p,
                       in nsMsgDeliverMode     aMode,
                       in nsIMsgDBHdr          aMsgToReplace,
                       in nsIMsgSendListener   aListener,
                       in nsIMsgStatusFeedback aStatusFeedback,
                       in string               aPassword

    /* Abort current send/save operation */
    void abort();
    /* Report a send failure */
    nsresult fail(in nsresult failure_code, in wstring error_msg);

    /* Disable UI notification (alert message) */
    void setGUINotificationState(in PRBool aEnableFlag);
    /* Crypto */
    void BeginCryptoEncapsulation();

    /* retreive the last send process report*/
    readonly attribute nsIMsgSendReport sendReport; 
    /* methods for send listener ... */
    [noscript] void notifyListenerOnStartSending(in string aMsgID, in unsigned long aMsgSize);
    [noscript] void notifyListenerOnProgress(in string aMsgID, in unsigned long aProgress, in unsigned long aProgressMax);
    [noscript] void notifyListenerOnStatus(in string aMsgID, in wstring aMsg);
    [noscript] void notifyListenerOnStopSending(in string aMsgID, in nsresult aStatus, in wstring aMsg, in nsIFile returnFile);
    [noscript] void deliverAsMailExit(in nsIURI aUrl, in nsresult aExitCode);
    [noscript] void deliverAsNewsExit(in nsIURI aUrl, in nsresult aExitCode);
    [noscript] void sendDeliveryCallback(in nsIURI aUrl, in boolean inIsNewsDelivery, in nsresult aExitCode);

    /* methods for copy listener ... */
    [noscript] void notifyListenerOnStartCopy(); 
    [noscript] void notifyListenerOnProgressCopy(in unsigned long aProgress, in unsigned long aProgressMax);
    [noscript] void notifyListenerOnStopCopy(in nsresult aStatus);
    void getMessageId(out ACString messageID);
    [noscript] attribute nsMsgKey messageKey;

    [noscript] nsIPrompt getDefaultPrompt();
    /* process attachment */
    [noscript] void gatherMimeAttachments();
    [noscript] boolean getProcessAttachmentsSynchronously();
    [noscript] nsMsgAttachmentHandler getAttachmentHandlers();
    [noscript] readonly attribute unsigned long attachmentCount;
    [noscript] attribute unsigned long pendingAttachmentCount;
    [noscript] readonly attribute nsMsgDeliverMode deliveryMode;

    [noscript] nsIMsgProgress getProgress();
    nsIOutputStream getOutputStream();

    [noscript] attribute nsIRequest runningRequest;

    [noscript] attribute nsresult status;

    [noscript] attribute nsIMsgComposeSecure cryptoclosure;