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#include "nsIModule.h"
#include "nsIGenericFactory.h"
#include "nsMsgMimeCID.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

// include files for components this factory creates...
#include "nsStreamConverter.h"
#include "nsMimeObjectClassAccess.h"
#include "nsMimeConverter.h"
#include "nsMsgHeaderParser.h"
#include "nsMimeHeaders.h"

// private factory declarations for each component we know how to produce


// Destructor for stream converter
static NS_IMETHODIMP streamConverterDestructor()
  return NS_OK;

// The list of components we register
static const nsModuleComponentInfo gComponents[] = {
    { "MimeObjectClassAccess", NS_MIME_OBJECT_CLASS_ACCESS_CID,
      nsnull, nsMimeObjectClassAccessConstructor },

    { "Mime Converter", NS_MIME_CONVERTER_CID,
      NS_MIME_CONVERTER_CONTRACTID, nsMimeConverterConstructor },

    { "Msg Header Parser", NS_MSGHEADERPARSER_CID,
      NS_MAILNEWS_MIME_HEADER_PARSER_CONTRACTID, nsMsgHeaderParserConstructor },

    { "Mailnews Mime Stream Converter", NS_MAILNEWS_MIME_STREAM_CONVERTER_CID,
      nsStreamConverterConstructor, 0, 0, streamConverterDestructor },

    { "Mailnews Mime Stream Converter", NS_MAILNEWS_MIME_STREAM_CONVERTER_CID,
      nsStreamConverterConstructor, 0, 0, streamConverterDestructor },

    { "Mailnews Mime Stream Converter", NS_MAILNEWS_MIME_STREAM_CONVERTER_CID,
      nsStreamConverterConstructor, 0, 0, streamConverterDestructor },

    { "Mime Headers", NS_IMIMEHEADERS_CID,
      NS_IMIMEHEADERS_CONTRACTID, nsMimeHeadersConstructor }

NS_IMPL_NSGETMODULE(mime_services, gComponents)