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comm-central bustage fix from bug 97954 (autoconf build environment for SpiderMonkey), r=Standard8

Welcome to the Classic Skin, a contemporary native look for Mozilla. 


Unix builds the Windows version, and all Unix subdirectories are ignored. Should get around to 
removing them some day.

Many aspects of this skin have been tuned for optimum performance. Barring style sheet scoping
work, the rules here are generally good. 

Do NOT inject Dumb-Ass style rules into this skin, or I will hunt you down and kill you. 

Do NOT inject Tabs into skins in this skin, even the Mac files, or I will hunt you down and kill you. Configure your editor to insert Tabs as spaces.

Please conform to the indentation style standard set by the Windows version of this skin. 

This skin uses System Colours in the Windows version, and is slowly picking up System Colour usage in the Macintosh version as support is implemented. Please don't check in hard coded colour values into the Windows version or the Macintosh version where an appropriate System Colour exists. 

Send comments and questions to <>