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Mon Jun 29 20:59:26 2015 +0000
a41650128726296054dd2a902c69c982e9c9d353Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
90a7d0c47f7a6d52bed5f08cb90d19a37555e12bMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20150629 for changeset 99d02f70de9a a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
99d02f70de9aff76228a13857aaf4020863c6974Stefan Sitter — Bug 1163306 - enable icaljs by default only on comm-central, use libical on comm-aurora. r=philipp AURORA_BASE_20150629
7684af65861f1380661a10a408daa35dd4a5ab0bMatthew Mecca — Bug 1174397 - No current or upcoming Events in Today Pane. r+a=philipp
0ca6d3c3d328149b7c254efcbe656d16a3174e0aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1170482 - Update internal timezone database to version 2015e. r=ssitter
47eaee3825cadf1d4012fbb4b63c6ea0cc8e55f1Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1172237 - Automatically set up aliases when timezones have changed. r=mmecca
2050599157633c448481a7dd83255353384a02d1Magnus Melin — Bug 1176215. Remove thunderbird's override that's not needed anymore. r=aceman
59ae2306da5684907c1e72e1e1c5a14d2088702aAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1172360 - Handle join MUC command without passing server domain in XMPP. r=aleth
a88a7d21371a6ea937b76bedea68313b462900c4Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1000398 - Support sending private message to a MUC participant. r=aleth
23d2b24151c443a7a2a5e5fd28c47da06cf8069bR Kent James — Bug 1176773 - Support and urls in OAuth2. r=mkmelin
02713c0869c2e9704a038f3d4068e9dba5b3e519Edmund Wong — Bug 1177317 - package-manifest: missing bin/components/profile.xpt r=Neil a=bustage fix CLOSED TREE
6b05d9c742e9639d2b1d28e76a632fd31697c2aeAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1177304 - Correct assigning LHS for statusType and statusText in imConversation.js. r=clokep.
4b1135c0e1a145be848335b1255bad921bff9cdbEdmund Wong — Bug 1177333 - package-manifest: missing bin/components/profile.xpt in im/ r=clokep
8b285e22024a8a7e3324a6f5c120eee6502e8d35Edmund Wong — Bug 1177333 - package-manifest: missing bin/components/profile.xpt in mail/ r=mkmelin
b68eb761cf824d4731fd50f59d70bcaf56479776Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1010342 - Implement MUC service discovery. r=aleth
3092759d5f48c2506afe4c9df50d168d10c65cedalta88 — Bug 1132478 - Feed Reader sends wrong Accept header. r=mkmelin
4c0a2ce3eed4e4970eccf32754ee2b52dff8024eJorg K — Bug 1175908 - Ensure valid spell check language preference: Followup to use list.indexOf(value) instead of loop. r=mkmelin
cd3b2d6056ab91b53edead971c71205a55ed2cf4Philip Chee — Bug 1040910 - Support XHTML in feed titles r=Neil a=IanN CLOSED TREE
33c0832f86e06bcb95b626f06e1cd12f6029db15Philip Chee — Bug 1158496 - JavaScript error: nsSuiteGlue.js, line 291: NS_NOINTERFACE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004002 (NS_NOINTERFACE) [nsIWebProgress.DOMWindow] r=Neil
1fafcee93411a4bc9ef99eda31887bf5809887c7Ian Neal — Bug 1163442 - Use FINAL_TARGET_FILES and PP_TARGETS for SeaMonkey themes r=neil a=ratty for a CLOSED TREE
9a0db622167bec9b8c3ec8709cd99ddcc9eaa56cIan Neal — Bug 1168525 - Port |Bug 1166538 - Use mozbuild.jar-based zip tool instead of $(ZIP) for simple cases| to Calendar r=Fallen
68e8683c28c63fd94d20a2628c58cc974fdc679bJorg K — Bug 1175055 - disable Eudora and Outlook import; r=mkmelin
f91e51cf26b7471c2052518597df7903835529f1Magnus Melin — Bug 1175190 - Thunderbird 38 crashes in mozilla::mailnews::EncodedHeader [msvcr120.dll | nsCOMArray_base::Adopt | mozilla::mailnews::EncodedHeader]. r=rkent
7170634c1998a94e9032c6798f78b5ab6adf51a3Magnus Melin — Bug 1174580 - Doesn't display GB2312 encoded texts correctly for Chinese Characters. r=jcranmer
aaecae60620b1fc86bb7486fb6c50016d42f593aMagnus Melin — Bug 1151448 - Cross-posts won't send becuase Newsgroups: groups are separated with comma+space, not just comma. r=jcranmer
ed50f33ced72cd937c73b8d6ce4b02d5863f4826Richard Marti — Bug 1175607 - Set the correct color on toolbars using -moz-appearance: menubar. r=bwinton a=SM CLOSED TREE
6fb58ceea13421f8f4aabc5e13ad47013072a0e3Richard Marti — Bug 1172243 - Don't duplicate the messenger-newsblog folder in Windows theme. r=bwinton
d5fc93ab5c958820d7802ffb1c457a70b6b67478Richard Marti — Bug 1172240 - Add win10 media queries. r=bwinton
5bccc565b81278bd1713f6081b6f7582fc823175Jorg K — Bug 1175908 - Ensure valid spell check language preference. r=mkmelin
103550b81b55a8d0e79263f0a1b904f1219b8126Zach Nickell — Bug 978558 - Polish tooltip of 'Size' or 'Lines' column header ("Sort by size", "Sort by lines"). r=thomasd
fbb26b3fc314cb7005ba3877e888664cd7275345R Kent James — Bug 1174159, NTLMv2 authentication fails in SMTP, r=neil
337208ca8df8f09b89efd314b4f20917a100a896Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1161930 - Quick find shortcut both opens the findbar and types a slash in the inputbox. r=aleth
6139912cfaa437ab457205697773e205b79846b3Magnus Melin — Bug 1175348 - oauth related crash in nsMsgAsyncWriteProtocol::SendData(char const*, bool). r=rkent
ace4d457e63a208b24f4f9b561bfb7cee79edb05Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1175410 - Update comm-central for PLDHashTable changes in bug 117462. r=rkent.
9e0f677c337fcdf9f7d5695970b9e50e56d1b6f8aleth — Bug 1175462 - Automatic XMPP MUC rejoins don't always work. r=clokep
922c585afd3eec335c66aeb9401bf7f4695d8747aleth — Bug 1000477 - Add /part and /join commands for XMPP MUCs: followup to remove some duplication. r=abdelrhman
50f54e656818004005f1f1f169017739106066cfAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1172361 - Pass XMPP command names as parameters in help strings. r=clokep
4167ca8ce372e13e75edd4051f84c1574a7ba953aleth — Bug 1174843 - Disable tab completion keys if the user has selected some text. r=clokep
c2fb477b2e171aace353d3b9893ee08a7d432826Magnus Melin — Bug 1151497 (noscript in feed tab) mozmill test. r=alta88
e769c32b3fb7b8a65565629d77600fc2a8ed9c60alta88 — Bug 1151497 - Web site from RSS feed not rendered correctly (due to noscript tags) - tab part. r=mkmelin
850e8b23e028f65a3ab08bd4f645f4bfe3391242Richard Marti — Bug 1172242 - Don't duplicate the communicator folder in Windows theme. r=bwinton
a0eeb9e33a6550817c13900ded50617dce415adbRichard Marti — Bug 1172241 - Unify messageWindow.css on Windows. r=bwinton
d8c669e7433b7d9248197953e5c5e3df7800cc35ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1167003 - Do not use deprecated flags argument of String.prototype.{search,match,replace} in accountProvisioner.js. r=mkmelin
a272b4bd0718f54dd79a5aa45002aedb99ecd65eFrédéric Wang — Bug 1160456 - Add UI to configure the "fonts for mathematics" preferences r=IanN a=IanN for CLOSED TREE
03e8463c8b33f833bda801fa18abf6f630be2e47Philip Chee — Backed out Bug 1160456 changeset: 9a7dc5e969b2 Author name mangled
9a7dc5e969b2c401fc973579229093f7ef2a53afFrédéric Wang — Bug 1160456 - Add UI to configure the "fonts for mathematics" preferences r=IanN a=IanN for CLOSED TREE
0fc1f876fec1bcaf1c0e4d9982554df1aeec7f32Edmund Wong — Bug 1099585 - Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in suite/ r=Neil a=RattyAway in a CLOSED TREE
c6edd15b273411ccca65f8f543e8fca0c6fbe56cEdmund Wong — Bug 1171980 - Replace draggesture with dragstart, dragdrop with drop events. r=Neil a=RattyAway in a CLOSED TREE.
4c61c3db9975da4020b7c83736628f426f4f56d4Frédéric Wang — Bug 1170918 - Add UI to configure the "fonts for mathematics" preferences. r=bwinton
8f8d9edfa43ef98b6bc7c1478c7d4d4a8cf43179aceman — Bug 1166482 - Add identity information to about:troubleshooting if "show account names" is enabled. r=mkmelin
535a025253406c85e0ce41ee86f8081bf8415b13Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1173366 - Use aData parameter of update-typing notifications to pass a short name to the UI. r=aleth
c352d4695e280ede8c37d0e1f3ede6fc51d3e10eAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1172353 - Make it impossible to try to change the topic while not in the room. r=aleth
9615c8997cba8053beb736c320324a18248fba7fAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1011226 - Implement setting the topic in XMPP MUCs. r=aleth
ab0a4209f0b55ad12086a3b3f6c89b9489733bc2Richard Marti — Bug 1150627 - Use SVG graphics for the toolbars. ui-r+r=josiah
2970e7c552aafd7266cea1bacd97a5173a468a05aleth — Bug 1160822 - Fix bugs around showing/hiding the faceted search timeline. r=josiah
766b464c78d0b31854a68c60a62914f060d2c2c6Magnus Melin — Bug 1173084 - port bug 1115480 (XPCOM module for mDNSProvider) to thunderbird/im/suite - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | dom/presentation/tests/xpcshell/test_multicast_dns_device_provider.js . r=clokep, philip.chee
822bbe99bfb79490fce141c537df460a31176a36Patrick Cloke — Bug 1173492 - Port |Bug 1169686 - Remove dom_devicestorage.xpt and pipboot.xpt from package-manifest| to Instantbird. r=aleth
c182789fe4260665df19a1f73134d6e9855d5819Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1165316 Switch to new livemark API r=IanN
3e3e006f424682376c990341e7e7ecc70f2bfa1aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1170002 Display name with comma in it does not get properly quoted in From field r=Ratty
23a71e8da8548e36b06126b4270e5f8161f625dfPhilip Chee — Bug 1172278 Port manifest changes from bug 918317 to SeaMonkey rs=packaging fix a=Ratty for CLOSED TREE
925c9ae32d4e65db305cd9b9a7b3341bcf70a8f8aceman — Bug 1168181 - Fix errors shown when toggling "Show only display name for people in my address book" pref. Only reload a message if one is shown. Find the messagepane properly even if other tab is focused. r=squib a=SM CLOSED TREE
03e4d58e1d5c999620ee0f756260944fa5a7bec2aceman — Bug 1133264 - Warn by default when deleting messages from Trash folder. ui-r=Josiah, r=squib
fa5ffb98e7b42735df3004aa10b599778af77eddAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 955167 - Handle XMPP room join failure due to 'forbidden' error. r=aleth
7058d5c2903a53836040dc37729b4c44bc9901ddDecathlon — Bug 696334 - Sometimes sort order of calenders list changes. r=philipp
724e8467d630c007ed9cc73513d4fb714bc07fa6R Kent James — Bug 1171663, replace PL_DHashFreeStringKey removed in bug 1171323, rs=jcranmer CLOSED TREE
4531fe7c34da0e572c59ed23db5f29ff4233faaaEdmund Wong — Bug 1171663 - Change PR_LOG to MOZ_LOG in mailnews/, r=rkent
a2ca69d3bcce00f253431b65850d12291f1e07f7Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1000477 - Implement /part and /join commands for XMPP MUCs. r=aleth
a47b6cb6dfcc15a04bd6e6c0bb41105dfb6d369aRichard Marti — Bug 1167929 - Windows 10: Don't draw the whole titlebar in accent color. r=mconley
e0f36011323e4232f998d6f6cbf8cf5b55cd0949ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1171064 - Configuration error under mailnews/intl (C-C TB): Script for generating does not exist, r=Fallen
b3a333547c76e1b8bdfe9944d456b657481a332cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1163331 - Update /mailnews/ for PLDHashTable API changes. r=rkent
4fbe8718e655ae6b1f7d203b9ada1c605bf7c05dHarmut Figge — Bug 893776 - Placeholders instead of pictures shown in newsgroup posting bodies. r=IanN a=ewong in a CLOSED TREE
554c22895acc8de3ebdd04b56236e05ad1939ab5Jorg K — Bug 1168624/1168945 - Fix suboptimal code and reset language for recycling; r=neil,mkmelin
0979b9fca097dd3460b4fd32823002a291ecaab6Philip Chee — Bug 1163395 - Port Bug 967494 to SeaMonkey (Preference Composition/Spelling/Language is ignored, and changing spellcheck language in one composition window affects all open and new compositions) r=Neil a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
3c00ed4749ee94339abc3d9da534b5baacba74f2Philip Chee — Bug 995737 - Adapt seamonkey for the addressbook remote content policy change; use the permission manager instead of address book property r=IanN moa=Mnyromyr
f836c11cd54502ef5d819ead8339bcaaac3f18e6Decathlon — Bug 1168536 - Events with timezone get moved on a wrong day after a drag and drop in month view r=philipp
3fe65676c36b47ebd62e9c2945efa3777f90494aDecathlon — Bug 1162380 - Drop down list in Customize Toolbar is too small r=philip
459ec17f6157d84ea3469b1190884372f38f9728Stefan Sitter — Bug 1169697 - Error: formatURLPref: Couldn't get pref: r=mkmelin
331e683af864f4ea0b722d4129694fd34b89f31dStefan Sitter — Bug 1159699 - add tooltips to Calendar tab and Task tab toolbar buttons r=mmecca
b8901ef6c26a41da21f4058d0a90f82ebc20f377Stefan Sitter — Bug 1169515 - Remove dom_devicestorage.xpt and pipboot.xpt from package-manifest r=Ratty a=bustage fix CLOSED TREE
b1239e93c6a51fed29dd04428b0ac07933f9be6bRichard Marti — Bug 1001535 - Update the findbar-buttons to toolbarbutton-1 styling. r=josiah
e7bf02ea3e6132a0e8cd3c141fe232da335de6b0aceman — Bug 1090553 - if creating filter in Unified folder, create it in the account of the message. r=mkmelin
8e4abc1b88495ee6725c2d5819998220d685004cRichard Marti — Bug 1165946 - Add in-content/common.css to aboutSupport.xhtml. r=bwinton
42fcfd06884c7b96444722d8216d2c7c56ec5a6fStefan Sitter — Bug 1169686 - Remove dom_devicestorage.xpt and pipboot.xpt from package-manifest. r=rkent
00fc2020a1a1455cc7e18a37f79a14b6f7264a08Decathlon — Bug 1168569 - Incorrect color for the day-off part of the selected day in week view. r=paenglab a=philipp
0da1e28e4544214e829b1ace30aaf45dbf3aac60Philip Chee — Bug 1169399 Flatten LOCAL_INCLUDES from '/mozilla/security/manager/ssl/src' to '/mozilla/security/manager/ssl' r=rkent
545aab8d1bc7cf190b83441d09794b80e824f287Richard Marti — Bug 1155545 - Move "Reading & Display" to Display pane. r=aceman ui-r=bwinton
bae6809204ccb1c7708ebbcd7759399b157bcf07R Kent James — Bug 1166206 - Use makeFromDisplayAddress in setting Compose from field, r=mkmelin
87b9eddaf6b6d5904e43ca0e24995447ad0533b4Philip Chee — Bug 1167865 - Error: formatURLPref: Couldn't get pref: r=IanN a=IanN for CLOSED TREE
bdb1708f8b8cf7e6be62dfac970c4a61b3fe63e1Ian Neal — Bug 1158774 - Port |Bug 1155776 - move USE_EXTENSION_MANIFEST to| to comm-central - remove r=rkent
cf486fa6264b6b2200bbb3d7356322eaee12b812Ian Neal — Bug 1159775 - Port |Bug 870891 - Move DIST_FILES to| to comm-central - Thunderbird part r=rkent
9ae077f0b6bb8c4613b0bd57ebd6d3584137a374Ian Neal — Bug 1159775 - Port |Bug 870891 - Move DIST_FILES to| to comm-central - Use EXTRA_PP_COMPONENTS for Calendar r=fallen
97bc9fb598e126bd2c39f9db4b0825e7694070d0seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
dd26276d74028be8dd605dce16ec2f94e364a97dNomis101 — Bug 1150891 - Port changes from Bug 1115495 - Part 2: PAC generator for browsing and system wide proxy r=rkent
8ae02b209d4a4a56057b582c8c992498d506ad8cMagnus Melin — Bug 1154747 - disable calendar integration notification during test, so height is predictable. r=rkent
e74c3369238f9e4c1ee477658371494ce4e9a989Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1163306 - Force disabling icaljs when libical tests are running. r=ssitter
c64485a52e46198a4d287ae9f2a44f186a7e18b3Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1163306 - Re-enable libical tests and disable ical.js in nightly builds when binary compatibility is back - enable libical tests. r=me, a=Callek for CLOSED TREE on Seamonkey
3318e9799d4506a114a810f228e6dd20c7ea4ccaPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1166842 - Re-enable binary extensions for comm-central. r=florian,Callek
3f5395827a5cb2851509d9d9ba0d3197e9ada5ecTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1151475 - Part 5: Remove use of expression closure from mail/test/mozmill/. r=mconley
ecee3826ae9134ff1a4008dc884aed341293746aTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1151475 - Part 4: Remove use of expression closure from mail/components/. r=mconley
5eb45f784b5ba3e7e4b12f405a741b56906c0a95Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1151475 - Part 3: Remove use of expression closure from mail/components/cloudfile/. r=mconley
2b19b447dd936e3d34ef0750f9d24eccb3d06307Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1161918 Type Ahead Find should stop key events from propagating to content r=Ratty
aa4d087d7c6381c6a01fd22c6a02243bc0894b48Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1098350 Support new autocomplete preferences from bug 530209 r=IanN
ff867369bb2e0cdbae10724e38e17a5b025de137Stefan Sitter — Bug 1099587 (followup) - fix typo in secureable-module, r=rkent
8991f07b089b4e63a4e111c1fe66cb7b64cf8947Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1148512 - WebApps.jsm access nsIXULAppInfo to fix failing Windows imap tests, r=rkent
710fbcea1b16b68f871d53b9f2c92a3093867ef9Stefan Sitter — Bug 1099587 - Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in mailnews/ r=rkent
322e381cce2c095c50bfe13115a24b70e067e43fStefan Sitter — Bug 1099587 - Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in mail/ r=rkent
fc90040dd09d8b9e60a1ab1bf9239adaecf0b0cdPhilip Chee — Bug 1160500 - Follow up to Bug 1157433 When content disposition information isn't available in the cache for an image the user right clicks, don't spew the console r=Neil. a=Callek CLOSED TREE
bcb1ea4398f1b64575655506f160e3543f777170Philip Chee — Bug 1165427 - Port Thunderbird Bug 1153657 to SeaMonkey (see TB Bug 1164707 missing toolkit_perfmonitoring.xpt in aurora builds) r=IanN a=comm-aurora CLOSED TREE
3d6076209849ee4f336f3f973b0fdc5e5bc85ffaPhilip Chee — Bug 1160565 - Package FormAutofillStartup.js r=IanN a=IanN for CLOSED TREE
7636eb8e94b6b8e6cc6e826b59e38a61c3ab7b9aPhilip Chee — Bug 1165612 - Port Thunderbird Bug 1130248 (Allow email addresses in address name fields) r=IanN sr=Mnyromyr
e3a09b8bc8e1c1a23bc466cfdc33c968873e33f6R Kent James — Bug 1088975 - Answering mail with sendername containing encoded special chars and comma creates two To-entries, r=Fallen
584a415163065dc63522052136479c4b772f7979Matthew Mecca — Bug 735253 - JavaScript Error: "TypeError: calendar is null" {file: "chrome://calendar/content/calendar-task-editing.js" line: 102}. r=philipp
277d5337de9351f809cf79d2856a80f30859ef2aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 768207 - Make the cache checkbox default-on in the new calendar dialog. r=redDragon
cec8a41e067d4e25f077db1e58187e6b92825232Stefan Sitter — Bug 1099592 - Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in calendar. r=philipp
bf2473395e2b55cf7c1db84b5d406c213f2bd19eDecathlon — Bug 1151011 - Calendar events show up on wrong day when printing r=philipp
c97965845c1e88d3a821c10825df8669ceddbe78Ian Neal — Bug 1165264 - Port test from |Bug 952982 - Submit inputs should be subject to constraint validation and match :valid/:invalid as needed| to SeaMonkey r=Ratty a=test fixes for CLOSED TREE
82af2da6e32d4ff82da1898d4e19c37b64181622Ian Neal — Bug 1162518 - Fix-up SeaMonkey browser tests after file move rs=Ratty a=test fixes for CLOSED TREE
856553fccd61c99899fc2a671ccbfee54c883669Ian Neal — Bug 1159775 - Port |Bug 870891 - Move DIST_FILES to| to comm-central - Calendar part r=Fallen
f445e60214cc4a7c50fe224f01601e473aea5bb0Ian Neal — Bug 1158774 - Port |Bug 1155776 - move USE_EXTENSION_MANIFEST to| to comm-central - Calendar port r=Fallen
aa1c5c5e9bcb86da8d7367b5475018f4fac2bfeaPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1154521 - jsmime fails on long references header and e-mail gets sent and stored in Sent without headers (regression). r=rkent
d6d954f111136d167877e004feb1044f9420339bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1165737 - Fix usage of NS_LITERAL_CSTRING in mailnews, port Bug 1155963 to comm-central. r=rkent
35679800b300b52c009cb997a41717b203f2e037aleth — Bug 1160105 - Fix strict mode warnings in protovis-r2.6-modded.js. r=aceman
1abdcb3e303564a5979abdd380164f535778ce1drsx11m — Bug 1165320 - Followup fix for Windows and Mac OSX where mail.biff.use_system_alert doesn't exist. r=mkmelin
0a4fdc44efac16094494d817fdc70da92bc89b2eStefan Sitter — Bug 1165002 - do not load libical when icaljs is enabled by default. r=philipp
fcbd8eb059bead257387c326fea770d7978e4320R Kent James — Backout 95616afdd719 (bug 1163331) due to backout of dependent m-c bug, a=bustage
f4fa4a4f96c13c95d95bf7f035b4eb546be1e855R Kent James — Bug 1130248 - Allow email addresses in address name fields, r=fallen,mkmelin,jorgk
ccba868cf370b2260b2523663449ed272d55a31frsx11m — Bug 1165320 - Ensure that Linux notification tests are based on libnotify until built-in alerts used by default now after bug 1144693 can be tested. r=mkmelin
4459cf4154eba08e314e3e43ff9714c5f671c129Abhinandan Ramaprasath — Bug 1072611 - Ctrl+P not working from Composition's Print Preview window, r=mkmelin
7b7b8c514fd7a93a14834d3f11ee2f4d77aad9c3R Kent James — Bug 1164707 - missing toolkit_perfmonitoring.xpt in aurora builds, r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
c59e01475ae216de6048c976c35581d1f6231bb4R Kent James — Bug 1159448 - Thunderbird ignores proxy settings on POP3S protocol, r=neil
b557915203f81976bd60fcb5258620bef665b683R Kent James — Bug 1163347 - Don't require scope in ispdb config for OAuth2, r=Fallen
a05b10d2a3f7fc24b44b2e6e89a8b77bba708a28R Kent James — Bug 610533 - crash [@ nsMsgDatabase::GetSearchResultsTable(char const*, int, nsIMdbTable**)] with virtual folder, r=neil
2e392e51238efde2033bc93455be6c7522bccf77R Kent James — Bug 1163132 - crash in nsMsgFilterAfterTheFact::ContinueExecutionPrompt(), r=neil
1bb395cbb279904ddcbde583e5d031fc5b7f3430R Kent James — Bug 1163343 - Incorrectly formatted error message 'sending failed', r=neil
18c1c077059f48eae410971b26b03a9efffff330Onno Ekker — Bug 1164415 - Rename string imapEnterPasswordPrompt in comment too both for mail and suite. r=aceman a=SM CLOSED TREE
ee0620ac1185699823a4665e732b22b96c8c0071Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1049591 - Fix lots of Calendar strict warnings. r=redDragon
1bf87d31938fd6e6e64b5a78aaaf17c6c0f25a07Arlo Breault — Bug 1138689 - /me and /action should fire a sending-message notification before actually sending the action. r=clokep
68f9b79c4fa70d7daade2831d79df1302b9c996bStefan Sitter — Bug 777770 - Replace nsVoidArray with nsTArray, part 2. r=rkent a=me CLOSED TREE
d294256abf7b7301ee224dbf1d30cdedaad0f536Stefan Sitter — Bug 777770 - get rid of nsVoidArray from /mailnews, r=rkent, a=rkent CLOSED TREE
d1979f04df5a1f0007d9ee285d11731cc749b0d2Stefan Sitter — Fix bug 1160805 - Missing Windows and Linux nightly builds, build step set props: previous_buildid fails. r/a=philipp CLOSED TREE
aab6fca0c84a9c104b2cfd93dec73fa626df3f19Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
26c039fb67e7ff1eea5306613ad176af4cf6e2c5Mark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
f9b7f6fc4dac2c77bd3528407ff5f8d2456c2c77Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_40_END for changeset 2e4b4a69d5ff a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE