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Sun Apr 14 15:40:24 2013 +0000
506abd6aa42d3b3f7b05f0065b1f06c8ff0b74faMakoto Kato — Bug 856506 - Fix crash in nsSmtpProtocol when parsing IDN. r+a=Standard8
9c12a1bd96923ae78ad1d1ada8f0475fbd06728aMark Banner — Bug 806814. r=rstrong,a=Standard8
19d808bd643ae043dace06e1edd915149619537bMark Banner — Bug 833971 LDAP password requested for each lookup even if password is saved - obtain a window to pass to the password manager so that it can detect private browsing even though this isn't supported in mail. r=Neil,a=Standard8