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Tue Apr 03 21:18:56 2012 +0000
9306cdde548394da329e162c2fbe98655a44c75bDavid Bienvenu — reland just the right patch for bug 715922, r+a=standard8, flush pop3 downloads when message size limit is turned on
93adc53b2fa250979c7a21705af171969b5c387aDavid Bienvenu — null check fix for bug 737751, crash in nsMsgComposeAndSend::ProcessMultipartRelated, r+a=standard8
824e9a87e413f5edf6f76d45b2985f199c2f9078David Bienvenu — fix bug 738903, closing compose window can cause app to exit in some situations, r=mkmelin,a=Standard8
c781e5d221460be9fa3fcc886ac1131c65a0dbd3Mark Banner — Bug 742013 - Test pilot isn't being shipped on all channels. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
6d61c4a994b6faf76e2abbb4df72a1411192c773Mark Banner — Bug 298126 - In Offline mode, message sent via MAPISendMail will not save the unsent mail in Outbox (Unsent Messages). r=bienvenu,a=Standard8