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Mon Nov 14 17:57:29 2016 +0000
2dcdcf8f07d948e33e8429f50f8632f1b222e9abPatrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
f02700473c5dbc646d8f050df44ec9c8f4175727Patrick Cloke — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20161114 for changeset 9245026f182f a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
9245026f182fb3f20c12698d7197b3938c88b6f8Jorg K — Bug 1316389 - Follow-up: removed code repetition. rs=jorgk DONTBUILD AURORA_BASE_20161114
e2be7d3144fee121057be6a33cae52310f8fd2ceRichard Marti — Bug 1317283 - Remove app.update.url.override preference. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
0073c80871dbfa6a74a6dc468a4160df41ac91fbRichard Marti — Keep tooltool-manifests in sync (Rust update). rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
e0055f1fa1ac5ab5879f63d1f32e5b0eb66a7cb5tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-553 - a=blocklist-update
dd4587a78cfd200881956427c8d3fd468aaf9758Magnus Melin — Bug 1316570 - use data urls for signature images, when inserting images from file, and when setting background image. r=jorgk
40eadd4a11bd430d0ca17d52ee5db2f65defc187MakeMyDay — Bug 1225784 - Deal properly with incoming counter proposals - Strings only. rs=pre-merge-strings-only
84406e2b6d12d521277649822c2b773b86f22041aleth — Bug 1317064 - Adjust imipbar label for received replies and processed invitations - String additions only. rs=pre-merge-string-only
f85659ef3cf0f7064d8aad906fd70ee14ea8d9d9Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1279834 - Integrate devtools client UI into Thunderbird. r=mkmelin
26d7f9ff1aba6d7b0ac94e5c87b78dd66b245e99aceman — Bug 1313942 - remove trailing spaces in string firstLastFormat. r=mkmelin, r=IanN, a=IanN
9d31ee8ebb34089fe82ca05e8d0c24a5cacdf1f6aceman — Bug 917545 - remove utilityOverlay.xul from /editor/ui/dialogs/*. r=IanN, rs=Jorgk
d2c25fee0909d3f8122a97688e390915961029f2aceman — Bug 318495 - Add possibility to create an identity label that will be appended 'name <email>' on display. ui-r=Paenglab, r=mkmelin, r=IanN, a=IanN
8898cabfdac3e4744a8aeca8b82bc879f701dbdeMarkus Adrario <:Taraman> — Bug 1300849 - "Error shown when opening New Event / New Task dialog [TypeError: completedCommand is null]" [r=philipp]
e4ba6d64af29278d6cc17a47090fc26ef5b9c7b0tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-438 - a=blocklist-update
330fade4b94b549426eed14f6f9b44f65b7ef858Jorg K — Bug 1317040 - Port Bug 1315812 to Mailnews, suppress deprecation warning for nsISupportsArray. rs=bustage-fix
82f47febc327f5487158ed2a09331e195ba71ae2Magnus Melin — Bug 1317031 - Scrollbar of folder pane can be detached from UI element after viewing message with embedded image. r=jorgk
49fa2869738366a84d2d2182b7e641379a948cb7tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-314 - a=blocklist-update
09ec66578aae31999326b0443d13029bd8c24bb5Richard Marti — Bug 1317035 - Remove app.update.cert.requireBuiltIn preference and add app.update.timerFirstInterval preference. r=jorgk
71581aa2080102ab14918586874cdf0285ac1ba0Thomas Düllmann — Bug 1310442 - Make labels of cmd_properties in AB context-sensitive, e.g. "Edit Contact", "Edit List", etc. r=aceman, ui-r=Paenglab
666da1b1fc5721d00a996c1b52d864f649fa2fd6Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 916095 - After renaming imap folder, message list is not dislayed only once. r=aceman
228b399d8933abaa10c96f7616f5f98fb452821eJorg K — Bug 1314347 - Crash in InvalidArrayIndex_CRASH | nsMsgDBView::GetCommandStatus (analysis by alta88). r=rkent DONTBUILD
b10948d0a008d21ccf941acc2bca0f44973294fdaleth — Backed out changeset a8855a65a9c7 (Bug 955642) for tooltip regression. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
3bbc1b01ea13a5b280e635d0c3109e35bbc7aa46aleth — Backed out changeset f04314c15550 (Bug 955642) for tooltip regression. rs=bustage-fix
270d1fada781a7e1614e0317adb9576726b88f2eRichard Marti — Bug 1316909 - Replace 0's with nullptr to work with nsCOMPtr again. r=aleth
6bbafc1273eed73e3ef6192416d7eaf343a2ebb6alta88 — Bug 1311672 - Follow-up fix. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
ad67042cd3fe7dc4166217cae0d7aff6f6d8baeetbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-168 - a=blocklist-update
2cc4df8526b144b85685c817aa5ca3d1fb637de7Jorg K — Convert mailnews/mime/src/modmimee.h from ANSI to UTF-8. rs=bustage-fix
6d9be007357c6500b1894b19000c02bcf45fb003Magnus Melin — Bug 1315440 - Follow-up: src is null for new image insertion. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
f04314c15550d64b97669c37b408e988bb7ed8b5aleth — Bug 955642 - Followup to fix missed variable name changes in a8855a65a9c7. rs=bustage-fix
c8666b9f31bc868950a698b2cc28896d45a09030Magnus Melin — Bug 1315480 - avoid copying imap/mailbox urls as the aren't usable outside Thunderbird. Copy as data urls instead. r=jorgk
1d2132213242cb7967889420a3d1ff2e490c3e71Jorg K — Bug 1316389 - Port Bug 1303196 to TB: Params for nsBrowserAccess.openURI changed. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
497715ac1050e631b825a2401dd7383af129f7cetbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-310 - a=blocklist-update
5cb6c4f805a525ffda697c35221af3612f4cccf3Jorg K — Bug 1315440 - Follow-up: Fix advance edit when shortened data URIs are used. r=mkmelin
0fa8bfa73cdec9511df0395c2b1f3af2e5fa2b83Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1316104 - Change LoadURI params to match the ones in nsIBrowserDOMWindow.idl after bug 1303196. r=Ratty a=Ratty
6a6efc993defce014a89e080364292327385a114Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1313288 - Port Bug 1312143. Followup Fix from Bug 1313039 for editor. r=Ratty a=Ratty
dc1b2bd19227d32fbb4ef5d5ff7ebc12e1641079Patrick Cloke — Bug 1316000 - Properly refer to XMPP protocol in account wizard. rs=clokep
9371fb54aca0ac6f5ef39ec2b047246b2dd9f005Patrick Cloke — Bug 1316000 - Remove old Yahoo! Messenger support. r=aleth
1276ea0826b6408fc7ec911a2d9d6dc551143680tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-277 - a=blocklist-update
e4ab5c338d81d9c1e457364141e9aeac5fcfe422Javier Rueda — Bug 1290324 - Follow-up: Fixed Mozmill test test-notification.js on Mac. r=jorgk
94785ab39d5d274bc86cbbe1043625b1ba57ae68Jorg K — Bug 1315440 - Follow-up: Use shortened data URIs instead of hiding them completely. r=mkmelin
f31996b31a32cf18476a1d49d5511a5604e09aa6Richard Marti — Bug 1314248 - Follow-up: Override extensionGeneric-16.png with extensionGeneric.svg. r=jorgk
68d48640a8e782e3308328927fed0043c8c3d8dealta88 — Bug 1308727 - Refactor favicon handling for session persistence and guaranteed resolution of error icons. r=mkmelin
a0b4d7756a1c2c2707653bdca1eb5669d9373b80tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-372 - a=blocklist-update
a8855a65a9c7acc41a30a5b323cad62ac6a44438Arlo Breault — Bug 955642 - Make DMs work with the OTR extension. r=florian
bccab5fc1a0636c9f57a2b03313261627fcb5f85aleth — Bug 1315479 - Use requestIdleCallback for the socket data queue. r=clokep
8419163140a64ba22334cbbdcba76a0820375efctbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-391 - a=blocklist-update
fc0e177c04d606b42c7614b6bb979aa660b92e60Arlo Breault — Bug 1187281 - Only show account manager "close" button on Windows. r=aleth
008aabedc586769dc8799b920b22c4e05dbd8fcdaleth — Bug 1315479 - Use requestIdleCallback for the message display queue. r=florian
1a44c4a7690733cadf5dd28090e58da04f15abe7Richard Marti — Bug 1314551 - Improve the Identity dialog title. r=aceman, IanN a=IanN
f861478300e63d3c53f4c4054a6f5243f884f627Richard Marti — Bug 1312262 - Make the dialog titles in AB consistent. r=aceman, IanN a=IanN
59ccd1a58f30b7d5b96d5877d34172e1f4afba59Richard Marti — Bug 1315536 - Fix the margins for button[type="menu-button"] on OS X and Windows. r=jorgk
6e15a145bcd996cdffe914799a5064372acb81eaRichard Marti — Bug 1315528 - Show in Image Properties dialog our own separator above the dialog-button-box. r=jorgk
b18e1af73258bb325bc90fb35a814928ca2987b5tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1055 - a=blocklist-update
4a9e63083936cf91348be5010ad1f72b744c70adJorg K — Bug 1315440 - Follow-up: Removed spaces before/after ellipsis. r=Paenglab DONTBUILD
e0d8cfec4210f377ecb4de5d0191d5deb0a49cdcJorg K — Bug 1315440 - Hide data URIs from the user interface. r=aceman
c140c92d693ecf0231baf10331afabedca07fbbfRichard Marti — Bug 1315215 - Make the Insert Chars dialog wider. r=jorgk
91563c2febeed0465dfd6995ccf5b6e88feddb03Richard Marti — Bug 1315474 - Let the readonly textboxes in dialogs look readonly. r=aleth
ced3e5cb1b365b6d3f417cfd56aae11a54ee0c96Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1315487 - Port Bug 1310863 Remove DOM/phonenumberutils from SeaMonkey installer. rs=bustage-fix a=me
97a5a2b58e0dfcee39fe62b81b707e319ae38264Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1315445 - Port Bug 1310864. Remove ContactManager from SeaMonkey Installer. r=Ratty a=Ratty
591634b0150581cdb65f6612ded8addf271a0593Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1313288 - Port Bug 1312143. Remove obsolete components from SeaMonkey. r=Ratty a=Ratty DONTBUILD
09eeb66be9226c9e22f91ef1b2bb4b841ca93ce1Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1314892 - Turn dupes into warnings until the SeaMonkey lists are ready. r=Ratty a=Ratty DONTBUILD
aa8363f77371667f71816b2cef1a53ef47104067Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1311521 - Use LoginFormFactory instead of FormLikeFactory and allow reporting of insecure passwords. r=Ratty a=Ratty
cab6b770f9af404987282aa8c88bae33f2c05557Jorg K — Keep build in sync (Port bug 1315330). rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
3e37e55bc82a6748ae189452b1c57b1ea570bf13tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-424 - a=blocklist-update
2fc6e2544407602e43c6c35e4d9b62cda4ecca6dEric Rahm — Bug 1312132 - Update |nsMsgFolderDataSource| to match nsIRDFDataSource interface. r=IanN
e768dd761076c3ba33b7c277c430160507c35eafJavier Rueda — Bug 1290324 - Remove notifications.xul, notifications.dtd, newmailalert.* and alerts.totalOpenTime preference on OS X. r=paenglab,mkmelin,philip.chee a=philip.chee
9a554030e9b42607eb9a057fafcf407d44071a32Jorg K — Bug 1315381 - Port bug 1310864 to TB/IM: remove ContactManager.js and ContactManager.manifest. rs=bustage-fix
afc3d68924ae0a899e3a0df77dbf35894b4ba980freaktechnik — Bug 1314435 - Add like action to tweets. r=clokep
ee260c01780d479660b5c901a3a92f6b7c43758fAdam Ruka — Bug 214548 - Implemented 'Copy to New' filter functionality. r=aceman
7ab61f54fefa6b21ef7890033a95eb511083e34etbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-557 - a=blocklist-update
da656d21e8701d1040ee392c290259fbded49bdcaleth — Bug 1313322 - Allow mp3 sound files for OS X notifications. r=paenglab
1873dd731a68db04e4a71a4955c76d01fb552c43Michael Kaply — Bug 1314285 - Use global version of search build files. r=aleth
dd56104d2a03835869611acc5837e5f74cfeb5fdaleth — Bug 1314450 - Update methods exposed to content when swapping docshells. r=florian
d2345e14a58802e703ee9338e9890a494119bf5baceman — Bug 274452 - When accounts are removed, offer to delete files in the Local Directory path. ui-r=paenglab, r=mkmelin,IanN a=IanN
d1955b8fbe8644eff457c8cfec3666e759e2beeeRichard Marti — Bug 1314248 - Use SVG icon for Add-on menuitem. r=jorgk
191d56de22eb528ca8ff707ba880697b1fddc784Richard Marti — Bug 1314326 - Remove non-existent globalOverlay.xul in calendar-alarm-dialog.xul. r=philipp
b900a2b7490d54e1eeaf7b22381c392aa0cf5d5caleth — Bug 1313670 - Allowed-dupes for TB and IB. r=jorgk a=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
1d1b65fde3b140fc931c4203227ef7504f6c086cJorg K — Bug 1314221 - Port Bug 1307456 and bug 1307467 to TB/IM (remove necko_ipc.xpt, dom_newapps.xpt and more). rs=bustage-fix a=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
da55a6abf6f90467f65ded069cd0dee5e45119c2Mike Conley — Bug 1279327 - Port bug 1203813 to TB: Allow nsAttachmentOpener to resolve to nsIDocShell. r=jorgk a=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
ab13990e4cbccdad4acae59e3552fc4213e8fe87Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1312266 - Add missing Sandboxing prefs to SeaMonkey. r=IanN a=IanN
dce519c07b1766132428d78f48a63f7e95152c36Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1313885 - Port bug 1252570. Remove payments support from Seamonkey. r=IanN a=IanN
6b8c7cd17855f7de5eccb0ea9efcd5dbccc68573Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1313860 - Port bug 1301655: Add optional parameter to getSelectedLocale. r=jorgk a=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
77813df1499535e040fee3b34f217f0d5ead705eFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1313858 - Port Bug 1310345: Change argument 1 for FindChildWithName to an NS_LITERAL_STRING. r=jorgk a=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
bd030cae9a11ed402c26c7129736da6fe565f811Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1313726 - Port Bug 1268733 and Bug 1309719 Installer changes to SeaMonkey. r=IanN a=IanN
95592499dd9487766b859dccdbaee2b794e694a5Jorg K — Bug 1313775 - Port Bug 1268733 to TB/IM (sandboxing changes). r=aleth a=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
8f555bd5679372e78f7529ad8189690f49152c8bJorg K — Bug 1312314 - Remove m_originalUrl from NNTP and use m_url instead. r=alta88, rs=rkent a=jorgk CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
db4ffff3e7f8770a3633251e5eb63ce7837d3564alta88 — Bug 1311672 - Prevent Crash in InvalidArrayIndex in nsMsgThreadedDBView::RemoveByIndex. r=rkent
dd6e3dbcec59187b8dc92e66931d8740e57a34e5alta88 — Bug 1312136 - Prevent Crash in InvalidArrayIndex in nsMsgDBView. r=rkent
913defad5398e890a2bd670756b1bc5662f02ae0Patrick Cloke — Bug 954463 - Clarify comments. rs=clokep a=clokep for CLOSED TREE
a5f17a18f5229d61317e409d7daf7f67b1c4638dArlo Breault — Bug 955642 - Handle Twitter direct messages (DMs) - System messages shouldn't need preparation for displaying, r=clokep,florian
53570fd871dfa94c7d48a4614cc26faa3e03b508Sanyam Khurana Bug 954463 - Allow setting the User Mode on connection in IRC. r=clokep
675d61d204bbb3a4c76c3643971fd343ea6ff245tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-148 - a=blocklist-update
a1ac8eae4234ff0280aab2ee5fe8175598d1ef57Kevin K. — Bug 1265485 - move Error Console keyboard shortcut. r=IanN, a=IanN CLOSED TREE
f0360f50e7a4d73a9d226e86dcfa19447e4148f6aceman — Bug 1312239 - In tabmail.xml use plain for..of on arrays and Object.entries() instead of Iterator(). r=mkmelin
c04ea45a0f9eb31bed31eda09ad2fc00084b2469Dirk Steinmetz — Bug 1308324 - Prevent show-as from being reset on calendar changes. r=Decathlon
f8953e4e9a6417bfc0391ab214610d19e31b596dRichard Marti — Bug 1313039 - Port bug 1312143 to Calendar/editor/mailnews [Delete toolkit/obsolete]. r=philipp
f547ba47f2b6d7e31cbc642fba1ca9364eb49bb5aleth — Bug 1313137 - "msg is not defined" error in irc.js:changeBuddyNick. r=clokep
ec0c3abd5590c70a70a2f72511f3a0cb46cd12abCykesiopka — Bug 1310732 - Stop using ScopedNSSTypes Scoped.h types in c-c, r=rkent
e73781b7dffe00dc0bf62022749b2c8b3e9f4c00R Kent James — Bug 1312254 - Add local database reference because Crash in nsImapMailFolder::NotifyMessageFlagsFromHdr, r=aceman
6579cdf860afdd4ce231b78472afdf01a54647cfJavier Rueda — Bug 947776 - Notifications in TB on OS X shouldn't play two sounds by default. ui-r=paenglab r=aleth
b1603f2d0e691644f1390761695ff2036b42443aRichard Marti — Bug 1311494 - Fix the indentation highlight of the results in GloDa popup. r=mkmelin
7c2e6b4b08219dc2e2c2278d0fc645678166145eFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1238767 - DebugQA is not localized. Use en-US files for all languages. r=IanN a=IanN
a8ea2881621a20f5d52a5c32ba8dee476231dc01kunal bansal — Bug 802046 - Typos, whitespace and similar nitfixes in localization/l10n comments and string entities. r=mkmelin a=cleanup DONTBUILD
edfe22f3146694cab42ca04046cf8c6dc52e53d5aleth — Bug 1311005 - Add XPI_ROOT_APPID for mail. r=philipp
2294e347fd430898dfb226cf61b1496cd031d475ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 939548 - Part 1: Fixed memory leak. r=rkent
8c98ed909c9fb53a736f7cfbf83ce3f41c8aff39Jim Porter Bug 1302478 - Fixed crash in nsMsgKeyArray::GetArray. r=rkent
4cb52bea1cc624ae22871deaad240a6461b6b42aDecathlon — Bug 1300493 - alerts for floating events occur in UTC time. r=MakeMyDay
b48543077598fef7cb3577bf71405685a9305f86Andreas Schwab — Bug 1085151 - properly handle EOF as distinct from any character value. r=aceman,jorgk
6c89b43dc6080c8d79e9c5eda2d9ec623a169597Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1312122 - Remove DOM/mobilemessage from SeaMonkey installer. rs=me a=bustage-fix
2fb088a124a524405233b17c76f03f3622022e82Decathlon — Bug 1261688 - libical failure on first day of the month | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xpcshell-libical.ini:calendar/test/unit/test_alarmservice.js. r=philipp
449109927e6c3502cb81a691256b32554ffdb8b5Decathlon — Bug 770412 - Export calendar to .csv, chinese character garbled(messy code). r=makemyday
cf775e0371ea81bbd017c36c54d95c611ec44e86aceman — Bug 1312218 - Properly pass null args to openWindow in the generic teardownModule in test-folder-display-helpers.js. r=jorgk
eac55676afb38b13698b3d9cfc0ecf2ff05ea1eaDecathlon — Bug 1310440 - Accesskey conflict in Views tab for Calendar options. r=makemyday
279d84a45b1db499195f2c6cc72407693bf8d07cMarkus Adrario — Fix Bug Bug 1309883 - error in "every weekday" recurrence in lightning-item-iframe.js (onDays is not defined) [r=philipp]
7744a4fe857d4e5297a3a9312b1c6370ef294eacMarkus Adrario — Fix bug 1118012 - waitForEvents has errors [r=philipp]
da9bb0d96cc8487f057e1fe1c7e06b2e5b0b359eMarkus Adrario — Bug 1310003 - Rename and lint deprecated .eslintrc files. r=philipp
46b456a3059e10c10576bed1a97e533f727247ceaceman — Bug 1312062 - Port bug 1264562 to C-C [Add parameter firstPartyDomain to socket transport]. r=jorgk
060ec8a5876c7835bb2a47887e22dd3fefdcc765Richard Marti — Bug 1312037 - Port bug 1310027 to im and mail [Remove DOM/mobilemessage and related code]. r=aleth a=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
29f13170b60d132a6ccd868e31192b361f7b89beJorg K — Bug 1311821 - Bug 1223371 follow-up: fix incorrect access to Services. r=rkent DONTBUILD
f7de0c72298fe287f66a1c9b57facfdbe2a73aaaR Kent James — Bug 1311914, make nsMsgDBFolder count methods accessible via XPCOM for JsAccount, r=jorgk
67de54418efbb0929b25c68525c8a67ed621bda2Ian Neal — Bug 1244467 - Localized Builds: Chatzilla language pack missing from Seamonkey installer package. r=ewong a=ewong
6e8535df065688482afc8a161c56bac42c529fb0aceman — Bug 558528 - Use larger file I/O buffer size in some file operations by MailNews. r=rkent
2bf4d3a7b660b4014c2b21258c502a4fcf86eb52Jorg K — Bug 1310446 - Bug 629738 follow-up: Cater for part query of the form &part=. r=rkent
324728b47409a90d5feeba83566db016b3da826calta88 — Bug 497488 - RSS feeds with an invalid certificate fail with a misleading message. r=IanN a=IanN
141676b80c81e2a3daeeac6ad21da35086ae0240alta88 — Bug 497488 - Implement verify mode in the subscribe dialog for existing feed urls. r=mkmelin
9fcd32547793baeb1881ed251e796243e1e964e9alta88 Bug 497488 - RSS feeds with an invalid certificate fail with a misleading message. r=mkmelin
652110fac32ecde08024215d58d45d1c950b69cdalta88 — Bug 24594 - Update server biff enabled state immediately, without requirig a restart. r=jorgk
b34a52928c121eac4e7087c499d580e1e809e6bfManuel Griessmayr — Bug 1310738: Improve user experience for email creation on command line. r=jorgk
b55be7abda35fbb5ec5809d8c28ee813b85eb454Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1311115 - c-c l10n repacks: Error: Multiple locales aren't supported - fix grep again. rs=aleth
dda2ecc3395d57d165034a2687074da0455bf121Patrick Cloke — Bug 1309063 - IRC: treat CAP capabilities as opaque strings. r=freaktechnik
d377848939e2f02ae2877e8172f7c3ce6f79f2d7Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1311304 - Remove ChromeNotifications from SeaMonkey installer after Bug 1310910. r=IanN a=IanN
da5fe4ebcd7826eed28dce41618156194015dd1ePhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1311115 - c-c l10n repacks: Error: Multiple locales aren't supported. r=aleth
7756270ec6ed74b3da6d4a9214e327327860be3caleth — Backed out changeset d35a8fbca7a3 (Bug 1311115) DONTBUILD
d35a8fbca7a3d30676eadf1203baede4efd2077caleth — Bug 1311115 - Add gdata-provider to MOZ_PKG_EXTRAL10N. rs=philipp DONTBUILD
61f566c1b229da927ed9cb2b69ac6bb4f3844779Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1308273 - Temporary enable all plugins in SeaMonkey 2.49. r=IanN a=IanN
4b626c5d1a5472ad6b78def716927967a4441a49Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1308741 - Correct outdated mozilla URLs which gave a 404. Point to archived content. r=IanN a=IanN
6d80e3a2d552dd5a603cc9f5fbc5321085d93cd3Ian Neal — Bug 1303532 - Port |Bug 910192 - Get rid of intl.charset.default as a localizable pref| to MailNews and SeaMonkey r,a=Ratty,Aceman
b165ad0f6019cf5ee7320c8909e99fcb4ffd06a0aleth — Bug 1311005 - Port Bug 1223385 - use in-tree compare-locales in Makefiles. r=philipp DONTBUILD
09ece7c086487cd738adb91669a43ad106a11443aleth — Bug 1311069 - Reenable compile environment for Windows l10n repacks due to bug 1296530. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
1b7e288d943450fcdc7b870257fe3052b69fa4f0Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1311035 - Remove DOM/voicemail and b2g PAC generator from installer after Bug 1309723 and Bug 1310721. rs,a=bustage-fix
d6a640751fcacfc588c3132efdd0ded4738292e1aleth — Bug 1311045 - Reenable compile environment for Linux l10n repacks due to bug 1296530. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
c37a70ed7e13e219d51c5cef1e6d2ff35fd83142Mike Kaply — Bug 1309717 - Bug 1300199 follow-up: Optimize mail/locales/search/list.json. r=flod DONTBUILD
a8b5d1bc96d85379b79007bf4e9096b54afc11d5aleth — Bug 1310993 - Port change from bug 1296530. rs=bustage-fix
c0c1139bba2e68c27a7b0c85cd380d4e71067349tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1061 - a=blocklist-update
b24b3864841d07dc57755f031ab8b4555ec1c996Richard Marti — Bug 1310950 - Port bug 1310721 to IM and mail [Remove support for the b2g PAC generator]. r=aleth
abe8046587710e2e1a2ae1a3424ccc33fa3af272Thomas Düllmann — Bug 567125 - Change "Search for:" label to "Search Contacts:" to resolve access key conflict. r=paenglab
eaabbc4918cf9762ac5de3c3b3078aa278fffa09aleth — Bug 1310749 - Fix grep in for gdata-provider. r=philipp
3d39c7be6e26d6f41523dfd09bc3ddabde5e7b6bRichard Marti — Bug 1310780 - Port bug 1192053 [Native theming of Mac source lists], treechildren part. r=aleth
68d61dfbe0ffa6dfd7a63dbbb92ef47498f3f56fJorg K — Bug 862395 - Change to parameters of nsAlertsService::ShowAlertNotification. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
589d5b1eebd6bc20ffc991b490568351757e4c7fRichard Marti — Keep tooltool-manifests in sync (Rust update). CLOSED TREE a+rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
9cecc12b0c9f64dcbe39e8596507030e426aed3bRichard Marti — Bug 1307773 - Give the Identity Dialog the height of the Account Manager.
af218115880f13052e55f0fbe6c19b5b6853aa2aaceman — Bug 1230702 - fix 'gContextMenu is null' in folder-display/test-recent-menu.js. r=mkmelin
afd78a426b4c85d091845c015c4b70b4289cd06daceman — Bug 1310024 - consolidate fetching special mail folders in mozmill tests. r=jorgk
4ab74b8cea0439e4056e7656d8542471f3c9454eFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1310245-Remove webapps from comm-central. Port bug 1261019. r=IanN a=IanN
978dd093ad3ec9323ba0687f1175d5fbe9cf0763Richard Marti — Bug 1310433 - Port bug 1240439 - [Edit email or password field inside Save Logins is larger then it should]. r=aleth
ac4e9e57cfbbb374b2ba9bbd6817384dfdc45f73seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-13 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
118a8202a7457b3d9ffecbbe97feff4e8287bf70aceman — Bug 1310022 - cleanup test-charset-upgrade.js. r=jorgk
d1c77b5622b86dbf6d7ab90e940f8b1494f90fc0aleth — Bug 1310245 - Remove webapps from comm-central, suite\ part. rs,a=bustage-fix
8166f30a47b0f4cf32f63ad7d875d638ae2305ccaleth — Update package-manifest after file removal in bug 1306778 and bug 1261019. rs=bustage-fix
b0d4176aaa7a033ce5e725a922a0d9159728c7d4eslint — Bug 1310003 - Rename and lint deprecated .eslintrc files. r=MakeMyDay
6a0ffd3c4376fc2e852427f137537b526d778a26tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-160 - a=blocklist-update
eafc3b9f35a03ff2ce26526eee1de30e1edd309cmakemyday — Bug 1305806 - Summary dialog: Don't show additionally datetime in original timezone when datetime is floating;r=philipp
9588451f8495228bd9662f7baecec6c87413438dmakemyday — Bug 1306017 - Enable content decoration for titel and location in invitation preview;r=philipp
a5008a01e8e3f06b06bfbac44338afd882769273makemyday — Bug 1309705 - Make folder-display-helpers usable for calendar;r=aceman
150b63fa66ecd865927c8c34e22e3e88f2608e04makemyday — Bug 1301186 - Invitation preview may get broken if non ascii characters occur;r=philipp
ce4a68ad627976d3036c363a46f81312e100d02eRichard Marti — Bug 1309634 - Change the View -> Sort By Correspondents accesskey. r=jorgk
47dabb2b0db61c37aa6d8d05c2c37129b87c93c1aleth — Bug 1306194 - Drop --enable-jemalloc from Windows l10n mozconfigs. r=Fallen
593964199b659fdb8b5b7d8ce765c1976a783c99Mike Kaply — Bug 1300199 - Move Thunderbird to use list.json for search plugin configuration. r=jorgk
7b817edb436efb87be241e424f8d48bf7117c18aJorg K — Bug 1307017 - Don't crash on folder info being null. r=rkent
5af0c33ea6c0e6aa7aff2f4dcedee22c5b840d65Richard Marti — Bug 1308769 - Make the Edit Category dialog in-content capable. r=MakeMyDay
d79282cd0a5db6528eca6f98a41e72008c383c57aleth — Bug 1298719 - Followup typo fix to use https. rs,a=bustage-fix
bcc02e1109fa1dceac81d48951adef3a5427b99caleth — Bug 1298719 - Fix the m-* revision in the sourcestamp file. r=ewong,philipp a=ewong
34dd874bb704b51d666dc65223bdeb98fc12d2dfaleth — Bug 1298719 - Ensure platform.ini contains the correct m-* source revision. r=ewong,philipp
9780f198b3bb4d1faffe528ba218fb1f3e207b58R Kent James — Bug 1309062 - Documentation lists wrong contract id for address book directory factories, r=documentation-only
e8b02cb9fd4f8ed6280e93825b440861ef052feeSebastian Hengst — Bug 1309301 - Port bug 1298243 part 7. Change DataTransfer.types from being a DOMStringList to being a frozen array: im. r=aleth
fb3474301afa6f1956aa663a4538b136ce65903ealta88 — Bug 1298081 - Do not delete Drafts and Outbox folders in test-charset-upgrade.js and test-drafts.js to fix crashes. r=aceman
ee73c694f5ff7c26473adb6d2acbcbfcb45fd6f9stefanh — Bug 1309296 - Get rid of uses of .contains() on a dataTransfer's .types in suite/ (port bug 1298243). r=frg, a=frg.
6d463070d845ed47088ee322e0bca4dc4bf12ae3Cykesiopka — Bug 1308548 - Port Bug 1296317 changing VerifyCert() and VerifySSLServerCert() to return mozilla::pkix::Result instead of SECStatus. r+a=jorgk CLOSED TREE
34fca541f8dc57129fd13d03027e9773f2286b7aeslint — Bug 1309199 - Minor eslint cleanup. r=MakeMyDay
29bd777a31ce207512c12ef786f4cf261e57e6b7Edmund Wong — Bug 1294433 - Fix Win32 mozconfig. include r+a=IanN
e2aac779fb822973a141a0f2f2d42840ee563baealeth — Bug 1306723 - Use 40 character SHA revisions everywhere. r=clokep,philipp
a74569d4750939a3cd050fc9557be5a82a0a987dAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1308772 - Bind load function to gMinTrayR. r=aleth
1ffc8607e550c1acaf0fca3d552cb2782f40a436ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 916358 - skip calling |fitIFrame()| when this._settings.contentDocument.body is undefined. r=mconley DONTBUILD
01cab5bea179ebf9edf84fc94d5ee642666eb467aleth — Bug 1306191 - TB l10n repacks fail on wget-en-US: fix typo in r=philipp
ff8ccf6949cb01847dd2419e2da80357df9283dbSebastian Hengst — Bug 1308708 - Port bug 1304829 - rename RELEASE_BUILD to RELEASE_OR_BETA: suite. r=Ratty a=bustage-fix
dac4e613107ff2e60dc63b92451d0640338322b2Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1308708 - Port bug 1304829 - rename RELEASE_BUILD to RELEASE_OR_BETA: mail. r=JorgK
3d254838424f64f2f948e42f2c1070f72340e1dfaleth — Bug 1306193 - Avoid with-ccache l10n repack failure on 32b Linux. r=Fallen
4e1b4801ef74135cef8ea74ea9dc4d28b0f01023Javier Rueda — Bug 1308051 - Remove orphan alerts.slideIncrementTime. r=aleth
baf4cfd72cb654470219f5b0420951fd538fd7d5Philipp Kewisch Bug 1307247 - repacks failing all platforms for TB beta 50: Locale doesn't have a manifest entry for 'devtools'. r+a=aleth DONTBUILD
55af8d226425f16cc78c8a2973ca2afbb6fc1af5Axel Hecht — bug 1301940, fix devtools/client for automation configs, r/a=me, NPOB
72efbbd0811ea56ea2fedf4c78a774c04cd7aa38ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1116055: Check the unexpected change of file seek position and ask the user to report it. r=neil,jorgk,aceman
86ced6e7669214ed2e09b49aaa4bb366b864e66cISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1307080 - Fixed unsigned/signed comparison. r=jorgk,aceman
b2a89654fd4bef893adeee46b18c2c2bf6abb53cJorg K — Bug 1307516 - Port bug 1269807 to Thunderbird, set pref plugin.load_flash_only. r=aceman
4f5fd1fc0bbaac8fcdd561c0348cbfb102196e7eaceman — Bug 1279726 - Fix waitForFinish() to wait on Promise completion as suggested by R James Kent. Other clean-up. r=jorgk
8f03509765dafb5be8183ba6e72f98f85f7c3099Cykesiopka — Bug 1297368 - Import nsIUserCertPicker and nsICertPickDialogs related code removed from m-c in Bug 1142350. r=rkent a=jorgk for SM
33a78eaabf22d2fa35cf8b60039621faf4771964ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 911396 - Avoid an uninitialized data field in the presence of bogus data field of incoming e-mail message. r=mkmelin
d0061f4bceb92a21de92bbdcabbd11bf978e6f53Axel Hecht — bug 1301940, including devtools/client for SeaMonkey, r/a=IanN
9f2f7dcca50ce45d220309129f1becbd59376829Edmund Wong — Bug 1307380 - Remove --with-ccache option from release l10n mozconfigs. r+a=IanN
9233be0faf407d84fa47c14db8e70d8e1002913bRichard Marti — Bug 1307363 - Port bug 890156 to TB [Support per-monitor DPI on Windows 8.1 & 10 desktop] r=jorgk
9068b163202c8a54819ddcca48ff934da6992172Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1306977 - Add pref to debugQA for showing build id. r=Ratty a=Ratty
bd8bb475e44623bb35a4179373c8aa38a6285e1eIan Neal — Bug 1061348 - Port |Bug 575283 - Cleanup mozconfig files on all platforms| to SeaMonkey. r=ewong a=IanN
eb1a3fd6a78ed0ba93c5cd2079f0b25fddbac976Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1305350 - Fix Nightly Build location for S3. r=Ratty a=Ratty
35368039b787ac417dbe605ad5a3287d6c89cd60Manuel Griessmayr — Bug 882104 - Implement command line option to read message body from file. r=mkmelin,jorgk
75d461c3461613bb44fa1373240f1d4197895023aceman — Bug 1305251- remove obsolete argument from calls to nsIFile.contains() and convert some remaining array.contains() to array.includes(). r=jorgk
a07b70737d6f561dcce75ddbe3a890f4dd0a3c33Jorg K — Bug 1266916 - Follow-up: HTML signatures have div instead of pre. r=aceman
5701162f52035f6b6d71ba849173ead3a498dd50ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1242050 - increase message output buffer to 16KB by default. r=aceman
3b1118abe28652c5415ca0ef10dba4919f101cb2Richard Marti — Bug 1306895 - Use px instead of em for the header button margin. r=aceman
26fbb38687e5c62ed358ff1f713cc0af5c3516b1Jorg K — Bug 456053 - Follow-up: Switch test to use drafts folder instead. r=aceman
f1ab02878e502383c06cdaa385bd0749d7d9b594Richard Marti — Bug 1306930 - Fix bustage after landing of bug 1304587. r=IanN
ca4b376232c7386fc72fab6fc3b895fb60e90e4dJorg K — Bug 1306630 - Port bug 1206133: Need to wait for panel to show. r=aceman DONTBUILD
a29ba4542bbae30fc7b0856a5c808608ce1d808cRichard Marti — Bug 1306394 - Show tab border on Win10 with LW-themes. r=jorgk
8063298200aaad3d5129c5b8240ade87079d5c00Onno Ekker — Bug 1306565 - Fix wrong hrefs in help documentation. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
decaccbe1d8ab52ceb093be2a84b06c252d143a4Jorg K — Bug 456053 - Test. r=aceman
bc84637f93882097abfe75db5d02cbef034ab24eJorg K — Bug 456053 - Pass "format flowed" to the encoder for encoding quotes. r=aceman
84225b9a4451c16987eea30296d0aaaf47fe52b1Richard Marti — Keep build/mozconfig.cache in sync: [Bug 1304998 - enable tc win pgo] rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
907ba80124fe9638e436f824e7f4aa11cb5198b5Jorg K — Bug 629738 - Test for caching parts, promise part by R Kent James. r=rkent,jorgk
f75bbafc8100b5aab6a8f5184888948165b30414Jorg K — Bug 629738 - Handle caching parts and unify URLs before cache access. r=rkent
9569b194aa19929c65609100dc3dcbe74efe848aOnno Ekker — Bug 1305385 - Remove Edit sections from certs_help.xhtml. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
f03dbcdc6fe9e41ac42360ca12b9be151a3c2708Philip Chee — Bug 1280698 - Package EmojiOne TTF font on Linux and Windows (SeaMonkey) r=IanN a=Ratty
af0e89924350f2d349bb681deae23fe1ea589062Philip Chee — Bug 995095 Move the nsPlacesAutocomplete component to Suite Part 2 changes to and test files after history import r=IanN a=IanN
ee25833082257fde66cc37232eca28313a40ec00Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1304132 - fix .localName checks to compare to lowercase. r=JorgK
bad446247239f38b4cbc11d66eab1dc5345c08b4Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1305443 - Port Bug 843579 - Remove prefix from :any-link. r=aleth
f180e55bfcdecc24f7d83dc59ed86408861ce6c8Richard Marti — Bug 1305755 - Add a text color to .categories-listbox. r=MakeMyDay
d92fbeb3cf5bf9874eff9dfa4102998ddd1d3dacJorg K — Bug 562266 - 1) fix wrong test: outgoing folders have "sent" columns. 2) Make it do something useful if no correspondent. r=squib DONTBUILD
e2d3560b44b0e7465229d8d28956b738c75ee1a9aleth — Bug 1275284 - Make debug log more readable. r=clokep
8019b72621915032d3477cda86f3b89a98721528aleth — Bug 1275284 - Display extended tweets. r=clokep
2938c87195dececc6aa9692674404fd2800bfa2dMartin Giger — Bug 1302538 - Make CTCP messages different from each other. r=clokep
9bd937fc0c12bc6b04247f0da5e1f140bd1441dePhilip Chee — Bug 995095 - Move the nsPlacesAutocomplete component to Suite (comm-central part) push needs approval a=Ratty
e76810d776f60955e0a75185a62e7503caf82549Jared Wein — Bug 1294547 - Enable the comma-spacing rule for eslint. r=felipe
1fd6e38fec0adbc83be1423c78271b97ac5e1c3eKashyap Gajera — Bug 1290701 - Replace in-tree consumer of non-standard Iterator() with Object.{values,entries} in toolkit/. r=dtownsend
34da021e510d4d7a9dd73a26f7ca7e28c936ee15Jared Wein — Bug 1292042 - Enable the keyword-spacing rule for eslint. Most of this patch was autogenerated by 'eslint --fix'. Files with .xml extension needed to be changed by hand due to limitations of custom plugin. r=markh
8d68e57e3c6de9fc7b22d91dfc7871680b11d2b3Jared Wein — Bug 1291855 - Enable the no-else-return rule for eslint. r=Felipe,kmag,mossop
c614a80f63792a5ee3452092503aab494ee5f9f0Marco Bonardo — Bug 889561 - Reduce the size of places.sqlite by removing the url unique index from moz_places. r=adw
ed517cbcf643f104521dcbb8ecfbaf3da5c7be61Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ff58ef64cfa0 (bug 889561) for frequent testfailures on pgo in /bookmarks/test_
ff58ef64cfa0fd92e2f59f3f8a90617033f40c41Marco Bonardo — Bug 889561 - Reduce the size of places.sqlite by removing the url unique index from moz_places. r=adw
442f8fbf6bb76f826960d9bc14e5b8dba59ef4e8Marco Bonardo — Bug 1261386 - Avoid history flooding from repeated reloads. r=adw
417df654162e402163f116fe2cc5c999cbff176dMarco Bonardo — Bug 1223728 - Remove the unifiedcomplete pref, the urlinline component and stop bundling the old autocomplete component in Firefox. r=adw
20608879e4c267d83134fbb8685db54cdfa82957Marco Bonardo — Bug 1262887 - Long URLs stored in history cause slow address bar. r=adw
8244daf298c9b73116c77ae21eb22e827d87578fCedric Desgranges — Bug 1143712 - Remove moz_bookmarks_roots table. r=mak
29fd2103a024fd478964fd34cd2b58de8f64a529Marco Bonardo — Bug 1244650 - Failure to clear Forms and Search Data on exit. r=yoric
15f47ac5004ac4ae5542ddde6e25c794c0656ad3Jeffrey Tran — Bug 1108019 - Avoid console exception spew from nsPlacesAutoComplete.js. r=mak
8cc5f7ce831040ef06be3cd1b08e74e4b292b5efDave Townsend — Bug 1245649: Enable no-nested-ternary. r=mconley
2b125660594bfab411d5ea304afaff88ae56d90aDave Townsend — Bug 1245649: Turn on no-extra-semi. r=markh
80853bc8e2c80c621bd8ef72f2afd471cf5acf0dDave Townsend — Bug 1245649: Turn on no-trailing-spaces. r=Gijs
af0a6937c28cf3cf101235a9fd993dd609314449Marco Bonardo — Bug 1230471 - Basic eslint fixes in places. r=mconley
2892e29b6f014d422d2904acf20075ca2914c8e1Dave Townsend — Bug 1229142: Link browser and toolkit test directory to the shared eslintrc files. r=Standard8
0b616a029f37639e06c40d0105d844ddc22a9d76Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1119386 - Update favicon tests to pass a loadingPrincipal (r=mak)
ae0bc905bd21e6126c27ba08042b4f2fa03a3b2dTom Schuster — Bug 1215846 - Remove legacy generators from toolkit/components/places. r=mak
a4ccb17672ffcb21e6dc29674f3f49cbd9ae62b0Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1217082 - Remove for-each from toolkit/. r=Gijs
f2ba2726c3095e151211472229185344975b7c06Hassen ben tanfous — Bug 1074804 - Replace arrays .indexOf with .includes in Places. r=mak
41bded1a148de1d210637342b956a1fa68bf24dfCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1202902) to recking bug 1202902 to be able to reopen inbound on a CLOSED TREE
f1c00015363ae05c1073c3001bf4e20da9b8de0cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out 1 changesets (bug 1202902) for causing merge conflicts to mozilla-central
127295b6dd5950f995ed9d33cb91fb161a5eeed4Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1202902 - Scripted fix the world.
a2b6c5990588354ed8c06db288373ca113955b11Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1207498 - Part 2: Remove use of expression closure from tests in toolkit/components/. r=Gijs
28e0765fd13d87b01c6f092d4e7d10c38598e9c1Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1207498 - Part 1: Remove use of expression closure from toolkit/components/, except tests. r=Gijs
317ccecc60ce57bf58ccb6f901729a54d17d2bfcTooru Fujisawa — Backed out changeset 0ec5c2495bff (bug 1207498) for Linux pgo M(oth) failure
4d485726c3531ae3081735a6f21f556673326185Tooru Fujisawa — Backed out changeset 94548fb99693 (bug 1207498) for Linux pgo M(oth) failure
94548fb996939154365291abc88bd155cd589879Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1207498 - Part 2: Remove use of expression closure from tests in toolkit/components/. r=Gijs
0ec5c2495bff8d25abd2103f627cb9d5489d1197Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1207498 - Part 1: Remove use of expression closure from toolkit/components/, except tests. r=Gijs
9e677d56384d6301af0bc3d345f5cef36713fc46Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1202902 - Mass replace toplevel 'let' with 'var' in preparation for global lexical scope. (rs=jorendorff)
899efa370114dc79a9208e6575c872ddd166ed42Marco Bonardo — Bug 1172937 - Action row doesn't always update correctly with unified autocomplete. r=adw
0529367a124b029e9c39b87789642613a5d0fbc9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ea8ce16b0130 (bug 1172937) for test_autocomplete_with_composition_on_input.html failures.
ea8ce16b0130ed0132fcaa7bee46f10854789ef7Marco Bonardo — Bug 1172937 - Action row doesn't always update correctly with unified autocomplete. r=adw
d72093ad7306a68d77e66e4476bc93a2c7d98124Marco Bonardo — Bug 1173939 - Race condition in browser.urlbar.suggest. preferences handlers. r=adw
374def2835df5f6737429a939494474382b892f8Timur Valeev — Bug 1169753 - Remove favicons GUIDs. r=mak
959b5ba0621540fe3a2bd85a05885ba7673b5a85Justin Dolske — Bug 366324 - Make SVG favicons work reliably. r=mak
e50fb192dee904875eef4f48b9b3f4886b202472Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
3745ed56bbb1454df3feae869d243650afdc5bdbTimur Valeev — Bug 1127763 - Some database might be missing the favicons guid index. r=mak
7c425eb28889ee020685f49d15c8beedd6b6dfb5David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 1043863 - Use AsyncShutdown to shutdown Places. r=mak
6bcbf8ff3dbd4919af0b34d233ddb2915197ffbeRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 0c1feb4ff948 and 0c1feb4ff948 (bug 1043863) for making browser_thumbnails_storage.js permafail on WinXP opt.
0c1feb4ff948eeb1de331714da108cbb4dddb6b1David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 1043863 - Use AsyncShutdown to shutdown Places. r=mak
ad445f0829e7f6839630cf53d736d12f0efeb635Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1164717 - Flatten storage/src/ directory. r=mak
7c115f1850a6b0d4e29f823a995604dc7f34f67eziyunfei — Bug 1102219 - Part 4: Replace `String.prototype.contains` with `String.prototype.includes` in chrome code. r=till
1a3aa3425e20cf1275ce7048bad1898bd71f1928Antonio Fernando Santos Ladeia — Bug 1123372 - Remove use of .toLocaleFormat() from Places. r=mak
4bd2d2a11a5fdea745d6658a01ecf668598361e3Ryan Hamley — Bug 1150484 - replace LOG() with do_print and remove LOG() function. r=mak DONTBUILD
a06e4c5856bea587c95bc97b90e0487283186f92Marco Bonardo — Backout c1d0a9b8fe9a (bug 1150484) due to wrong author in the commit
c1d0a9b8fe9a6694602e692270aa716d2f3055afMarco Bonardo — Bug 1150484 - replace LOG() with do_print and remove LOG() function. r=mak
c2c63fff02bf9474801b2e5631a8d4d57f0d9945Marco Bonardo — Bug 1148459 - Use new keywords API in tests. r=ttaubert
16360e30c3c5f75e4b0ae1b66ce27eb8acaf901bTim Taubert — Bug 1129498 - Replace remove_all_bookmarks() with .eraseEverything() r=mak
88360318da3121b14425b0d8425dae8b220ca48bMarco Bonardo — Bug 1125117 - Use the new keywords API in autocomplete. r=ttaubert
e512fb726668289a2632c73801e532b7c06f404eWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 0a32ebeae050 (bug 1125117) for bc1 orange CLOSED TREE
0a32ebeae05048077bb638d55675f2b7b087e319Marco Bonardo — Bug 1125117 - Use the new keywords API in autocomplete. r=ttaubert
3a461197ef309ceea39bc837913344b39bccefcbMarco Bonardo — Bug 1146299 - Fix bookmark keywords, after the previous schema migration broke most of them. r=ttaubert
d7d4c484838b3592023c5bcebf8fb2cfecf8fcedMarco Bonardo — Bug 1125113 - Change the keywords schema associating them with uris. r=ttaubert
ae59b060433df40437c789b2663dd52804ed4749Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1131107 - Part 13: Do not use non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in toolkit/. r=gavin
28f4d5a0db4fb1fc81daf4f4735b651c5cb70aafChris Peterson — Bug 1133277 - Remove nonstandard let blocks from toolkit/components and modules. r=mak
91fec335ed0c6c33c15555c0bcfdf9e79aceb372Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1129794 - Remove 'firefox-appdir = browser' from places/autocomplete xpcshell test. r=mak
ede337f7065e61aa739f2abbe7378e95a8be4665Tim Taubert — Bug 1129978 - sed -i '' 's/promiseAddVisits/PlacesTestUtils.addVisits/g' for toolkit/components/places r=mak
2266a1b1cf050e2261065944a9d6f48445178054Tim Taubert — Bug 1129978 - Replace promiseAddVisits() usage with PlacesTestUtils.addVisits() r=mak
e3ed8444ec26466891b8f4dde70d737ec87575e9Tim Taubert — Bug 1094846 - Update head_common.js r=mak
21b95726768c949340c2a971ac989e0cbf7922daHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1127612 - Remove promiseAsyncUpdates from head.js, use PlacesTestUtils.promiseAsyncUpdates instead. r=mak77
41053d45a5fd4821ad56f409d5b902ccb1b8c96aSwapnil R Patil — Bug 1085428 - Replaced do_log_info with do_print. r=mak
03eeb83dbd0c63d8090e904fb22a628b1d04d28fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset cbf769e001ee (bug 1123372) for xpcshell failures that appeared after being merged to m-c.
cbf769e001ee21c329cac713a3e8d0c48256eb26Antonio Ladeia — Bug 1123372 - Stop using Date.toLocaleFormat() in Places code. r=mak
044de3f6fdb4971b156bdc98216295d22648c6b6Tim Taubert — Bug 1113178 - Replace removeAllPages() in toolkit/components/places/ r=mak
ee157e4f45742c1463da8d4665a9b4b9db3ebc5aWes Kocher — Merge inbound to m-c a=merge
b3ace5ccbf240807794f40267ffd771f85d2e908Asaf Romano — Bug 1107308 - Round dateAdded and lastModified values to milliseconds precision in places cpp components. r=mak
ec667033f269a138002606d11f9f8e39872ca2b1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets e6fa0d2c283c, f937db9e1e68, and f937db9e1e68 (bug 1102219) for Gaia unit test failures.
e6fa0d2c283c978f671c0890b33dc2dcd722e553ziyunfei — Bug 1102219 - Part 3: Replace String.prototype.contains with String.prototype.includes in chrome code. r=till
f937db9e1e6827233afea12cb384e81e0874f31cMarco Bonardo — Backout 7bab928ba659 (bug 1083469) due to failures with old autocomplete enabled. a=bustage on CLOSED TREE
1bc5b1f5b0ecde643d2d6a858d9b5b82c92fefe0Tim Taubert — Bug 1075450 - Disable some Awesomebar actions for private windows r=mak
2a32954f5ce77df60e8bc5c230957a9ae3ac4351Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
7bab928ba659ba04ae3e8fed0ee8cfa82be87186Marco Bonardo — Bug 1083469 - Allow to use old keywords APIs along with Bookmarks.jsm r=mano
729a567d1708762f3c12239d10b815bee8df9cdbChris Peterson — Bug 1102131 - Part 5: Remove deprecated let blocks and expressions in toolkit. r=Mossop
ae91f3e486b42dd0d5ad56add4398731ce83a061Alex Bardas — Bug 530209 - Fix nsPlacesAutoComplete after adding urlbar suggest prefs. r=mak
552d04abdfd4255d0da7c35defb56ae6f30caad8Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound a=merge CLOSED TREE
edd96d32f61d7164bc2beace4edbc779ced17ad1Marco Bonardo — Bug 1071505 - use constant GUIDs for Places roots (test changes). rs=mano
2210c942b6f87641da832bed3b8a765516ac4cc0Eric Faust — Bug 611388 - |const| should be block scoped and require an initializer. (r=shu)
bd44adfd0082f4d059626a5af92523b1fbdbab16Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset d7c463af44c3 (bug 611388)
d7c463af44c3da2fb66c2393f1c37aa899505d3eEric Faust — Bug 611388 - |const| should be block scoped and require an initializer. (r=shu)
20ccd25f9acc3b07b1e73d55801a37d78761c598Marco Bonardo — Bug 1068009 - Implement the async bookmarking API (tests), rs=mano
c17356db3cc8e6513ecf4b0fee068a91075f245bAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1066735 - Remove root b2g and android specific xpcshell manifests, r=chmanchester
8719c17c86f63c705a25168ca86b91d61944d8a1Michael Pruett — Bug 1060839 - Use template strings for multi-line SQL statements in tests. r=ttaubert
4c17f20e2bfee5fd9e5fa3c7a190b9d40ae69373Michael Pruett — Bug 1057782 - Use template strings for multi-line SQL statements. r=ttaubert
ef31b9368cf22f7b84038938c20d23a5d9d3f287Althaf Hameez — Bug 1017502 - Add a foreign_count column to moz_places r=mak
7a257a538f8c4ad3a04404a3ab173fac0b85cac2Jim Blandy — Bug 914753: Make Emacs file variable header lines correct, or at least consistent. DONTBUILD r=ehsan
4e3ad86cb2097de500347160c2ed5cd6a3ea1528Asaf Romano — Bug 988070 - New PlacesUtils.promiseBookmrksTree API for retrieving bookmarks data, a generalization of PlacesBackups.getBookmarksTree. r=mak, sr=gavin.
f0958c1176315f506edec738476a2ea0bce9fd77Marco Bonardo — Bug 997030 - Don't encodeURI twice in bookmarks.html. r=mano
08e798f3303999b306f45cdc90fe72ca97844023Marco Bonardo — Bug 754265 - Add a dedicated API to provide a final complete value different from the matching one, r=Enn sr=gavin
906f5020e43405239c01c512df135fa4a262ee6dAmod Narvekar — Bug 552025 - Remove the instances of nsINavHistoryResultObserver.containerOpened/Closed. r=mak
a0347b04e3097317a3a027afc3c385e9a22410f6Marco Bonardo — Bug 818584 - Discard consecutive duplicate bookmark backups by comparing hashes r=mano
fac08063c92daab30d82567cd7fd41411fbeba36Paolo Amadini — Bug 985523 - Convert to Promise.jsm in Places. r=mak
9d2e8f95c1fb8b778f6cb598369c77dd84432468Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1863efbe417d (bug 818584) for intermittent timeouts in test_bookmark_store.js.
1863efbe417d4079320f363f2f011d2f9ce17bd5Marco Bonardo — Bug 818584 - Discard consecutive duplicate bookmark backups by comparing hashes r=mano
b9359d460a9555e4037dcfdd4df06c04466fb4c8Asaf Romano — Bug 891303 - New Places Async Transaction manager (backend part. affects nothing for now). r=mak. sr=gavin
fea449941ad922c5ed5e280232e518164d0d884cMarco Bonardo — Bug 968177 - Apply the shared backups code to bookmarks.html export. r=mano
6fba287d2730869e17f71adfcb0e46563b73f108Raymond Lee — Bug 859695 - OS.File should be adopted in PlacesBackups.jsm and PlacesUtils.jsm. r=mak
0370dcab8df252688bdb1c97c66b81af9ba7bce6Raymond Lee — Bug 818593 - Add file size to bookmarks restore UI. r=mak
6b2d2b0c7d27be4b445ff080109153e68d0a1e39Marco Bonardo — Bug 890163 - Restore unwanted change in autofill behavior.
10df8ddb3b2a02b85b32094bc13514afdd415ab4Marco Bonardo — Bug 791776 - Convert inline autocomplete host query to async.
d8089a1602666eb8b62c83e713864d92b2d9ead0Mark Banner — Bug 886263 - Make places be enabled by default in all xpcshell-tests to avoid having to set it in lots of places (so that tests work with apps where places is disabled by default). r=mak
a77ed7ba2e6f76ed4549075facd7f3ba24bf62cdEd Morley — Backed out changeset 678f4c25574a (bug 886263) for xpcshell orange
678f4c25574a9c49bef4887520ccc7fe80991954Mark Banner — Bug 886263 - Make places be enabled by default in all xpcshell-tests to avoid having to set it in lots of places (so that tests work with apps where places is disabled by default). r=mak
83b6b530c1bbb2046cf6d1f825b3dc7c5c5a91bfMarco Bonardo — Bug 769348 - Change selection algorithm for autofilled URLs prefixes.
4b799f342a7f2d5185fac3bea6d2532b904ba6f4Raymond Lee — Bug 855638 - Part 2: Remove previous calls to PlacesUtils.backups and move them to PlacesBackups. r=mak
5846796616d8418b841d6cd66223c2bac901057cRaymond Lee — Bug 852041 - Part 1: Use BookmarkJSONUtils.exportToFile in browser and toolkit components. r=mano
ce625a27a97d8efbc9c15a0d3b2b8111c6751184Marco Bonardo — Bug 561450 - Stop supporting session ids in Places.
72994f53bae1bec9d64b14f7433a94ac8a710ba1Marco Bonardo — Bug 838874 - Stop implementing nsIGlobalHistory2.
1338d3a41f9601a0fac0ebb3166f4142d01ca8bcMike Hommey — Bug 755724 - Move browser application in a subdirectory. r=jimm
6ccac54ccb132db3c16b68e47ffa70bbd6ed836fMarco Bonardo — Bug 826409 - Remove onBeforeDeleteURI and onBeforeItemRemoved notifications.
bdad484a09b36690993cb70a18e27493527da29cMarco Bonardo — Bug 831094 - Avoid replacing nodes in Places query results.
668255ae644237e3891e7ffe6434897cf7c090b8Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 5: Toolkit replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
6b4f13744e942184724cecd8ec61446d664d470dRaymond Lee — Bug 816903 - Remove calls to addVisits from Places tests. r=mak
b90d7ac4376f45f0e9c9fe8945ed0d6b5fc742c6Dave Townsend — Bug 793928: Switch users of the promise library to the new location and move tests files. r=gavin
252ad02640cacc816948dd805209b66157c749d4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 739217) for mochitest-1 orange on a CLOSED TREE.
20fd3287832af79a39d37afb20cb6ea39110bcd2Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 5: Toolkit replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
bb57b6400e76fb31ea21498dbabfd4d25227e427Jeff Walden — Bug 786135 - Make parseInt(stringStartingWith0ButNot0xOr0X) parse as decimal to comply with ES5. r=dmandelin
ed834eddcf8b9ed041d2e4525d754bdf4c8f1fa1Raymond Lee — Bug 820784 - Remove alternative add_task implementations. r=mak
36cdf0531fa47a7613bccafb53dc2f3626781addRaymond Lee — Bug 752217 - Replace usage of setPageTitle with updatePlaces. r=mak
0a0f461cca87d4ca60cc6527889b52c312326d1dMarco Bonardo — Bug 824074 - Properly update frecency sorting in bookmarks queries.
f847d1facf989492ca0373eca47a005f28e9907dRaymond Lee — Bug 752218 - Replace usage of AddURI with updatePlaces. r=mak
87910e7615353b6a4934a235bb8f3274b2953bc0Marco Bonardo — Bug 825849 - Add a RemoveAllDownloads API to nsIDownloadHistory.
9e49124574c23ebf651e6aa8d3d8e8e5bf255b69Daniel Holbert — Bug 822446: Add parens around assignment-used-as-loop-condition in nsPlacesAutoComplete.js and nsPlacesExpiration.js, to fix JS strict warning "test for equality mistyped as assignment". r=mak
f374a5d380583acc980c25241cac2048a3d7d302Paolo Amadini — Bug 776863 - Remove calls to addVisit from the "autocomplete" folder. r=mak
2025b1f914e64ae911ede86ca79765ae01d48432Paolo Amadini — Bug 775580 - Remove calls to addVisit from test_sorting.js. r=mak
3dcc3f2a084a7e21ff15a45f69f7c0fe3bced564Paolo Amadini — Bug 763295 - Port the bookmarks export service to JavaScript. r=mak
455f6237e4dd15e27096e0afaf71ae193c5a385eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 808557 - Telemetry to measure the impact of UIC_startSearch synchronous query. r=mak
966a72e9c9f0583c17b2836f69528879f4309e91Paolo Amadini — Bug 775495 - Replace waitForClearHistory and waitForAsyncUpdates with versions that return promises, and remove waitForFrecency. r=mak
6a5c5a48dbae9b1465f32057fc58875e09fa347eKyle Huey — Bug 798491: Add an option to stick all chrome JSMs/JS components in the same compartment. r=mrbkap,philikon
3e1a71bd80d0fd4ebdc41cd351938168ec489d7aVicamo Yang — Backout 8f12044b4bd7: Breaks B2G Marionette
8f12044b4bd768203e0325877f9d4e78fcf5ef93Kyle Huey — Bug 798491: Add an option to stick all chrome JSMs/JS components in the same compartment. r=mrbkap,philikon
7f180f9cbf74562154c115659fc59d91b002d2e1Ed Morley — Backout fbd0445e2fbb, fbd0445e2fbb & fbd0445e2fbb (bug 798491) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE
fbd0445e2fbb8634d94d4e28dc1721635c392b7dKyle Huey — Bug 798491: Add an option to stick all chrome JSMs/JS components in the same compartment. r=mrbkap,philikon
a6f6319da32967e7e70da6a1e5d58319007840dbMarco Bonardo — Bug 781617 - autoFill should respect user's input.
f28b5da7112d57fb3aafa60d99757545cfd10a04Blair McBride — Bug 775072 - Inline autocomplete munges URLs that contain characters that would normally be escaped. r=mak
2001e8c1d0b07574e7327f07bd294b0612c08c74Marco Bonardo — Bug 720081 - Part 2: inline autocomplete should respect protocol and www prefix
72275acd69e9276a2e41d835563e8522b0073283Marco Bonardo — Bug 753205 - Add back separators support to bookmarks HTML import.
8749fef99a0b62bae822fa86f340eccd5f378cf0Gervase Markham — Bug 716478 - update licence to MPL 2.
42a38643a3b6d9182b0526e43c2f8567eb0bf578Marco Bonardo — Bug 740076 - Disable autoFill when autocomplete is disabled.
fc9979908a292444c555157e4e32cfbdae96da9bMarco Bonardo — Bug 742776 - Use a case sensitive match for the URI path in inline autocomplete query.
372cd2338fd1486d00dbaac072d202ac662fc73ePaolo Amadini — Bug 715355 - Deprecate and remove old style GUIDs. r=mak
2a6b78cf29293cb7f471e7bdc3eb93ae1718aec4Paolo Amadini — Bug 728174 - Replace old synchronous favicons calls in the bookmarks HTML import. r=mak
06f48f69a7496a6a56fcd03220761a2c920b3d41Marco Bonardo — Bug 737841 - Part 3: remove no more useful redirectsMode query option.
81e2b205143d98d0c634e7f1d44c90f9dd95d80eMarco Bonardo — Bug 737841 - Part 1: ensure Places history properly handles redirecting and error visits.
fc967da87da352b957e0d96286bdd9c7944dc241Marco Bonardo — Bug 739751 - Don't inline autocomplete results shorter than the searcString to avoid confusing in-the-middle autocomplete.
402bd042872310b6cd5f943f3d631a8e17826cf7Marco Bonardo — Bug 737846 - Ensure favicons service doesn't add unwanted pages to history.
18bdca83f0373277586500bf86aa1ab57aa98e75Paolo Amadini — Bug 728143 - Replace old synchronous favicons calls in Places tests. r=mak
eaf5c49552156b4db7ad25c1ae0b7e8de72d5be4Benoit Girard — Restore merge changeset cce963fc5ede, regression fixed upstream in mc
7e0bd828623c83d2376d9a3b894c98030dc3db2cBenoit Girard — Backed out changeset cce963fc5ede because of bad interaction with maple.
cce963fc5ede65b90b5558027d6d39040e5b4147Marco Bonardo — Bug 720792 - Implement a better solution to start selected searches without a timeout.
88892c47ccf5cd0845f26db677e4ead7ebbb933fMark Capella — Bug 728997 - test_tabmatches.js should not use 'about:robots' which is Firefox specific. r=mak
80a19fb501d5e44e0e77a1115e2302fb64c90aa4Geoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - mop up uses that slipped through; r=mak
bc4fd030119a14a9a95e0eb3c7b5229680106b3bMarco Bonardo — Bug 613588 (Tests) - Load-on-demand livemarks.
666acad908f13a326350950f7b7f2760a31abdb6Marco Bonardo — Bug 613588 (Backend) - Load-on-demand livemarks.
7bcedf4d53420e1b46577b2df735dd41ef19a327Marco Bonardo — Bug 720258 - Inline autocomplete should only autocomplete URLs you've typed.
1d9c876ec67f0be157c22b4fc66cb3d2530912e7Marco Bonardo — Bug 706420 - intermittent failure in test_annos_expire_session.js
a91020719ba9bbd12ef0918c1db19ea9fdd2a1f0Marco Bonardo — Bug 706420 - intermittent failure in test_annos_expire_session.js
8524a5da183edb859a1cf4a8418032c783739f6bGeoff Lankow — Bug 718255 - Merge nsIPrefBranch2 with nsIPrefBranch - Part C, remove uses of nsIPrefBranch2 in toolkit/ ; r=bsmedberg
01ffefe1cd0b5a97b4d5dd98d794e266017eb268Marco Bonardo — Bug 717575 - Places should fallback to default cache size, excluding autocomplete.
5e7f93990d6dd575fa150b6f0ad15afc9f24f916Marco Bonardo — Bug 722254 - Add an XPCOMUtils method to generate a singleton factory.
5e8bc3d28b6153eced28f31550444ea317f19577Marco Bonardo — Bug 720792 (part 1) - Backout autocomplete delay changes, for compatibility problems.
f3c32021bedcbf9ff10de7e02487610cdd255a7fMarco Bonardo — Bug 720501 - urlInlineComplete should not attempt to case-preserve results, since that interferes with the controller's case-preservation.
18f1a03cd2bb3b789f6cad9f9b79d42a8e27e7ceMarco Bonardo — Backout 2b4d41b836b1 (bug 720501) for test failures
2b4d41b836b133243bff99ba7757ce53507a3b93Marco Bonardo — Bug 720501 - urlInlineComplete should not attempt to case-preserve results, since that interferes with the controller's case-preservation.
7e6a0941ea9833616e0628f082348252ee547df6Marco Bonardo — Bug 720110 - URL autocomplete breaks keyword bookmarks.
9e27926ee2982fd09ee271d98c12f7ad37a7b559Paolo Amadini — Bug 672681 - Make nsIDownloadHistory::addDownload asynchronous. r=mak
9a80ca6e06f03481372e66df6393c541f033540eMichael Ventnor — Bug 566489 - Enable inline autocomplete again, but make it smarter.
d2da271ae61d5eba36d323f7c634e97c3e652de7Michael Ventnor — Bug 699751 - Change schema for new inline autocomplete.
081f3b38ce42fd2d34b6c69ae745ce50afb85086Marco Bonardo — Bug 715268 - Downgrades may cause missing favicons GUIDs.
890ee0514be4db77a36f057f4b6eea560c0e329aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 710723. Finalize statement. r=mak.
1558486c8c49da46a296f68edf72312809b04344Marco Bonardo — Bug 707954 - Index exclusion for tags.
87be04e395da13f28ecf1faf272e34f9edd65410Marco Bonardo — Bug 707945 - Remove the keywords trigger since it's a useless perf hog.
f9727ef5450b5e1aaaa07e090751186ed29ca599Richard Newman — Bug 675996 - Part 2: tests for GUIDs in favicons. r=mak
575dde039997e6352cf9039f4a3a059b22292f03Marco Bonardo — Bug 700296 (Places) - Remove dynamic containers implementation from Places.
6c9ddcf5deb5718e47189d9f1f03107dbddaf254Marco Bonardo — Bug 630549 - Intermittent browser_tabMatchesInAwesomebar.js | Registered open page found in autocomplete.
7aa09ef6e49612f26e4a1829f4455ce81f8ee65dMarco Bonardo — Bug 658303 - mozIStorageConnection::Clone() should copy over pragmas.
397fb719294e728a2ce0a4f80eb0f33dac6a6e76Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 646993 - Cap the bookmark title length to TITLE_LENGTH_MAX r=mak
825e17b4c712c3539d8dfdcd8fa4ea54fb5c75a0Marco Bonardo — Bug 692119 - Don't init the autocomplete database connection till the first search.
483556839dc504ad3e5bd7998af8d92b1e35420dMarco Bonardo — Bug 691509 - Run ANALYZE at each schema change (and force a schema change).
6623315b5765d270d251eee0c3612030a19cc1c0Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
cf7a04aa0f7dc142eef12b81a907684a1bbdacd3Richard Newman — Bug 688279 - Clean up test_favicons.js. r=mak
2839d8cec911c63fe3b90ff8528f54168747ebf1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 673017 - Misc places fixes. r=mak77.
64596b62ee210aba261655844c9495e68cf1c73cMarco Bonardo — Bug 682676 - Urlbar performance regression with SQLite
f88c5ebd6bb06b33337f4e72f765807e38944f06Geoff Brown — Bug 668349 - Changes to xpcshell.ini; r=jmaher
7d14a630275bdf6735fff7e1157d1a0b2237424ePaolo Amadini — Bug 591289 - Save chosen download file name and other metadata in Places history [r=sdwilsh, ui-r=limi]
b8553cd11d52414b0483c9f6ddb476a785bddfe5Brad Lassey — backing out changesets 4d5211af0a57, 4d5211af0a57, 4d5211af0a57, f8100134bd74 and f8100134bd74
4d5211af0a57705b95d41a580780b9dfadf181edGeoff Brown — Bug 668349 - changes to xpcshell.ini; r=jmaher
f8100134bd74586932f26bf68e6257afb24dde3fMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 669040 part 1: Remove build-system and toolkit dependency on mork and morkreader. r=mak
175b2f140a83a109f51cc1d444c355bd2e08dc57Marco Bonardo — Bug 671001 - Use telemetry to collect common Places stats.
75f09fb120042d032424ca5e658d8da4dc405b50Marco Bonardo — Bug 663344 - Maintenance may cause history loss.
290bc90d702656daf99cf1e0bc7e46327c3f5797Marco Bonardo — Bug 556721 - Avoid deprecated octal warnings in head_common.js DONTBUILD
fb381b55d2972733a8db3d688af0461cbee5bfffMarco Bonardo — Bug 556721 - Close custom Places tests connection when it's used.
4732411839a195f32d8f1b8be2179d7b9b0fc2dePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 633266 - nsINavHistoryObserver: also pass in GUID whenever we pass in a URI. r=mak
e64f1e8a3daac14624ddc7ca7abae261bb944084Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
062a115cb11f228f6f0469ec8ff87e5325000d1cMarco Bonardo — Bug 661135 - Minor performance improvements to autocomplete queries.
6dd8379037c794bc8747b9b6ae59cf6cabf80835Michael Ventnor — Backout Bug 566489, r=sdwilsh
f68c7f575871dfdb910bcc6db07759c2b5d9c8edMichael Ventnor — Bug 566489 - Enable inline autocomplete again, but make it smarter for URLs r=sdwilsh sr=gavin a=sheriff
933c0755c024308fff424428e1babd658a6505eaJoel Maher — Bug 616999. Xpcshell manifest support; manifest files. r=ted, a=test-only
9e070d40d02f1d9c3f01aff9b53908170a8de272Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 648367 - Add run_next_test to head.js. r=ted
ed15c92a78c729184480bec932215d0c987dc8c8Tyler Colgan — Bug 507387 - Update license blocks to use "Mozilla Foundation" instead of "Mozilla Corporation"; r=gerv
89bc24665f1ee48025a029a85e4ab294a33a6781Shawn Wilsher — Bug 645049 - Update tests to no longer use a deprecated API
c1c4fe30edfe3d95b152762149be22966da3196dMitchell Field — Bug 595513 - Reduce makefile recursion in toolkit. r=khuey
831bef20e06033daa5b97e47dba018f8a79fb888Marco Bonardo — Bug 619920 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_download_embed_bookmarks.js
6767684b214ac731a84953e156bc7779ffa282c8Marco Bonardo — Test for Bug 633638.
ec22c27ac2406aa7296dd893671700dc190ac774Shawn Wilsher — Bug 606966 - Need an async history visit API exposed to JS
25f1cc4435ea8c9ae8ec59cf38c516fa1204d3edShawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central to Places.
894abf98ca345a9db88a1ca61de110755f5a843cMarco Bonardo — Bug 621274 - Location Bar remembers invalid (Server not found) URLs.
efd19061fe89a70b20133c829507b9ac116c479aShawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central and Places
79ee96c7b7d59b2f4f0701720bd8e15fc126e70cMarco Bonardo — Bug 615992 - IsBookmarked can lock for each onVisit call.
0d158c972f23d14f1a0393c0508dbe2aa48c3190Blair McBride — Bug 558321 - Tab Matches are not honoured in Private Browsing mode. r=mak77, a=blocking-betaN
1c8d53aefcc015a3c2a43b5a77a438022f669aa0Justin Dolske — Backed out changeset fbb308ec89db (bug 558321) on suspicion of causing permaorange (bug 624962) a=bustage
fbb308ec89db659efdb8a610a789d12376aa77d9Blair McBride — Bug 558321 - Tab Matches are not honoured in Private Browsing mode. r=mak77, a=blocking-betaN
66ec34876306c4b4194c26e7bd6513eba4c2e99aMark Banner — Bug 619659 nsPlacesAutoComplete.js depends on nsIPrivateBrowsingService being implemented (Perma Orange for Non-FF apps) - cope with the private browsing service not being there. r=mak a=Unit test bustage fix for non-Firefox apps.
93a3cd65ff20733b623c955d9d44ed5994fce778Marco Bonardo — Bug 607894 - Tab matches always appear before normal history results.
66898869a1a2a06b4281fac77bf31b81f5919e59Shawn Wilsher — Bug 616295 - Persistent failure of test_history_redirects.js
4c35213a39f3af8bd9b48a496d994878ff3d99f8Shawn Wilsher — Bug 607117 - create GUIDs for all bookmark and history items automatically
167db28392b4c574a0b16df454878a24fa021aa7Shawn Wilsher — Bug 607117 - create GUIDs for all bookmark and history items automatically
c386eef5b9a5b0629fc0b2cf52be948a63516d41Marco Bonardo — Bug 615227 - async create temp tables in autocomplete.
1118cf6f5a81df7a162d47ef3483afa9e78b5126Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central into Places.
a0cd20c040d6aae007c96f98b30d2536d827700bMarco Bonardo — Bug 614222 - Try to use waitForAsyncUpdates in test_frecency.js
791902c0fa2e72c51eb0d27194eb369df58a7e23Shawn Wilsher — Bug 582703 - Improve the concurrency of location bar searches.
b7540026164b2c03a46d40a1d73f37cd04dfeef0Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central into Places
fe94d062ab03d5dff422b2e329de730116ba3c21Marco Bonardo — Bug 610442 - TRANSITION_EMBED visits should be session persistent
05eb42a6759048f503bb4016705a2fce5deb6f15Shawn Wilsher — Bug 599969 - Do not use steps for async visit adding
76a2c5410cc8f30efda80eca76eac031f47df402Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central to Places.
6d1a78b9b3444f099eaec740958abea34b790059Marco Bonardo — Bug 606460 - Queries enhancements after temp tables removal.
52123b60aad59786044a7e58531f9657ddd3d173Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central into places.
ecad16a1ee0d31eb38c2a668d77dcf1e48cc0e98Shawn Wilsher — Merging places and mozilla-central.
3a8a3293fe2929ae2be601ebeaa0e0848bb3aa3bMarco Bonardo — Bug 556631 (part 2) - Make frecency updates async. r=sdwilsh a=blocking
90e5821ad3863c1fd743ebb0a711fef04e5212a3Marco Bonardo — Bug 552023 - Kill Places partitioned temp tables.
85750bde9cb71157549700a146297246ddd1a7d5Mark Banner — Bug 610974 - Ensure places is enabled for places related tests; r=sdwilsh, a=test-only change
58c87b316eb7255a96e6d4977a3f7ebb9588f5e6Marco Bonardo — Bug 472343 (part 1) - Make Places results directly handle batches and refreshes.
5c3e581cbe29aa32e183a2e58aefbe738e49f510Makoto Kato — follow up Bug 600469. indent only fix. r=mak77, a=whitespace fix
f0228d46e4f76a9dd7bf852428fcaaf1cc0de521Makoto Kato — Bug 600469 - Cu is not defined into PAC_handleError (nsPlacesAutoComplete.js). r=gavin, a=gavin
8cb2e9e47a0103f34dc117352e0e32b6f9afab92Marco Bonardo — Bug 602872 - remove the idle-daily workaround introduced in Places unit tests, no more needed. a=tests-only
18bf3ac126da957bf3f2b0115607fb8983ca9e39Marco Bonardo — Bug 602872 - Some Places xpcshell tests are failing due to idle-daily notified for each test. r=mak a=orange
ae15129acb9b520479412740cbdd9105ce215969Marco Bonardo — Bug 580892 - Checking 'clear history when minefield closes' is not clearing cache on shutdown. r=sdwilsh a=blocking
c0f629b93d7021c0285c5095d617f59a1f74b7efMarco Bonardo — Bug 585969 - getBookmarkedURIFor should not try to add new pages. r+a=sdwilsh
0471fed34223df5e31de4ae6fcb0f78adf8a2cebDrew Willcoxon — Bug 575609 - "Switch to Tab" autocomplete entries should have icon decorations (star, magnifier glass, et al.) like other entries. r=gavin, a=blocking-final
95458a9634c2497896a8c76b57673e6badde4427Marco Bonardo — Bug 546253 - moz_openpages_temp table needs to describe pages that may not be in moz_places. r=sdwilsh a=blocking
ba07f0abe7f851424b0e90a8d965760bede07f8aMarco Bonardo — merge backout on CLOSED TREE
dd7ddb7d3b53d1e4f9bbc3ac2c015900e4e21394Marco Bonardo — Backed out changeset e47e3e178c12 on CLOSED TREE
143959fa0540e901d841fd91eed7a01ff1f72c6aMarco Bonardo — Backed out changeset 90a144b78c29 on CLOSED TREE
90a144b78c29f306875c02acf7230bbcf0bd958fMarco Bonardo — backout Bug 552023 due to Ts regression and test failure. Trying to reopen a CLOSED TREE
e47e3e178c1223b8b0a3287882943a079dd1f34aMarco Bonardo — Bug 552023 - Kill Places partitioned temp tables. r=sdwilsh a=blocking
83c37464954355e595e8457c7b198faf8739016aShawn Wilsher — Bug 584111 - Better logging of errors for places autocomplete
1a267b7bf6c3c72c5f56f05e231d006b20963064Marco Bonardo — Bug 499828 - kill LAZY_ADD and use async storage instead. r=sdwilsh
6d850030e0129b2f7c8436fbcb22bda5e89b11efBenjamin Smedberg — Fix contracts which were not registered correctly: nsPlacesAutoComplete.js was completely missing, and the nsINIParserFactory contract was missing. Fixes test_pref_interval.js to register/unregister its mock objects correctly.
2ed50aadcc3616afb1cb7c7be6d2114c3ede6352Edward Lee — Bug 461483 - Ignore 'www.' when searching in the the awesome bar [r=mak]
4b9ea1626a1df747f68ed35ee379b8dfd29459a7Marco Bonardo — Bug 572800 - Ensure previous autocomplete query has been canceled before starting a new one. r=sdwilsh
ab234cba415516d52321ce34792804feaf0deff2Drew Willcoxon — Bug 564573 - A page that's opened in a tab should appear exactly once, as switch-to-tab. r=mak
2316bca486aba3d9a0b786f669c8e7bf671492a1Marco Bonardo — Bug 560104 - rename toolkit places utils.js to PlacesUtils.jsm r=dietrich
31e3ce340494e03d8d239c5d072d3cc5f3d63b6eMarco Bonardo — Bug 529821 - Places should shutdown earlier (at profile-before-change). r=sdwilsh r=ehsan
69134545a21ef2faca2159e0736f8e78f0e23bc7Marco Bonardo — Bug 557406 - Intermittent xpcshell failure in test_bookmarks.js, r=dietrich
483ce2937e9d5bfed1e6037ee92787787ab547e0Marco Bonardo — Bug 509426 - disable flushes on test_405938_restore_queries.js
f4ce32fc559ba10e2a5d2bee7eb395467b86e59aMarco Bonardo — Bug 527134 - disable flushes for test_385829.js a=dietrich
4a519133811f2617454b8c6469e11de26728d0d2Marco Bonardo — Disable flushes for some Places random test, due to bug 507790
c744515228f116a037d6f2e9653b7628a268b93eMarco Bonardo — Bug 556376 - Provide a common head for Places xpcshell-tests.
9526b674c4da200f4006961e2ba71eea1bb9b93dBlair McBride — Bug 480350 - Show currently loaded URIs in location bar autocomplete results, allow switching to the tab. r=gavin,mak sr=mconnor
be372b9829a97e8652c6b99f94fbfab76baf7d2aBlair McBride — Backout patch for c35f29332705 due to bustage
c35f29332705f6b39eaef38b389414bece2f81f8Blair McBride — Bug 480350 - Show currently loaded URIs in location bar autocomplete results, allow switching to the tab. r=gavin,mak sr=mconnor
8b813f30326934fe738237247f354f89ae5d75edMarco Bonardo — Bug 542941 - Part6: fix existing tests to check for the new transition type, r=dietrich
030245f4f96c482a53a499c5e39ce9444d8b4a67Marco Bonardo — Bug 520165 - Part9: remove old expiration code, r=mano
b4c52eb6d106ce24e5bd0f305832005dc34f16e4Metal Sonic — Bug 507387 - fix copyright holder; Mozilla Corporation -> Mozilla Foundation. r=gerv.
614ae484f4a1f58a1a225910e5b5b7214c59c8aeMarco Bonardo — Bug 527311 - Addressbar suggests adaptive results even if they have no visits and we want "history" behavior, r=sdwilsh
66d8e92512b9ffaae65dce40002957cee3ba922dMarco Bonardo — Bug 519479 - places default title behavior shouldn't use part of the URL, r=dietrich
e6af6fa42b0d3501e6568bc6b6c761029ac40345Kyle Huey — Bug 426166 - Search results change their order after pressing space or further typing. r=dietrich
5bf658a297b341fceff50b7521cdbe33a3a3f1e6Dão Gottwald — Bug 525710 - getPagesWithAnnotation, getItemsWithAnnotation, getPageAnnotationNames, getItemAnnotationNames, getFaviconData, getQueries, getFolders and getTagsForURI length out params should be optional. r=sdwilsh
b15d64af68821b11f1594cde0e7b77733830568cGijs Kruitbosch — Back out bug 487059, fix tests and EM to cope, r=gavin,beltzner, bug 524995
218158d0c9f2fa1a5915a65084b2969f57f5cab3Marco Bonardo — Bug 478718 - Move last Places sync to xpcom-shutdown, r=sdwilsh
b3fef3ba47d52946771350d62bdcb915a726aa3aBlair McBride — Bug 446405 - Do not show the keyword of a quick search as if it was the query string. r=dietrich,mardak
47d73a8cdf21f334d0cfeb742049987711df027cShawn Wilsher — Bug 516465 - Adaptive results aren't filtered. r=dietrich
fd23d35aaafc0051a14f27e59430011c158804d3Shawn Wilsher — Bug 515463 - new async autocomplete does not always respect behavior pref changes. r=mak
0d1bd5ce145ec563a3ca1bc467285aef30906614Gavin Sharp — Bug 515451: make places autocomplete empty search behavior customizable, r=mardak
4cf34ccb293edb5dfce3bca576d5a627a8ed204cShawn Wilsher — Bug 508102 - Warning: reference to undefined property this._pendingQuery / Location bar autocomplete doesn't work anymore
dcb2a386b619f6aac910acb380d97dc160b57f7dShawn Wilsher — Bug 513710 - Places toolkit JS should use XPCOMUtils.defineLazy[Service]Getter
016941cc64aa5374ceeec63a993232f326b79db9Shawn Wilsher — Bug 509566 - Location bar does not respect tag filter preference
43af583d6464a628236e26c258d6535e3890141dTed Mielczarek — bug 459114 - helper function to provide a clean profile directory for xpcshell tests. r=sdwilsh
76e33161580e382c7a20b6b63d65215d0f1aad8eTed Mielczarek — Backed out changeset 5e82a8ce4862 - bug 459114 - helper function to provide a clean profile directory for xpcshell tests. r=sdwilsh - for test failures
5e82a8ce486243db2244c981ea1588ec66303965Ted Mielczarek — bug 459114 - helper function to provide a clean profile directory for xpcshell tests. r=sdwilsh
b307a643012f62992fe9cd72f1dc9db8961481b3Shawn Wilsher — xpcshell unit test fix from async location bar landing on a CLOSED TREE. no bug. r=dietrich
90efe188b7b1f2d8921d2be15c90c9a68dfe997bShawn Wilsher — Merging places and mozilla-central.
b4a38c411ca8315574ff5847e40a5be448f9ab13Edward Lee — Bug 504384 - Excessive Flickering with the Asynchronous Location Bar. r=sdwilsh
5d71185bdd3e67b42c1c29f5613359003f219ed0Shawn Wilsher — Bug 505813 - Use the connections executeAsync instead of calling it on each statement.
44fe52ed4bfd8c9bbd68fd7dab5c835d04444664Shawn Wilsher — Addressing review comment for bug 455555.
fa59b9d1571290fca0c720311485a4696029c826Marco Bonardo — Bug 503360 - Better queries for asynchronous location bar
9041bec64e15e5e1821a2edc64cf80dbcf848348Shawn Wilsher — Bug 455555 - Use asynchronous queries for places AutoComplete.
5964c28094fa4f2038cb751ae33f65b583957908David Dahl — Bug 479089 - Need to test that removing a page from autocomplete actually removes a page, r=sdwilsh
95b429b2ec8870bb7b53e34b39efffd7674a196fMark Finkle — Bug 483980 - Allow history/bookmark observer components to register with a startup category
91cefe8b8b285dc82436821b7cd0f1d032e85781Shawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset ff5c5168e416 (bug 483980)
ff5c5168e416e72a5d1d4d25146bc748b1b957cbMark Finkle — Bug 483980 - Allow history/bookmark observer components to register with a startup category
6b7acba9cf1b69123568182be28bfd41712fb9ebEdward Lee — Bug 485122 - When the user selects to only display history in the location bar, don't display the star and tag icons for items that happen to be bookmarked or tagged. r=dietrich
203b8025b1da361ee647778ad001ebd62e5da4ddDrew Willcoxon — Bug 479082 - AutoComplete should not show unvisited not-bookmarked-elsewhere children of livemark containers, r=sdwilsh
aacce9954fd343e164f13c3f42ed07f653db0917Shawn Wilsher — Bug 449406 - bookmarks of TRANSITION_DOWNLOAD and TRANSITION_EMBED don't show up in the location bar if they've been visited
53b62ad095f6d4036a645527ddc00e2e0a2e5942Edward Lee — Bug 471903 - pref urlbar.autocomplete.enabled is no longer implemented. r=dietrich
9003b616bd0e3b595112df7e320e9510919b328dRobert Kaiser — bug 471886 - Make places autocomplete tests even more robust against default prefs, r=Mardak
247555da9280ad5c9d63fa7f938ee6814ec8d75bEdward Lee — Bug 426864 - Only show user typed history pages for the urlbar dropdown. r=dietrich
515cfb2e487158d7efb62bc513a25c1467ed4a1dEdward Lee — Bug 463483 - matchOnlyTyped no longer honored with special filters. r=dietrich
7bf52d8054c00409916b9486e940c2fc39365d47Edward Lee — Bug 463459 - Use a separate pref instead of empty restrict/match values to specify defaults. r=dietrich, a1.9.1=beltzner
f72cfb3b4ea715ea8e5b4a1c54a9c56ba78cae02Robert Kaiser — bug 468341 - Some toolkit places tests fail on SeaMonkey unit test boxes - make tests mor tolerant to default prefs, non-override DOM error messages, non-existing browser-specific services and protcol defintions, r=sdwilsh a=tests-only
b40eeb0e5a974cfc5687fe6722b885588439f14fEdward Lee — Bug 463661 - Create a pref to control the location bar search sources (history, bookmark, both, none). r=dietrich, a1.9.1b2=beltzner
b133c52b8f241cbd3ee35e6aaa2995bbd31ef576Edward Lee — Bug 451760 - Allow matching at beginning of title/url by pref. r=dietrich
a33c04ddf9b802d41122aff80f5f69428240e263Edward Lee — Bug 422698 - different levels of URL decoding for address bar and autocomplete suggestions
bc85f019bbbf337900b3026abc973bd5a7d59119Edward Lee — Bug 424717 - Location bar autocomplete should be willing to complete to a URL with a different protocol
64bd96496e6f70e24cca105a77afccd742219d44Edward Lee — Bug 424509 - Location bar autocomplete favors "http://" over domain name starting with "h". r=dietrich
67931ff625c84405f8c7617f76195eb756aa0b76Edward Lee — Bug 424557 - Allow AwesomeBar to default search only urls (or history/titles/bookmarks/tags). r=dietrich
ebe042955be1af074fab9fe282bd92367cc3857eEdward Lee — Bug 395161 - Make it possible to restrict the url bar autocomplete results to bookmarks/tagged/history entries and match only url/title. r=dietrich
c4c22fd6b75c2cfa155fefc2f79c7f26f898c3d1Edward Lee — Bug 249468 - Add all bookmark keywords to location bar autocomplete drop-down list
34279a60f0717e180de71699804ae17e750456a8Edward Lee — Bug 392143 - show keywords as url bar autocomplete choices. r=dietrich, r=gavin
9ba0f05a05a5d567c0a32359d5eee27343340cb2edward lee — Bug 429531 - Location bar should show non-word-boundary matches below word-boundary matches. r=dietrich, ui-r=beltzner, b-ff3=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner
8bb6a7de1d4fa739c3465c3f9004641e5bb16960edward lee — Bug 429498 - Location bar does not search consistently (matches 1-after a CamelCase). r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner, a1.9=mconnor
187dd6944061f1f8a494abb3d242805bd870d466edward lee — Unconfuse comment and add prefs for bug 422869
abba9ada67d8d202f5a4635495bec0941031135cedward lee — Fix up comments now that these tests are using the shared test logic for bug 422869
1fd7bd175b1c8a07cae5c9fdecf503e04fae27d2edward lee — Fix up already processed results check for bug 422869
bf4a74836a8cf51e5ed5c27c4c72f531144efd39edward lee — Now that bug 418257 landed, use shared header to run autocomplete tests for Bug 422869 - Clean up autocomplete tests for use as a template for future tests
1ed77f1d847fc726625df7cbeb33aeabbd11d204edward lee — Move tests from toolkit/components/places/tests/unit to ../autocomplete for bug 422869 cleanup
fc683eac88aec044fa636591bb4b51b5b22547aeedward lee — Bug 418257 - Show what part of which tags match for urlbar autocomplete. r=dietrich, r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, b-ff3=beltzner, a1.9=mconnor
2eee4ad875015eb2143a344d0e7523a1104caacaedward lee — More testcase cleanup for bug 422869 in preparation for bug 418257
243c7ce3ad7c0aaf6843bd5398bf97bdc440eef5edward lee — Bug 422277 - assertions in nsNavHistoryAutocomplete ("not a UTF8 string", etc.). r=dietrich, a1.9=beltzner
e2b212950690e0bac4bc6d708d20db1022cf6ca3edward lee — More cleanup for Bug 422869 - Clean up autocomplete tests for use as a template for future tests
1b182620729f47aa282f05962fb1642bd39321beedward lee — Bug 425056 - Location bar matches bookmarks that do not show search matches
1d7e1d5e61b542d518b65f14aae8268de08397faedward lee — Bug 393678 - location bar autocomplete should take word boundaries in account. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
d5d75fbae933493d95b27e3f51126fdd7f60cbc9edward lee — Clean up autocomplete tests for use as a template for future tests
8c4ad7adb2f8004baf00365714379aa074660762edward lee — Bug 417441 - Bookmark cannot handle %2B ('+' sign) when accessed by its tag. b-ff3=beltzner
4c5a3e6178984b47c3ba12b9d9125f126eb2c264dietrich — Bug 419749 - Add/Update/Delete for items in query set do not seem to close transaction (r=dietrich)
b18c8ca66ebc357e8261a53384973cb25474e3ffedward lee — Bug 416211 - Tagged results don't show bookmark title when matching the tag
c68fec04f08342f667c999aa20a7e707c457258fedward lee — Bug 417798 - History can fill FF3 addressbar suggestions with unwanted bookmarklets that look almost like real pages but execute in the current page's scope. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
7619dbd1b727c3e46b5c171f2826baee32b3433edolske — Bug 418712 - nsIAutoCompleteInput should fire an event when a search begins. r=gavin, a1.9=beltzner
d532df27e4cbe1d2d99e2a8f6125999b31c5327cedward lee — Bug 416214 - Tag matches in location bar autocomplete don't decode URLs
66094254572ec015e4e170847fdebd67a6cf6198edward lee — Bug 401869 - Allow multiple words search in Auto-complete/Location Bar. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
75c57c9dc363b5b3436e0a28663301a69c0f9a66aceman — Bug 1158462 - Hide nsMsgAuthMethodValue::External for POP3 in account manager as it is not supported. r=mkmelin
1b6364120f38348f8d6ed3fc2a56db3fbcb7b562Jorg K — Bug 1287268 - Create nsIMsgCompFields attribute creatorIdentityKey and use it. r=mkmelin
a09d48b7f11d31386be97fad16aee12809b93a96alta88 Bug 1240603 - Thunderbird unescapes content in RSS title. r=mkmelin
a0fd274773c5bee383ff9320383edfe36183c842Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1304135 - remove obsolete .toLowerCase() from .localName.toLowerCase(). r=aleth
624e9f5b5295ede089feb01530a1e2a263606ff7Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1303720 - Use addEventListener(..., {once: true}) in im and chat code. r=aleth
0958c59534c75bc2d51c7f04936ac1b4c3ef0aacJorg K — Bug 1266916 - Obey paragraph mode in new message invoked from mailto: URL. r=aceman
2e72476279207eda5165a205dd96b179859ea310Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1303722 - Use once parameter for addEventListener in mailnews/. r=mkmelin
c5da3041922b8b32b523cdb72ab46e4777a18db9Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1303722 - Use once parameter for addEventListener in editor/. r=jorgk
dbd651ac402892f42e4c1a28e79740d5dcab3f2bSebastian Hengst — Bug 1303724 - Find legend in fieldset reliably. r=jorgk
26f04790ea9c46a3bc5a18ec18826b8bd790ffbeaceman — Bug 1304842 - remove preprocessing from mail/components/about-support/content/*.js. r=mkmelin
b1c8adff744337931f4136703bd185cd406df7b3alta88 Bug 1305008 - Fix exception in set _viewFlags if this.dbView == null. r=mkmelin
6ade89062f4e833f8fb1eae70c050791ab19230calta88 Bug 451815 - Context menu entry for copying feed's enclosure/attachment location/URL. r=mkmelin
ba39dd982aabd8bc13a6ab1aba42eddf14ca9bedIan Stakenvicius — Bug 1239707 - Switch to use in-tree version of compare-locales (SeaMonkey Part) r=IanN a=Ratty
cdf8a73f43f7931f39c433dd58d8ad6226171ed9Philip Chee — Bug 1300156 - Remove MOZ_SAFE_BROWSING and MOZ_URL_CLASSIFIER from build now that safe browsing configure flag is gone. r=IanN a=IanN
c8eb73445f147613f2ffade4b24994c7d0f4e5cftbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-382 - a=blocklist-update
44f9b72398fe1d6c60b0f1f10c6f25e52d670e64seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a94bcdb65d806805648ad6c9e1251a2edb8d1df4aceman — Bug 1304802 - remove unused MsgQueryElementAt() from mailnews/base/util/nsMsgUtils.h. r=mkmelin
af97c06e4a9465b2292a7f69c8006ba8261fbc05Decathlon — Bug 1304881 - Can't create a Custom recurring Monthly event. r=MakeMyDay
a662c8ec1b9c3504412448f3c3c0141b46a5d8d7Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1303636 - Remove eBay searchengine from Instantbird. r=aleth
5d9feb980f1a3fca9c68f9b19dc805b602ef987dSebastian Hengst — Bug 1303636 - Remove eBay searchengine from Thunderbird. r=mkmelin
7e46eda08f3c358bc5292a2eda8e00a64f2bb74dEdmund Wong — Bug 1304642 - Update Windows tooltool manifests to build with VS2015u3. r+a=IanN
48d888b2cdc5217610c1b109e52b68c615171d7falta88 Bug 1304795 - Don't check anchor target existence to avoid invalid selectors. r=jorgk
379a1f4356786bff4503513e31b7278b0a2bcca8aleth — Bug 1286902 - Restore nsDragAndDrop.js. r=clokep
6c4f1970f8fe50cbc3fec4678a55657ef4573afbaceman — Bug 1273001 - adapt editor/EdLinkChecker.js to HTMLEditor::getLinkedObjects() returning nsIArray. r=IanN
fcb58e25b5820f0399dea5a9d37dc2f95513fe43aceman — Bug 1304529 - remove preprocessing from mail/base/content/plugins.js. r=mkmelin
61b68a1406a6db638d49b8686d904d64985b7072aleth — Bug 1275284 - Update twitter-text library to 1.14. r=clokep
7b41f76ddf18b284e860cd741f9c2d02fbea863ealeth — Bug 1275284 - Allow self-retweets. r=clokep
b377951bcd31fd1580eb4543d9a5634edd852ba7Jorg K — Bug 1304399 - Port bug 1301249: Check return value of nsIDocument::GetDocumentURI(). rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk CLOSED TREE
6d6f444d58eb6c7f893c74ea41b7ab9f96e94e46Decathlon — Bug 1272243 - Tasks are not ordered by start/due time in Multiweek/Month view (Lightning). r=Philipp
2d0ea2b8de0feb602a811f6b421ab4be83f1da18Richard Marti — Bug 1304008 - Remove obsolete -moz-mac-lion-theme media query. r=aleth, Fallen
255f1b27939e763590288bec31365119adfde7efStefan Sitter — Bug 1304102 - No events shown in Multiweek view [TypeError: dayStart.clone is not a function]. r=philipp
6497b3aa36e15daf7bc6828c2e9e421f33e95b6dEdmund Wong — Bug 1293943 - l10n nightlies busted on wget-en-US. r=Fallen a=ewong
5dcd3b60f30df20da78e5040ae959225f64026acPatrick Cloke — Bump version_display for mail. DONTBUILD
b9966ed89a874e87759357ce3c7c5180aabf65bfPhilip Chee — Bug 1301974 - ( Packaging update for SeaMonkey; Sync with Firefox 20140101 to 21040930 r=IanN a=IanN
cbb7b6437fa62d30ad6eb6fedcd7b1482ebba480Patrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
e1cc1a76e86cb71774ae07ba4ecdf57e74738759Patrick Cloke — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
02743c0fb92f4497e8354298f4098e8e07cb4d15Patrick Cloke — Added tag AURORA_51_END for changeset 50fd5e1ae4d1 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE