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Thu Jun 18 06:11:07 2015 +0000
8d1237f0582842ed990347c82afa3a87b8e0cd00Magnus Melin — Bug 1151497 (noscript in feed tab) mozmill test. r=alta88, a=rkent
338c457d22fa0b3b424cc8777625fd4aaf7ee4acalta88 — Bug 1151497 - Web site from RSS feed not rendered correctly (due to noscript tags) - tab part. r=mkmelin, a=rkent
e0a6c871c33e6acabf9d8ed025eea2c2de5a926bMagnus Melin — Bug 1175348 - oauth related crash in nsMsgAsyncWriteProtocol::SendData(char const*, bool). r=rkent, a=rkent