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Tue May 24 20:23:11 2011 +0000
212a62f8c1ffca0d530bec530ec1bcecbf2623aaMark Banner — Fix capitalization in, a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
ab3ace782235d83e2d6e4bf17c4f50bdab808aabMark Banner — Port bug 621117 (Support native cursor manipulation from OOP plugins on OS X) to fix Mac build bustage - update package manifest and port the pref. blanket-rs=philor CLOSED TREE
0d1c875f3997f86ab5c26a351303bfe5c05867b6Ian Neal — Bug 659205 - tier_platform_dirs doesn't include APP_LIBXUL_DIRS (mailnews/ etc) -- mailnews, xpfe autocomplete etc aren't getting built r=neil/bienvenu a=CLOSED TREE
45c1585e47a2640830de35c5ac168e9a02eaae4bJustin Wood — Merge commit
f5cf5a4445409724abba0976dd1cae7ae3ccaa5fIan Neal — Bug 658878 - [SeaMonkey] comm-central busted due to bug 616999 and bug 658666/ switching xpcshell to manifests r=neil
5d098294efd2601777dcdb3afa0748049a463f03David Bienvenu — use append uid returned by imap server when possible, bug 646225, r=neil
9d85ed1b2cc2d702750591391943e7478b0ee233Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 494138 followup - fix string and rename the module to Thunderbird standards.
cbd35a34432ce5ddbfeb9fc0a37a2e73001adae1Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 494138 - Add basic support for Windows 7 jumplists. ui-r=bwinton, r=bienvenu
95ae2e8fd68321103e3ea5bcdf77f9b93cefcd1cDavid Bienvenu — backout fix for bug 243833 unable to see p7m attachmetns of type pkcs7-mime
cafd2739fe9e78cd712fe894a1757fb6259a50f0Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 494788 - Error: "too much recursion" when quickly reloading remote calendars (calIStatusObserver, calendar-statusbar.js). r=mschroeder
cddbd4154e9132bc4035ea1a4520146e50d83d77David Bienvenu — fix build bustage, bug 65887
b656d0bd1cfc656320a114ec52613e294031e1a1David Bienvenu — fix build bustage, bug 65887
3d6a55d85b66154af903f93858c1036a2d8395f5David Bienvenu — compress commit imap folder .msf files after offline store compact, r=neil, bug 658415
e545b6accf995657ca270f4666ae9aebabbc0cf4David Bienvenu — fetch imap hdrs in chunks, newest headers first, r=neil, bug 464126
802908081687e4a188bd331390716b84e8da04a2Mark Banner — Fix MozMill test bustage by changing the category names that we're checking for because mozilla-central bug 595848 changed them. r=bustage-fix
6591bfe0dac001e73a65e818348d03168a2d5a59David Bienvenu — CLOSED TREE nomac -> notmac, part of build bustage bug 658666
f3d345164ea89258a6fb5fd4753b650d0dd48aa6Mark Banner — partial fix for bug 658666, add xpcshell manifests to fix bustage CLOSED TREE