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Bug 261882 Import & Export to/from text files (CSV,TAB) fails to include "Screenname" field. r=Standard8,sr=dmose

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#ifndef _nsImportStringBundle_H__
#define _nsImportStringBundle_H__

#include "nsStringGlue.h"

class nsIStringBundle;

class nsImportStringBundle
  static PRUnichar* GetStringByID(PRInt32 aStringID,
                                  nsIStringBundle *aBundle = nsnull);
  static void GetStringByID(PRInt32 aStringID,
                            nsIStringBundle *aBundle,
                            nsString &aResult);
  static nsresult GetStringBundle(const char *aPropertyURL,
                                  nsIStringBundle **aBundle);
  static nsresult GetStringBundleProxy(nsIStringBundle *aOriginalBundle,
                                       nsIStringBundle **aProxy);

#define IMPORT_MSGS_URL       "chrome://messenger/locale/"

#define  IMPORT_NO_ADDRBOOKS                            2000
#define  IMPORT_ERROR_AB_NOTINITIALIZED            2001
#define IMPORT_ERROR_AB_NOTHREAD              2002
#define IMPORT_ERROR_GETABOOK                2003
#define  IMPORT_NO_MAILBOXES                            2004
#define  IMPORT_ERROR_MB_NOTINITIALIZED            2005
#define IMPORT_ERROR_MB_NOTHREAD              2006
#define IMPORT_ERROR_MB_NOPROXY                2007
#define IMPORT_ERROR_MB_FINDCHILD              2008
#define IMPORT_ERROR_MB_CREATE                2009
#define IMPORT_ERROR_MB_NODESTFOLDER            2010

#define IMPORT_FIELD_DESC_START                2100
#define IMPORT_FIELD_DESC_END                2136

#endif /* _nsImportStringBundle_H__ */