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#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsICollation.h"
#include "nsIFile.h"
#include "nsIObserver.h"
#include "mozilla/Mutex.h"

#include "mozIStorageService.h"

class nsIXPConnect;

namespace mozilla {
namespace storage {

class Service : public mozIStorageService
              , public nsIObserver
   * Initializes the service.  This must be called before any other function!
  nsresult initialize();

   * Compares two strings using the Service's locale-aware collation.
   * @param  aStr1
   *         The string to be compared against aStr2.
   * @param  aStr2
   *         The string to be compared against aStr1.
   * @param  aComparisonStrength
   *         The sorting strength, one of the nsICollation constants.
   * @return aStr1 - aStr2.  That is, if aStr1 < aStr2, returns a negative
   *         number.  If aStr1 > aStr2, returns a positive number.  If
   *         aStr1 == aStr2, returns 0.
  int localeCompareStrings(const nsAString &aStr1,
                           const nsAString &aStr2,
                           PRInt32 aComparisonStrength);

  static Service *getSingleton();


   * Obtains an already AddRefed pointer to XPConnect.  This is used by
   * language helpers.
  static already_AddRefed<nsIXPConnect> getXPConnect();

  virtual ~Service();

   * Used for 1) locking around calls when initializing connections so that we
   * can ensure that the state of sqlite3_enable_shared_cache is sane and 2)
   * synchronizing access to mLocaleCollation.
  Mutex mMutex;

   * Shuts down the storage service, freeing all of the acquired resources.
  void shutdown();

   * Lazily creates and returns a collation created from the application's
   * locale that all statements of all Connections of this Service may use.
   * Since the collation's lifetime is that of the Service and no statement may
   * execute outside the lifetime of the Service, this method returns a raw
   * pointer.
  nsICollation *getLocaleCollation();

   * Lazily created collation that all statements of all Connections of this
   * Service may use.  The collation is created from the application's locale.
   * @note Collation implementations are platform-dependent and in general not
   *       thread-safe.  Access to this collation should be synchronized.
  nsCOMPtr<nsICollation> mLocaleCollation;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIFile> mProfileStorageFile;

  static Service *gService;

  static nsIXPConnect *sXPConnect;

} // namespace storage
} // namespace mozilla