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Bug 631902; Closing old branch that is no longer used. r=standard8.

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#include "StorageBaseStatementInternal.h"

#include "nsProxyRelease.h"

#include "mozStorageBindingParamsArray.h"
#include "mozStorageStatementData.h"
#include "mozStorageAsyncStatementExecution.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace storage {

//// Local Classes

 * Used to finalize an asynchronous statement on the background thread.
class AsyncStatementFinalizer : public nsRunnable
   * Constructor for the event.
   * @param aStatement
   *        We need the AsyncStatement to be able to get at the sqlite3_stmt;
   *        we only access/create it on the async thread.
   * @param aConnection
   *        We need the connection to know what thread to release the statement
   *        on.  We release the statement on that thread since releasing the
   *        statement might end up releasing the connection too.
  AsyncStatementFinalizer(StorageBaseStatementInternal *aStatement,
                          Connection *aConnection)
  : mStatement(aStatement)
  , mConnection(aConnection)

    (void)::NS_ProxyRelease(mConnection->threadOpenedOn, mStatement);
    return NS_OK;
  // It is vital that this remain an nsCOMPtr for NS_ProxyRelease's benefit.
  nsCOMPtr<StorageBaseStatementInternal> mStatement;
  nsRefPtr<Connection> mConnection;

//// StorageBaseStatementInternal

: mAsyncStatement(NULL)

  nsIEventTarget *target = mDBConnection->getAsyncExecutionTarget();
  if (!target) {
    // If we cannot get the background thread, we have to assume it has been
    // shutdown (or is in the process of doing so).  As a result, we should
    // just finalize it here and now.
  else {
    nsCOMPtr<nsIRunnable> event =
      new AsyncStatementFinalizer(this, mDBConnection);

    // If the dispatching did not go as planned, finalize now.
    if (!event ||
        NS_FAILED(target->Dispatch(event, NS_DISPATCH_NORMAL))) {

  if (mAsyncStatement) {
    mAsyncStatement = nsnull;

  mozIStorageBindingParamsArray **_array
  nsCOMPtr<mozIStorageBindingParamsArray> array = new BindingParamsArray(this);

  return NS_OK;

  mozIStorageStatementCallback *aCallback,
  mozIStoragePendingStatement **_stmt
  // We used to call Connection::ExecuteAsync but it takes a
  // mozIStorageBaseStatement signature because it is also a public API.  Since
  // our 'this' has no static concept of mozIStorageBaseStatement and Connection
  // would just QI it back across to a StorageBaseStatementInternal and the
  // actual logic is very simple, we now roll our own.
  nsTArray<StatementData> stmts(1);
  StatementData data;
  nsresult rv = getAsynchronousStatementData(data);
  NS_ENSURE_TRUE(stmts.AppendElement(data), NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY);

  // Dispatch to the background
  return AsyncExecuteStatements::execute(stmts, mDBConnection, aCallback,

  const nsAString &aValue,
  const PRUnichar aEscapeChar,
  nsAString &_escapedString
  const PRUnichar MATCH_ALL('%');
  const PRUnichar MATCH_ONE('_');


  for (PRUint32 i = 0; i < aValue.Length(); i++) {
    if (aValue[i] == aEscapeChar || aValue[i] == MATCH_ALL ||
        aValue[i] == MATCH_ONE) {
      _escapedString += aEscapeChar;
    _escapedString += aValue[i];
  return NS_OK;

} // namespace storage
} // namespace mozilla