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Fix bug 531459 - Replace XPMs with PNGs as Linux window icons. r=mschroeder

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIMsgCompFields.idl"
#include "nsIMsgComposeParams.idl"
#include "nsIMsgSendListener.idl"

#include "nsStringGlue.h"

interface nsIMsgSend;
interface nsIMsgIdentity;
interface nsIMsgProgress;
interface nsIDOMWindowInternal;
interface nsIDOMWindow;
interface nsIDOMNode;
interface nsIEditor;
interface nsIMsgWindow;

typedef long MSG_ComposeSaveType;

[scriptable, uuid(6953e50a-7531-11d3-85fe-006008948010)]
interface nsIMsgCompSaveType {
    const long File     = 0;
    const long Template = 1;
    const long Draft    = 2;

typedef long MSG_DeliverMode;

[scriptable, uuid(a9f27dd7-8f89-4de3-8fbf-41b789c16ee5)]
interface nsIMsgCompDeliverMode {
    const long Now = 0;
    const long Later = 1;
    const long Save = 2;
    const long SaveAs = 3;
    const long SaveAsDraft = 4;
    const long SaveAsTemplate = 5;
    const long SendUnsent = 6;
    const long AutoSaveAsDraft = 7;
    const long Background = 8;

[scriptable, uuid(f38ea280-e090-11d3-a449-e3153319347c)]
interface nsIMsgCompSendFormat {
    const long AskUser = 4;     /* Hack: Bug 44512. If this is 0 and passed
                                   as results.action to the askSendFormat
                                   dialog, the args object gets destroyed.*/
    const long PlainText = 1;
    const long HTML = 2;
    const long Both = 3;

[scriptable, uuid(9638af92-1dd1-11b2-bef1-ca5fee0abc62)]
interface nsIMsgCompConvertible/*ToTXT*/ {
    const long Plain = 1;  // Like 4.x: Only <html>, <p>, <br>, ...
    const long Yes = 2;  // *Minor* alterations of the look: <ol>, <dd>, ...
    const long Altering = 3;  /* Look altered: <strong>, <i>, <h1>, ...
                                 Can be expressed in plaintext, but not in
                                 the way it looked in the HTML composer. */
    const long No = 4;  /* Will lose data: <font>, ...
                           Really *requires* visual formatting or
                           is not supported by our HTML->TXT converter. */
    /* The values here have meaning, they are "levels":
       convertible({a; b}) == max(convertible({a}), convertible({b}))
       must be true, i.e. the higher value counts. */

[scriptable, uuid(6ce49b2a-07dc-4783-b307-9a355423163f)]
interface nsIMsgComposeStateListener : nsISupports
	/* ... */
	void        NotifyComposeFieldsReady();
	void        ComposeProcessDone(in nsresult aResult);
	void        SaveInFolderDone(in string folderName);
	void        NotifyComposeBodyReady();

[scriptable, uuid(061aae23-7e0a-4818-9a15-1b5db3ceb7f4)]
interface nsIMsgComposeNotificationType
    const long ComposeFieldsReady = 0;
    const long ComposeProcessDone = 1;
    const long SaveInFolderDone   = 2;
    const long ComposeBodyReady   = 3;

native nsString(nsString);
[ref] native nsStringRef(nsString);

/* recycling listener interface */
[scriptable, uuid(0b28cc56-1dd2-11b2-bbe4-99e6a314f8ba)]
interface nsIMsgComposeRecyclingListener : nsISupports {
  void onClose();
  void onReopen(in nsIMsgComposeParams params);

[scriptable, uuid(d06508a0-23b1-4f14-a29c-f61a478d5500)]
interface nsIMsgCompose : nsIMsgSendListener {

  /* ... */
  void Initialize(in nsIDOMWindowInternal aWindow, in nsIMsgComposeParams aParams); 

  /* ... */
  void SetDocumentCharset(in string charset);
  /* ... */
  void RegisterStateListener(in nsIMsgComposeStateListener stateListener);

  /* ... */
  void UnregisterStateListener(in nsIMsgComposeStateListener stateListener);

  /* ... */
  void SendMsg(in MSG_DeliverMode deliverMode, in nsIMsgIdentity identity, in string accountKey, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in nsIMsgProgress progress);

  /* ... */
  void CloseWindow(in boolean reclycleIt);

  /* ... */
  void abort();
  /* ... */
  void quoteMessage(in string msgURI);

    AttachmentPrettyName will return only the leafName if the it's a file URL.
    It will also convert the filename to Unicode assuming it's in  the file system 
    charset. In case of URL, |charset| parameter will be used in the conversion.
    This UI utility function should probably go into it's own class
  AUTF8String AttachmentPrettyName(in string url, in string charset);

   * checkAndPopulateRecipients can perform several tasks (see params), the
   * main task is to determine the lowest common format preferred by recipients.
   * @param aPopulateMailList        If true, this function will populate
   *                                 mailing lists present in the compose field.
   * @param aReturnNonHTMLRecipients If true, will build a list of the non
   *                                 HTML receipients.
   * @param aNonHTMLRecipients       This will contain any non-HTML recipients,
   *                                 if aReturnNonHTMLRecipients is true
   *                                 (comma-separated).
   * @return                         The lowest common format preferred by
   *                                 recipients (unknown, plaintext or html).
   *                                 See nsIAbPreferMailFormat.
  unsigned long checkAndPopulateRecipients(in boolean aPopulateMailList,
                                           in boolean aReturnNonHTMLRecipients,
                                           out AString aNonHTMLRecipients);

  /* bodyConvertible: The level of "convertibility" to plaintext
   * @return a value from nsIMsgCompConvertible.
  long bodyConvertible();

   * The identity currently selected for the message compose object. When set
   * this may change the signature on a message being composed. Note that
   * typically SendMsg will be called with the same identity as is set here, but
   * if it is different the SendMsg version will overwrite this identity.
  attribute nsIMsgIdentity identity;

  /* Check if the composing mail headers (and identity) can be converted to a mail charset.
  boolean checkCharsetConversion(in nsIMsgIdentity identity, out string fallbackCharset);

  /* Retreive the message send object */
  readonly attribute nsIMsgSend messageSend;
	/* ... */
  readonly attribute nsIEditor editor;

	/* ... */
  readonly attribute nsIDOMWindowInternal domWindow;

	/* ... */
  readonly attribute nsIMsgCompFields compFields;
	/* ... */
  readonly attribute boolean composeHTML;

	/* ... */
  attribute MSG_ComposeType type;

	/* ... */
  readonly attribute long wrapLength;

  /* by reading this value, you can determine if yes or not the message has been mofified
     by the user. When you set this value to false, you reset the modification count
     of the body to 0 (clean).
  attribute boolean bodyModified;

   *  Init the editor THIS USED TO BE [noscript]
   *  Now, this is called after editor is created,
   *  which is triggered by loading startup url from JS.
   *  The completion of document loading is detected by observing 
   *  the "obs_documentCreated" command
  void initEditor(in nsIEditor editor, in nsIDOMWindow contentWindow);

  /* The following functions are for internal use, essentially for the listener */

  /* Clear the editor */
  [noscript] void clearEditor();

  /* ... */
  [noscript] void setCiteReference(in nsString citeReference);

  /* Set the URI of the folder where the message has been saved */
  attribute string savedFolderURI;

  /* Append the signature defined in the identity to the msgBody */
  [noscript] void processSignature(in nsIMsgIdentity identity,
                                   in boolean aQuoted,
                                   inout nsString aMsgBody);

  /* set any reply flags on the original message's folder */
  [noscript] void processReplyFlags();
  [noscript] void rememberQueuedDisposition();

  /* ... */
  [noscript] void convertAndLoadComposeWindow(in nsStringRef aPrefix,
                                              in nsStringRef aBuf, 
                                              in nsStringRef aSignature,
                                              in boolean aQuoted,
                                              in boolean aHTMLEditor);

  /* Tell the doc state listeners that the doc state has changed
   * aNotificationType is from nsIMsgComposeNotificationType
  [noscript] void notifyStateListeners(in long aNotificationType, in nsresult aResult);

  /* Retreive the progress object */
  readonly attribute nsIMsgProgress progress;
	/* ... */
  [noscript] void buildBodyMessageAndSignature();
	/* ... */
  [noscript] void buildQuotedMessageAndSignature();

 	/* ... */
  [noscript] void getQuotingToFollow(out boolean quotingToFollow);

 	/* ... */
  attribute nsIMsgComposeRecyclingListener recyclingListener;
  /* ... */
  attribute boolean recycledWindow;
  readonly attribute string originalMsgURI;

  attribute boolean deleteDraft;

  /* true when the compose window is in the process of inserting quoted content
     (i.e. via reply, forward inline or a quoting operation) into the document 
  attribute boolean insertingQuotedContent;

  /* for easier use of nsIMsgSendListener */
  void addMsgSendListener(in nsIMsgSendListener sendListener);

  /* for easier use of nsIMsgSendListener */
  void removeMsgSendListener(in nsIMsgSendListener sendListener);


/* send listener interface */
[noscript, uuid(ACC72780-2CEA-11D5-9DAA-BACDEAC1EEFC)]
interface nsIMsgComposeSendListener : nsISupports {

  void setMsgCompose(in nsIMsgCompose msgCompose);
  void setDeliverMode(in MSG_DeliverMode deliverMode);