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bug 545625 - "back-fork ifdef'd mozStorage of bug 507414 into comm-central or mozilla-1.9.2 for TB 3.1 release". transplant bug 507414 patch v5 to comm-central/storage-backport. that patch is under review by sdwilsh for mozilla-central landing but is believed good per mozilla-central try builds and local tests. comm-central landing: rs=Standard8.

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#include "mozStorageRow.h"
#include "mozStorageResultSet.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace storage {

//// ResultSet

: mCurrentIndex(0)


ResultSet::add(mozIStorageRow *aRow)
  return mData.AppendObject(aRow) ? NS_OK : NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY;

 * Note:  This object is only ever accessed on one thread at a time.  It it not
 *        threadsafe, but it does need threadsafe AddRef and Release.

//// mozIStorageResultSet

ResultSet::GetNextRow(mozIStorageRow **_row)

  if (mCurrentIndex >= mData.Count()) {
    // Just return null here
    return NS_OK;

  NS_ADDREF(*_row = mData.ObjectAt(mCurrentIndex++));
  return NS_OK;

} // namespace storage
} // namespace mozilla