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Sun, 11 Nov 2012 13:56:03 +0100
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Bug 806136 - Fix code logic bug in addClickToPlayCallback method (notification.xml), r=IanN, a=IanN


includedir := $(includedir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
idldir = $(datadir)/idl/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
installdir = $(libdir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
sdkdir = $(libdir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-devel-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
MOZILLA_SRCDIR = $(topsrcdir)/mozilla
MOZDEPTH = $(DEPTH)/mozilla

# We do magic with OBJ_SUFFIX in, the following ensures we don't
# manually use it before inclusion
OBJ_SUFFIX = $(error config/ needs to be included before using OBJ_SUFFIX)

# We only want to do the pymake sanity on Windows, other os's can cope
# Ensure invariants between GNU Make and pymake
# Checked here since we want the sane error in a file that
# actually can be found regardless of path-style.
ifeq (_:,$(.PYMAKE)_$(findstring :,$(srcdir)))
$(error Windows-style srcdir being used with GNU make. Did you mean to run $(topsrcdir)/build/pymake/ instead? [see-also:])
ifeq (1_a,$(.PYMAKE)_$(firstword a$(subst /, ,$(srcdir))))
$(error MSYS-style srcdir being used with Pymake. Did you mean to run GNU Make instead? [see-also:    en/Gmake_vs._Pymake])
endif # WINNT