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bug 463917 - adding ka (Georgian) for Seamonkey all-locales

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<!DOCTYPE overlay SYSTEM "chrome://communicator/locale/viewZoomOverlay.dtd">

<overlay id="viewZoomOverlay"

  <script type="application/x-javascript" src="chrome://communicator/content/viewZoomOverlay.js"/>

  <stringbundle id="bundle_viewZoom" src="chrome://communicator/locale/"/>

  <keyset id="viewZoomKeys">
    <key id="key_zoomReduce"  key="&zoomReduceCmd.commandkey;"   command="cmd_zoomReduce"  modifiers="accel"/>
    <key id="key_zoomEnlarge" key="&zoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey;"  command="cmd_zoomEnlarge" modifiers="accel"/>
    <key                      key="&zoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey;"  command="cmd_zoomEnlarge" modifiers="accel,shift"/>
    <key                      key="&zoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey2;" command="cmd_zoomEnlarge" modifiers="accel"/>
    <key id="key_zoomReset"   key="&zoomResetCmd.commandkey;"    command="cmd_zoomReset"   modifiers="accel"/>

  <commandset id="viewZoomCommands">
    <command id="cmd_zoomReduce"  oncommand="ZoomManager.prototype.getInstance().reduce();"/>
    <command id="cmd_zoomEnlarge" oncommand="ZoomManager.prototype.getInstance().enlarge();"/>
    <command id="cmd_zoomReset"   oncommand="ZoomManager.prototype.getInstance().reset();"/>
    <command id="cmd_zoomOther"   oncommand="setZoomOther();"/>

  <menu id="menu_zoom" accesskey="&zoomMenu.accesskey;">
    <menupopup id="menu_zoomPopup" onpopupshowing="updateZoomMenu();" oncommand="ZoomManager.prototype.getInstance().currentZoom =;">
      <menuitem key="key_zoomReduce"  label="&zoomReduceCmd.label;"  accesskey="&zoomReduceCmd.accesskey;" command="cmd_zoomReduce"/>
      <menuitem key="key_zoomEnlarge" label="&zoomEnlargeCmd.label;" accesskey="&zoomEnlargeCmd.accesskey;" command="cmd_zoomEnlarge"/>
      <menuseparator id="menu_zoomInsertBefore"/>
      <menuitem id="menu_zoomOther" type="radio" name="zoom" accesskey="&zoomOtherCmd.accesskey;" command="cmd_zoomOther"/>