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#include "prprf.h"
#include "prmem.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIStringBundle.h"
#include "nsImportStringBundle.h"
#include "nsIServiceManager.h"
#include "nsIProxyObjectManager.h"
#include "nsIURI.h"
#include "nsServiceManagerUtils.h"
#include "nsComponentManagerUtils.h"
#include "nsXPCOMCIDInternal.h"

nsresult nsImportStringBundle::GetStringBundle(const char *aPropertyURL,
                                               nsIStringBundle **aBundle)
  nsresult rv;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIStringBundleService> sBundleService =
           do_GetService(NS_STRINGBUNDLE_CONTRACTID, &rv);
  if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv) && (nsnull != sBundleService)) {
    rv = sBundleService->CreateBundle(aPropertyURL, aBundle);

  return rv;

nsresult nsImportStringBundle::GetStringBundleProxy(nsIStringBundle *aOriginalBundle,
                                                    nsIStringBundle **aProxy)
  nsresult rv;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIProxyObjectManager> proxyObjMgr =
    do_GetService(NS_XPCOMPROXY_CONTRACTID, &rv);

  // create a proxy object if we aren't on the same thread?
  return proxyObjMgr->GetProxyForObject(NS_PROXY_TO_MAIN_THREAD,
                                        NS_PROXY_SYNC | NS_PROXY_ALWAYS,
                                        (void **) aProxy);

void nsImportStringBundle::GetStringByID(PRInt32 aStringID,
                                         nsIStringBundle *aBundle,
                                         nsString &aResult)
  aResult.Adopt(GetStringByID(aStringID, aBundle));

PRUnichar *nsImportStringBundle::GetStringByID(PRInt32 aStringID,
                                               nsIStringBundle *aBundle)
  if (aBundle)
    PRUnichar *ptrv = nsnull;
    nsresult rv = aBundle->GetStringFromID(aStringID, &ptrv);

    if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv) && ptrv)

  nsString resultString(NS_LITERAL_STRING("[StringID "));

  return ToNewUnicode(resultString);