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#ifndef nsImportMimeEncode_h__
#define nsImportMimeEncode_h__

#include "nsImportScanFile.h"
#include "ImportOutFile.h"
#include "nsImportEncodeScan.h"
#include "nsStringGlue.h"
#include "nsIImportMimeEncode.h"

// Content-Type: image/gif; name=""
// Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
// Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=""

class nsImportMimeEncode : public nsImportEncodeScan {
	void	EncodeFile( nsIFile *pInFile, ImportOutFile *pOut, const char *pFileName, const char *pMimeType);

	PRBool	DoWork( PRBool *pDone);
	long	NumBytesProcessed( void) { long val = m_bytesProcessed; m_bytesProcessed = 0; return( val);}

	void	CleanUp( void);
	PRBool	SetUpEncode( void);
	PRBool	WriteFileName( nsCString& fName, PRBool wasTrans, const char *pTag);
	PRBool	TranslateFileName( nsCString& inFile, nsCString& outFile);

	virtual PRBool	ScanBuffer( PRBool *pDone);

	nsCString             m_fileName;
	nsCOMPtr <nsIFile>    m_pMimeFile;
	ImportOutFile *		m_pOut;
	nsCString			m_mimeType;

	int				m_state;
	long			m_bytesProcessed;
	PRUint8 *		m_pInputBuf;
	PRBool			m_appleSingle;
	// Actual encoding variables
	int			m_lineLen;

class nsIImportMimeEncodeImpl : public nsIImportMimeEncode {


	virtual ~nsIImportMimeEncodeImpl();

	ImportOutFile *			m_pOut;
	nsImportMimeEncode *	m_pEncode;

#endif /* nsImportMimeEncode_h__ */