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bug 447619 - comm-central: add configure option to l10n repositories (port of bug 445328),

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#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"
#include "nsMsgSearchCore.idl"

typedef long nsMsgFilterTypeType;

interface nsMsgFilterType {
    /* these longs are all actually of type nsMsgFilterTypeType */
  const long InboxRule = 0x1;
  const long InboxJavaScript = 0x2;
  const long Inbox = 0x3;
  const long NewsRule = 0x4;
  const long NewsJavaScript = 0x8;
  const long News=0xb;
  const long All=0xf;

typedef long nsMsgFilterMotionValue;

typedef long nsMsgFilterIndex;

typedef long nsMsgRuleActionType;

[scriptable, uuid(59af7696-1e28-4642-a400-fa327ae0b8d8)]
interface nsMsgFilterAction {

    /* if you change these, you need to update,
       look for filterActionX */
    /* these longs are all actually of type nsMsgFilterActionType */
    const long None=0;        /* uninitialized state */
    const long MoveToFolder=1;
    const long ChangePriority=2;
    const long Delete=3;
    const long MarkRead=4;
    const long KillThread=5;
    const long WatchThread=6;
    const long MarkFlagged=7;
    const long Label=8;
    const long Reply=9;
    const long Forward=10;
    const long StopExecution=11;
    const long DeleteFromPop3Server=12;
    const long LeaveOnPop3Server=13;
    const long JunkScore=14;
    const long FetchBodyFromPop3Server=15;
    const long CopyToFolder=16;
    const long AddTag=17;
    const long KillSubthread=18;