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#ifndef _nsLDAPMessage_h_
#define _nsLDAPMessage_h_

#include "ldap.h"
#include "nsILDAPMessage.h"
#include "nsILDAPOperation.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsHashtable.h"

// 76e061ad-a59f-43b6-b812-ee6e8e69423f
{ 0x76e061ad, 0xa59f, 0x43b6, \
  { 0xb8, 0x12, 0xee, 0x6e, 0x8e, 0x69, 0x42, 0x3f }}

class nsLDAPMessage : public nsILDAPMessage
    friend class nsLDAPOperation;
    friend class nsLDAPConnection;
    friend class nsLDAPConnectionLoop;
    friend PRBool CheckLDAPOperationResult(nsHashKey *aKey,
                                           void *aData,
                                           void* aClosure);



    // constructor & destructor
    virtual ~nsLDAPMessage();

    nsresult IterateAttrErrHandler(PRInt32 aLderrno, PRUint32 *aAttrCount, 
                            char** *aAttributes, BerElement *position);
    nsresult IterateAttributes(PRUint32 *aAttrCount, char** *aAttributes, 
                              PRBool getP);
    nsresult Init(nsILDAPConnection *aConnection, 
                  LDAPMessage *aMsgHandle);
    LDAPMessage *mMsgHandle; // the message we're wrapping
    nsCOMPtr<nsILDAPOperation> mOperation;  // operation this msg relates to

    LDAP *mConnectionHandle; // cached connection this op is on

    // since we're caching the connection handle (above), we need to 
    // hold an owning ref to the relevant nsLDAPConnection object as long
    // as we're around
    nsCOMPtr<nsILDAPConnection> mConnection; 

    // the next five member vars are returned by ldap_parse_result()
    int mErrorCode;
    char *mMatchedDn;
    char *mErrorMessage;
    char **mReferrals;
    LDAPControl **mServerControls;

#endif // _nsLDAPMessage_h