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#ifndef __nsRssIncomingServer_h
#define __nsRssIncomingServer_h

#include "nsIRssIncomingServer.h"
#include "nsILocalMailIncomingServer.h"
#include "nsMsgIncomingServer.h"
#include "nsIFolderListener.h"

class nsRssIncomingServer : public nsMsgIncomingServer,
                                 public nsIRssIncomingServer,
                                 public nsILocalMailIncomingServer,
                                 public nsIFolderListener


    NS_IMETHOD GetLocalStoreType(nsACString& type);
    NS_IMETHOD GetOfflineSupportLevel(PRInt32 *aSupportLevel);
    NS_IMETHOD GetSupportsDiskSpace(PRBool *aSupportsDiskSpace);
    NS_IMETHOD GetAccountManagerChrome(nsAString& aResult);
    NS_IMETHOD PerformBiff(nsIMsgWindow *aMsgWindow);
    NS_IMETHOD GetServerRequiresPasswordForBiff(PRBool *aServerRequiresPasswordForBiff);
    NS_IMETHOD GetCanSearchMessages(PRBool *canSearchMessages);

    virtual ~nsRssIncomingServer();
    nsresult FillInDataSourcePath(const nsAString& aDataSourceName, nsILocalFile ** aLocation);
    static nsrefcnt gInstanceCount;

#endif /* __nsRssIncomingServer_h */