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#ifndef nsLocalUndoTxn_h__
#define nsLocalUndoTxn_h__

#include "msgCore.h"
#include "nsIMsgFolder.h"
#include "nsMailboxService.h"
#include "nsMsgTxn.h"
#include "MailNewsTypes.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIUrlListener.h"
#include "nsIWeakReference.h"

{ /* 874363b4-242e-11d3-afad-001083002da8 */ \
  0x874363b4, 0x242e, 0x11d3, \
  { 0xaf, 0xad, 0x00, 0x10, 0x83, 0x00, 0x2d, 0xa8 } }

class nsLocalUndoFolderListener;

class nsLocalMoveCopyMsgTxn : public nsMsgTxn

    virtual ~nsLocalMoveCopyMsgTxn();


    // overloading nsITransaction methods
    NS_IMETHOD UndoTransaction(void);
    NS_IMETHOD RedoTransaction(void);

    // helper
    nsresult AddSrcKey(nsMsgKey aKey);
    nsresult AddSrcStatusOffset(PRUint32 statusOffset);
    nsresult AddDstKey(nsMsgKey aKey);
    nsresult AddDstMsgSize(PRUint32 msgSize);
    nsresult SetSrcFolder(nsIMsgFolder* srcFolder);
    nsresult GetSrcIsImap(PRBool *isImap);
    nsresult SetDstFolder(nsIMsgFolder* dstFolder);
    nsresult Init(nsIMsgFolder* srcFolder,
          nsIMsgFolder* dstFolder,
          PRBool isMove);
    nsresult UndoImapDeleteFlag(nsIMsgFolder* aFolder,
                                nsTArray<nsMsgKey>& aKeyArray,
                                PRBool deleteFlag);
    nsresult UndoTransactionInternal();

    nsWeakPtr m_srcFolder;
    nsTArray<nsMsgKey> m_srcKeyArray; // used when src is local or imap
    nsTArray<PRUint32> m_srcStatusOffsetArray; // used when src is local
    nsWeakPtr m_dstFolder;
    nsTArray<nsMsgKey> m_dstKeyArray;
    PRBool m_isMove;
    PRBool m_srcIsImap4;
    nsTArray<PRUint32> m_dstSizeArray;
    nsLocalUndoFolderListener *mUndoFolderListener;


class nsLocalUndoFolderListener : public nsIFolderListener

  nsLocalUndoFolderListener(nsLocalMoveCopyMsgTxn *aTxn, nsIMsgFolder *aFolder);
  virtual ~nsLocalUndoFolderListener();

  nsLocalMoveCopyMsgTxn *mTxn;
  nsIMsgFolder *mFolder;