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Bug 513735 - Create more l10n.ini files to builds against 1.9.1 and central. r=Kairo

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#ifndef _nsMsgCompUtils_H_
#define _nsMsgCompUtils_H_

#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsMsgSend.h"
#include "nsMsgCompFields.h"
#include "nsIMsgSend.h"
#include "nsIMsgCompUtils.h"

class nsIPrompt; 

#define ANY_SERVER "anyfolder://"

// these are msg hdr property names for storing the original
// msg uri's and disposition(replied/forwarded) when queuing
// messages to send later.
#define ORIG_URI_PROPERTY "origURIs"
#define QUEUED_DISPOSITION_PROPERTY "queuedDisposition"

class nsMsgCompUtils : public nsIMsgCompUtils

  virtual ~nsMsgCompUtils();


// Create a file spec or file name using the name passed
// in as a template
nsresult    nsMsgCreateTempFile(const char *tFileName, nsIFile **tFile);
char        *nsMsgCreateTempFileName(const char *tFileName);

// Various utilities for building parts of MIME encoded 
// messages during message composition
nsresult    mime_sanity_check_fields (
                            const char *from,
                            const char *reply_to,
                            const char *to,
                            const char *cc,
                            const char *bcc,
                            const char *fcc,
                            const char *newsgroups,
                            const char *followup_to,
                            const char * /*subject*/,
                            const char * /*references*/,
                            const char * /*organization*/,
                            const char * /*other_random_headers*/);

char        *mime_generate_headers (nsMsgCompFields *fields,
                                    const char *charset,
                                    nsMsgDeliverMode deliver_mode, nsIPrompt * aPrompt, PRInt32 *status);

char        *mime_make_separator(const char *prefix);
char        *mime_gen_content_id(PRUint32 aPartNum, const char *aEmailAddress);

char        *mime_generate_attachment_headers (
                           const char *type,
                           const char *type_param,
                           const char *encoding,
                           const char *description,
                           const char *x_mac_type,
                           const char *x_mac_creator,
                           const char *real_name,
                           const char *base_url,
                           PRBool digest_p,
                           nsMsgAttachmentHandler *ma,
                           const char *attachmentCharset, // charset of the attachment (can be null)
                           const char *bodyCharset,       // charset of the main body
                           PRBool bodyIsAsciiOnly,
                           const char *content_id,
                           PRBool     aBodyDocument);

char        *msg_generate_message_id (nsIMsgIdentity*);

PRBool      mime_7bit_data_p (const char *string, PRUint32 size);

char        *mime_fix_header_1 (const char *string, PRBool addr_p, PRBool news_p);
char        *mime_fix_header (const char *string);
char        *mime_fix_addr_header (const char *string);
char        *mime_fix_news_header (const char *string);

PRBool      mime_type_requires_b64_p (const char *type);
PRBool      mime_type_needs_charset (const char *type);

char        *msg_make_filename_qtext(const char *srcText, PRBool stripCRLFs);

// Rip apart the URL and extract a reasonable value for the `real_name' slot.
void        msg_pick_real_name (nsMsgAttachmentHandler *attachment, const PRUnichar *proposedName, const char *charset);

// Informational calls...
void        nsMsgMIMESetConformToStandard (PRBool conform_p);
PRBool      nsMsgMIMEGetConformToStandard (void);

// network service type calls...
nsresult    nsMsgNewURL(nsIURI** aInstancePtrResult, const char * aSpec);
PRBool      nsMsgIsLocalFile(const char *url);
char        *nsMsgGetLocalFileFromURL(const char *url);

char        *nsMsgParseURLHost(const char *url);

char        *GenerateFileNameFromURI(nsIURI *aURL);

// Folder calls...
void GetFolderURIFromUserPrefs(nsMsgDeliverMode   aMode, nsIMsgIdentity *identity, nsCString& uri);
// File calls...
nsresult ConvertBufToPlainText(nsString &aConBuf, PRBool formatflowed = PR_FALSE);

// Check if we should use format=flowed 
PRBool UseFormatFlowed(const char *charset);


#endif /* _nsMsgCompUtils_H_ */