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Bug 513735 - Create more l10n.ini files to builds against 1.9.1 and central. r=Kairo

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#ifndef _MsgCompFields_H_
#define _MsgCompFields_H_

#include "nsIMsgCompFields.h"
#include "msgCore.h"
#include "nsIAbCard.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"

struct nsMsgRecipient
  nsMsgRecipient() : mPreferFormat(nsIAbPreferMailFormat::unknown),
                     mProcessed(PR_FALSE) {}

  nsMsgRecipient(const nsMsgRecipient &other)
    mAddress = other.mAddress;
    mEmail = other.mEmail;
    mPreferFormat = other.mPreferFormat;
    mProcessed = other.mProcessed;

  ~nsMsgRecipient() {}

  nsString mAddress;
  nsString mEmail;
  PRUint32 mPreferFormat;
  PRUint32 mProcessed;

/* Note that all the "Get" methods never return NULL (except in case of serious
   error, like an illegal parameter); rather, they return "" if things were set
   to NULL.  This makes it real handy for the callers. */

class nsMsgCompFields : public nsIMsgCompFields {
  virtual ~nsMsgCompFields();

  /* this macro defines QueryInterface, AddRef and Release for this class */

  typedef enum MsgHeaderID
    MSG_FROM_HEADER_ID        = 0,
    MSG_MAX_HEADERS   //Must be the last one.
  } MsgHeaderID;

  nsresult SetAsciiHeader(MsgHeaderID header, const char *value);
  const char* GetAsciiHeader(MsgHeaderID header); //just return the address of the internal header variable, don't dispose it

  nsresult SetUnicodeHeader(MsgHeaderID header, const nsAString &value);
  nsresult GetUnicodeHeader(MsgHeaderID header, nsAString &_retval); 

  /* Convenience routines to get and set header's value...
    all routines const char* GetXxx(void) will return a pointer to the header, please don't free it.

  nsresult SetFrom(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_FROM_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetFrom(void) {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_FROM_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetReplyTo(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_REPLY_TO_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetReplyTo() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_REPLY_TO_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetTo(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_TO_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetTo() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_TO_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetCc(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_CC_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetCc() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_CC_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetBcc(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_BCC_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetBcc() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_BCC_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetFcc(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_FCC_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetFcc() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_FCC_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetFcc2(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_FCC2_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetFcc2() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_FCC2_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetNewsgroups(const char *aValue) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_NEWSGROUPS_HEADER_ID, aValue);}
  const char* GetNewsgroups() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_NEWSGROUPS_HEADER_ID);}

  const char* GetNewshost() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_NEWSPOSTURL_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetFollowupTo(const char *aValue) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_FOLLOWUP_TO_HEADER_ID, aValue);}
  const char* GetFollowupTo() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_FOLLOWUP_TO_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetSubject(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_SUBJECT_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetSubject() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_SUBJECT_HEADER_ID);}

  const char* GetAttachments() {
    NS_ASSERTION(0, "nsMsgCompFields::GetAttachments is not supported anymore, please use nsMsgCompFields::GetAttachmentsArray");
    return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_ATTACHMENTS_HEADER_ID);

  const char* GetTemporaryFiles() {
    NS_ASSERTION(0, "nsMsgCompFields::GetTemporaryFiles is not supported anymore, please use nsMsgCompFields::GetAttachmentsArray");
    return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_TEMPORARY_FILES_HEADER_ID);

  nsresult SetOrganization(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_ORGANIZATION_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetOrganization() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_ORGANIZATION_HEADER_ID);}

  const char* GetReferences() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_REFERENCES_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetOtherRandomHeaders(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_OTHERRANDOMHEADERS_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetOtherRandomHeaders() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_OTHERRANDOMHEADERS_HEADER_ID);}

  const char* GetNewspostUrl() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_NEWSPOSTURL_HEADER_ID);}

  const char* GetPriority() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_PRIORITY_HEADER_ID);}

  const char* GetCharacterSet() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_CHARACTER_SET_HEADER_ID);}

  const char* GetMessageId() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_MESSAGE_ID_HEADER_ID);}

  nsresult SetTemplateName(const char *value) {return SetAsciiHeader(MSG_X_TEMPLATE_HEADER_ID, value);}
  const char* GetTemplateName() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_X_TEMPLATE_HEADER_ID);}

  const char* GetDraftId() {return GetAsciiHeader(MSG_DRAFT_ID_HEADER_ID);}

  PRBool GetReturnReceipt() {return m_returnReceipt;}
  PRBool GetDSN() {return m_DSN;}
  PRBool GetAttachVCard() {return m_attachVCard;}
  PRBool GetForcePlainText() {return m_forcePlainText;}
  PRBool GetUseMultipartAlternative() {return m_useMultipartAlternative;}
  PRBool GetBodyIsAsciiOnly() {return m_bodyIsAsciiOnly;}
  PRBool GetForceMsgEncoding() {return m_forceMsgEncoding;}

  nsresult SetBody(const char *value);
  const char* GetBody();

  nsresult SplitRecipientsEx(const nsAString &recipients,
                             nsTArray<nsMsgRecipient> &aResult); 

  char*       m_headers[MSG_MAX_HEADERS];
  nsCString   m_body;
  nsCOMArray<nsIMsgAttachment> m_attachments;
  PRBool      m_attachVCard;
  PRBool      m_forcePlainText;
  PRBool      m_useMultipartAlternative;
  PRBool      m_returnReceipt;
  PRBool      m_DSN;
  PRBool      m_bodyIsAsciiOnly;
  PRBool      m_forceMsgEncoding;
  PRInt32     m_receiptHeaderType;        /* receipt header type */
  nsCString   m_DefaultCharacterSet;
  PRBool      m_needToCheckCharset;

  nsCOMPtr<nsISupports> mSecureCompFields;

#endif /* _MsgCompFields_H_ */