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Bug 513735 - Create more l10n.ini files to builds against 1.9.1 and central. r=Kairo

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**	AD_Codes.h
**	---------------
**		Head file for Apple Decode/Encode enssential codes.

#ifndef ad_codes_h
#define ad_codes_h

** applefile definitions used 
#if defined(XP_MACOSX)
#pragma options align=mac68k
#endif /* XP_MACOSX */

#define APPLESINGLE_MAGIC	0x00051600L
#define APPLEDOUBLE_MAGIC 	0x00051607L
#define VERSION 			0x00020000

#define NUM_ENTRIES 		6

#define ENT_DFORK   		1L
#define ENT_RFORK   		2L
#define ENT_NAME    		3L
#define ENT_COMMENT 		4L
#define ENT_DATES   		8L
#define ENT_FINFO   		9L
#define CONVERT_TIME 		1265437696L

** data type used in the encoder/decoder.
typedef struct ap_header 
	PRInt32 	magic;
	PRInt32	version;
	char 	fill[16];
	PRInt16 	entries;

} ap_header;

typedef struct ap_entry 
	PRInt32  id;
	PRInt32	offset;
	PRInt32	length;
} ap_entry;

typedef struct ap_dates 
	PRInt32 create, modify, backup, access;

} ap_dates;

typedef struct myFInfo			/* the mac FInfo structure for the cross platform. */
	PRInt32	fdType, fdCreator;
	PRInt16	fdFlags;
	PRInt32	fdLocation;			/* it really should  be a pointer, but just a place-holder  */
	PRInt16	fdFldr;	

}	myFInfo;

**	string utils.
int write_stream(appledouble_encode_object *p_ap_encode_obj,char *s,int	 len);

int fill_apple_mime_header(appledouble_encode_object *p_ap_encode_obj);
int ap_encode_file_infor(appledouble_encode_object *p_ap_encode_obj);
int ap_encode_header(appledouble_encode_object* p_ap_encode_obj, PRBool firstTime);
int ap_encode_data(  appledouble_encode_object* p_ap_encode_obj, PRBool firstTime);

**	the prototypes for the ap_decoder.
int  fetch_a_line(appledouble_decode_object* p_ap_decode_obj, char *buff);
int  ParseFileHeader(appledouble_decode_object* p_ap_decode_obj);
int  ap_seek_part_start(appledouble_decode_object* p_ap_decode_obj);
void parse_param(char *p, char **param, char**define, char **np);
int  ap_seek_to_boundary(appledouble_decode_object* p_ap_decode_obj, PRBool firstime);
int  ap_parse_header(appledouble_decode_object* p_ap_decode_obj,PRBool firstime);
int  ap_decode_file_infor(appledouble_decode_object* p_ap_decode_obj);
int  ap_decode_process_header(appledouble_decode_object* p_ap_decode_obj, PRBool firstime);
int  ap_decode_process_data(  appledouble_decode_object* p_ap_decode_obj, PRBool firstime);

#if defined(XP_MACOSX)
#pragma options align=reset
#endif /* XP_MACOSX */

#endif /* ad_codes_h */