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# BE CAREFUL!  This makefile handles a postflight_all rule for a
# multi-project build, so DON'T rely on anything that might differ between
# the two OBJDIRs.

ifndef OBJDIR
DIST_PPC = $(OBJDIR_PPC)/mozilla/dist
DIST_X86 = $(OBJDIR_X86)/mozilla/dist
DIST_UNI = $(DIST_PPC)/universal

include $(OBJDIR)/config/

DIST = $(OBJDIR)/mozilla/dist

DBGTAG = Debug

ifdef LIBXUL_SDK # {
APP_CONTENTS = Contents/Frameworks/XUL.framework
else # } {
endif # } LIBXUL_SDK

BUILDCONFIG_JAR = $(APP_CONTENTS)/chrome/toolkit.jar

# Build the universal package out of only the bits that would be released.
# Call the packager to set this up.  Set UNIVERSAL_BINARY= to avoid producing
# a universal binary too early, before the unified bits have been staged.
# Set SIGN_NSS= to skip shlibsign.
          UNIVERSAL_BINARY= SIGN_NSS= PKG_SKIP_STRIP=1 stage-package
          UNIVERSAL_BINARY= SIGN_NSS= PKG_SKIP_STRIP=1 stage-package
# Remove .chk files that may have been copied from the NSS build.  These will
# cause unify to warn or fail if present.  New .chk files that are
# appropriate for the merged libraries will be generated when the universal
# dmg is built.
# The only difference betewen the two trees now should be the
# about:buildconfig page.  Fix it up.
	$(TOPSRCDIR)/mozilla/build/macosx/universal/fix-buildconfig \
	mkdir -p $(DIST_UNI)/$(MOZ_PKG_APPNAME)
	rm -f $(DIST_X86)/universal
	ln -s $(DIST_UNI) $(DIST_X86)/universal
	$(TOPSRCDIR)/mozilla/build/macosx/universal/unify \
# A universal .dmg can now be produced by making in either architecture's