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#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "calIICSService.h"
#include "calITimezoneProvider.h"
#include "nsInterfaceHashtable.h"
#include "calUtils.h"

extern "C" {
#include "ical.h"

class calICSService : public calIICSService,
                      public cal::XpcomBase


class calIcalComponent;

class calIcalProperty : public calIIcalProperty,
                        public cal::XpcomBase
    friend class calIcalComponent;
    calIcalProperty(icalproperty * prop, calIIcalComponent * parent)
        : mProperty(prop), mParent(parent) {}


    virtual ~calIcalProperty();

    static nsresult getDatetime_(calIcalComponent *parent,
                                 icalproperty *prop,
                                 calIDateTime **dtp);
    static nsresult setDatetime_(calIcalComponent *parent,
                                 icalproperty *prop,
                                 calIDateTime *dt);

    icalproperty *              mProperty;
    nsCOMPtr<calIIcalComponent> mParent;

class calIcalComponent : public calIIcalComponent,
                         public cal::XpcomBase
    friend class calIcalProperty;
    calIcalComponent(icalcomponent *ical, calIIcalComponent *parent,
                     calITimezoneProvider *tzProvider = nsnull)
        : mComponent(ical), mTimezone(nsnull), mTzProvider(tzProvider), mParent(parent)

    // VTIMEZONE ctor
    calIcalComponent(icaltimezone * icaltz, icalcomponent * ical) : mComponent(ical), mTimezone(icaltz) {

    virtual ~calIcalComponent();

    calITimezoneProvider * getTzProvider() const {
        // walk up the parents to find a tz provider:
        calIcalComponent const * that = this;
        while (that) {
            calITimezoneProvider * const ret = that->mTzProvider;
            if (ret) {
                return ret;
            calIIcalComponent * const p = that->mParent;
            that = static_cast<calIcalComponent const *>(p);
        return nsnull;

    calIcalComponent * getParentVCalendarOrThis() {
        // walk up the parents to find a VCALENDAR:
        calIcalComponent * that = this;
        while (that && icalcomponent_isa(that->mComponent) != ICAL_VCALENDAR_COMPONENT) {
            calIIcalComponent * const p = that->mParent;
            that = static_cast<calIcalComponent *>(p);
        if (!that)
            that = this;
        return that;

    nsresult GetDateTimeAttribute(icalproperty_kind kind, calIDateTime ** dtp);
    nsresult SetDateTimeAttribute(icalproperty_kind kind, calIDateTime * dt);

    nsresult SetPropertyValue(icalproperty_kind kind, icalvalue *val);
    nsresult SetProperty(icalproperty_kind kind, icalproperty *prop);

    nsresult GetStringProperty(icalproperty_kind kind, nsACString &str);
    nsresult SetStringProperty(icalproperty_kind kind, const nsACString &str);

    nsresult GetIntProperty(icalproperty_kind kind, PRInt32 *valp);
    nsresult SetIntProperty(icalproperty_kind kind, PRInt32 i);

    void ClearAllProperties(icalproperty_kind kind);

    nsresult Serialize(char ** icalstr);

    nsInterfaceHashtable<nsCStringHashKey, calITimezone> mReferencedTimezones;
    icalcomponent *                                      mComponent;
    icaltimezone *                                       mTimezone; // set iff VTIMEZONE
    nsCOMPtr<calITimezoneProvider> const                 mTzProvider;
    nsCOMPtr<calIIcalComponent>                          mParent;

inline calIcalProperty * toIcalProperty(calIIcalProperty * p) {
    return static_cast<calIcalProperty *>(p);
inline calIcalComponent * toIcalComponent(calIIcalComponent * p) {
    return static_cast<calIcalComponent *>(p);