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#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface nsIArray;
interface nsIMsgWindow;
interface nsIUrlListener;
interface nsIMsgDatabase;
interface nsIMsgDBHdr;
interface nsIMsgFolder;
interface nsIMsgCopyServiceListener;

[ptr] native nsLocalFolderScanState(nsLocalFolderScanState);

/* flags for markMsgsOnPop3Server */
#define POP3_NONE 0
#define POP3_DELETE 1
#define POP3_FETCH_BODY 2
#define POP3_FORCE_DEL 3

struct nsLocalFolderScanState;

[scriptable, uuid(dd95a709-3996-4573-84a8-aa936d0dc00c)]
interface nsIMsgLocalMailFolder : nsISupports {
   * set the default flags on the subfolders of this folder, such as
   * Drafts, Templates, etc
   * you should bitwise OR all the flags all mailboxes you want to flag,
   * this function will be smart and find the right names.
   * like nsMsgFolderFlags::Inbox | nsMsgFolderFlags::Drafts | etc
  void setFlagsOnDefaultMailboxes(in unsigned long flags);

   * This will return null if the db is out of date
  nsIMsgDatabase getDatabaseWOReparse();

   * This will kick off a url to reparse the db if it's out of date.
   * If aReparseUrlListener isn ull, folder will use itself as the listener
  nsIMsgDatabase getDatabaseWithReparse(in nsIUrlListener aReparseUrlListener, in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow);
  void parseFolder(in nsIMsgWindow aMsgWindow, in nsIUrlListener listener);
  void copyFolderLocal(in nsIMsgFolder srcFolder, in boolean isMove, in nsIMsgWindow msgWindow, in nsIMsgCopyServiceListener listener );
  void copyAllSubFolders(in nsIMsgFolder srcFolder, in nsIMsgWindow msgWindow, in nsIMsgCopyServiceListener listener );
  void onCopyCompleted(in nsISupports aSrcSupport, in boolean aMoveCopySucceeded);
  attribute boolean checkForNewMessagesAfterParsing;
  void markMsgsOnPop3Server(in nsIArray aMessages, in PRInt32 aMark);
  void refreshSizeOnDisk(); // file size on disk has possibly changed - update and notify

  // this adds a message to the end of the folder, parsing it as it goes, and
  // applying filters, if applicable.
  void addMessage(in string aMessage);
   * functions for updating the UI while running DownloadMessagesForOffline:
   * delete the old message before adding its newly downloaded body, and
   * select the new message after it has replaced the old one
  void deleteDownloadMsg(in nsIMsgDBHdr aMsgHdr, out boolean aDoSelect);
  void selectDownloadMsg();
  void notifyDelete();

   * functions for grubbing thru a folder to find the Uidl for a
   * given msgDBHdr
  [noscript] void getFolderScanState(in nsLocalFolderScanState aState);
  [noscript] void getUidlFromFolder(in nsLocalFolderScanState aState, in nsIMsgDBHdr aMsgHdr);

  boolean warnIfLocalFileTooBig(in nsIMsgWindow aWindow);