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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"

interface nsIStreamListener;
interface nsIMsgDBHdr;
#include "nsIStreamListener.h"

typedef long nsMailboxAction;

[scriptable, uuid(2ac72280-90f4-4d80-8af1-5e7a1997e2a8)]
interface nsIMailboxUrl : nsISupports {

  // Mailbox urls which parse a mailbox folder require a consumer of the
    // stream which will represent the mailbox. This consumer is the mailbox
    // parser. As data from the mailbox folder is read in, the data will be
    // written to a stream and the consumer will be notified through
    // nsIStreamListenter::OnDataAvailable that the stream has data
  // available...
  // mscott: I wonder if the caller should be allowed to create and set
    // the stream they want the data written to as well? Hmm....

    attribute nsIStreamListener mailboxParser;

  // Copy/Move mailbox urls require a mailbox copy handler which actually
    // performs the copy.
    attribute nsIStreamListener mailboxCopyHandler;

    // Some mailbox urls include a message key for the message in question.
    readonly attribute nsMsgKey messageKey;

    // this is to support multiple msg move/copy in one url
    void setMoveCopyMsgKeys(out nsMsgKey keysToFlag, in long numKeys);
    void getMoveCopyMsgHdrForIndex(in unsigned long msgIndex, out nsIMsgDBHdr msgHdr);
    readonly attribute unsigned long numMoveCopyMsgs;
    attribute unsigned long curMoveCopyMsgIndex;
  // mailbox urls to fetch a mail message can specify the size of
    // the message...
  // this saves us the trouble of having to open up the msg db and ask
    // ourselves...
    attribute unsigned long messageSize;

    attribute nsMailboxAction mailboxAction;

    /* these are nsMailboxActions */
  const long ActionParseMailbox = 0;
    const long ActionFetchMessage = 1;
    const long ActionCopyMessage = 2;
  const long ActionMoveMessage = 3;
  const long ActionSaveMessageToDisk = 4;
  const long ActionAppendMessageToDisk = 5;
  const long ActionFetchPart = 6;