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#include "msgCore.h" // for pre-compiled headers...
#include "nsIModule.h"
#include "nsIGenericFactory.h"
#include "nsMsgLocalCID.h"

// include files for components this factory creates...
#include "nsMailboxUrl.h"
#include "nsPop3URL.h"
#include "nsMailboxService.h"
#include "nsLocalMailFolder.h"
#include "nsParseMailbox.h"
#include "nsPop3Service.h"
#include "nsMovemailService.h"
#include "nsMovemailIncomingServer.h"
#endif /* HAVE_MOVEMAIL */
#include "nsNoneService.h"
#include "nsPop3IncomingServer.h"
#include "nsNoIncomingServer.h"
#include "nsRssService.h"
#include "nsRssIncomingServer.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

// private factory declarations for each component we know how to produce

#endif /* HAVE_MOVEMAIL */
#endif /* HAVE_MOVEMAIL */

// The list of components we register
static const nsModuleComponentInfo gComponents[] = {
    { "Mailbox URL", NS_MAILBOXURL_CID,
      NS_MAILBOXURL_CONTRACTID, nsMailboxUrlConstructor },

    { "Mailbox Service", NS_MAILBOXSERVICE_CID,
      NS_MAILBOXSERVICE_CONTRACTID1, nsMailboxServiceConstructor },

    { "Mailbox Service", NS_MAILBOXSERVICE_CID,
      NS_MAILBOXSERVICE_CONTRACTID2, nsMailboxServiceConstructor },

    { "Mailbox Service", NS_MAILBOXSERVICE_CID,
      NS_MAILBOXSERVICE_CONTRACTID3, nsMailboxServiceConstructor },

    { "Mailbox Protocol Handler", NS_MAILBOXSERVICE_CID,
      NS_MAILBOXSERVICE_CONTRACTID4, nsMailboxServiceConstructor },

    { "Mailbox Parser", NS_MAILBOXPARSER_CID,
      NS_MAILBOXPARSER_CONTRACTID, nsMsgMailboxParserConstructor },

    { "Pop3 URL", NS_POP3URL_CID,
      NS_POP3URL_CONTRACTID, nsPop3URLConstructor },

    { "Pop3 Service", NS_POP3SERVICE_CID,
      NS_POP3SERVICE_CONTRACTID1, nsPop3ServiceConstructor },

    { "POP Protocol Handler", NS_POP3SERVICE_CID,
      NS_POP3SERVICE_CONTRACTID2, nsPop3ServiceConstructor },

    { "None Service", NS_NONESERVICE_CID,
      NS_NONESERVICE_CONTRACTID, nsNoneServiceConstructor },

    { "Movemail Service", NS_MOVEMAILSERVICE_CID,
      NS_MOVEMAILSERVICE_CONTRACTID, nsMovemailServiceConstructor },
#endif /* HAVE_MOVEMAIL */

    { "pop3 Protocol Information", NS_POP3SERVICE_CID,
      NS_POP3PROTOCOLINFO_CONTRACTID, nsPop3ServiceConstructor },

    { "none Protocol Information", NS_NONESERVICE_CID,
      NS_NONEPROTOCOLINFO_CONTRACTID, nsNoneServiceConstructor },

    { "movemail Protocol Information", NS_MOVEMAILSERVICE_CID,
      NS_MOVEMAILPROTOCOLINFO_CONTRACTID, nsMovemailServiceConstructor },
#endif /* HAVE_MOVEMAIL */

    { "Local Mail Folder Resource Factory", NS_LOCALMAILFOLDERRESOURCE_CID,

    { "Pop3 Incoming Server", NS_POP3INCOMINGSERVER_CID,
      NS_POP3INCOMINGSERVER_CONTRACTID, nsPop3IncomingServerConstructor },

    { "Movemail Incoming Server", NS_MOVEMAILINCOMINGSERVER_CID,
      NS_MOVEMAILINCOMINGSERVER_CONTRACTID, nsMovemailIncomingServerConstructor },
#endif /* HAVE_MOVEMAIL */

    { "No Incoming Server", NS_NOINCOMINGSERVER_CID,
      NS_NOINCOMINGSERVER_CONTRACTID, nsNoIncomingServerConstructor },

    { "Parse MailMessage State", NS_PARSEMAILMSGSTATE_CID,
      NS_PARSEMAILMSGSTATE_CONTRACTID, nsParseMailMessageStateConstructor },

    { "RSS Service", NS_RSSSERVICE_CID,
      NS_RSSSERVICE_CONTRACTID, nsRssServiceConstructor },

    { "RSS Protocol Information", NS_RSSSERVICE_CID,
      NS_RSSPROTOCOLINFO_CONTRACTID, nsRssServiceConstructor },

    { "RSS Incoming Server", NS_RSSINCOMINGSERVER_CID,
      NS_RSSINCOMINGSERVER_CONTRACTID, nsRssIncomingServerConstructor },

NS_IMPL_NSGETMODULE(local_mail_services, gComponents)