Bugzilla Bug 276183: added a comment for PK11_HashBuf.
Mon, 14 Mar 2005 19:22:06 +0000
changeset 5534 a8d982f772d0b8821793ea50b9e994eb0a23475e
parent 5533 c0425afa72e91ed9ecfea3468fde8879bd16eefd
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Bugzilla Bug 276183: added a comment for PK11_HashBuf.
--- a/security/nss/lib/pk11wrap/pk11pub.h
+++ b/security/nss/lib/pk11wrap/pk11pub.h
@@ -494,16 +494,20 @@ SECStatus PK11_Verify(SECKEYPublicKey *k
  *                   Crypto Contexts
 void PK11_DestroyContext(PK11Context *context, PRBool freeit);
 PK11Context *PK11_CreateContextBySymKey(CK_MECHANISM_TYPE type,
 	CK_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE operation, PK11SymKey *symKey, SECItem *param);
 PK11Context *PK11_CreateDigestContext(SECOidTag hashAlg);
 PK11Context *PK11_CloneContext(PK11Context *old);
 SECStatus PK11_DigestBegin(PK11Context *cx);
+ * The output buffer 'out' must be big enough to hold the output of
+ * the hash algorithm 'hashAlg'.
+ */
 SECStatus PK11_HashBuf(SECOidTag hashAlg, unsigned char *out, unsigned char *in,
 					int32 len);
 SECStatus PK11_DigestOp(PK11Context *context, const unsigned char *in, 
                         unsigned len);
 SECStatus PK11_CipherOp(PK11Context *context, unsigned char * out, int *outlen, 
 				int maxout, unsigned char *in, int inlen);
 SECStatus PK11_Finalize(PK11Context *context);
 SECStatus PK11_DigestFinal(PK11Context *context, unsigned char *data,