Modified Files:secder.h NSS_3_11_BRANCH
Mon, 01 Oct 2007 14:54:47 +0000
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Modified Files:secder.h For Bug Id: 352929. Reviewed by Wan-Teh Chang and Nelson Removed declaration of DER_Decode
--- a/security/nss/lib/util/secder.h
+++ b/security/nss/lib/util/secder.h
@@ -54,35 +54,16 @@
 #include "seccomon.h"
 #include "secdert.h"
 #include "prtime.h"
-** Decode a piece of der encoded data.
-** 	"dest" points to a structure that will be filled in with the
-**	   decoding results.  (NOTE: it should be zeroed before calling;
-**	   optional/missing fields are not zero-filled by DER_Decode.)
-**	"t" is a template structure which defines the shape of the
-**	   expected data.
-**	"src" is the der encoded data.
-** NOTE: substructures of "dest" will be allocated as needed from
-** "arena", but data subfields will point directly into the buffer
-** passed in as src->data.  That is, the resulting "dest" structure
-** will contain pointers back into src->data, which must remain
-** active (allocated) and unmodified for as long as "dest" is active.
-** If this is a potential problem, you may want to just dup the buffer
-** (allocated from "arena", probably) and pass *that* in instead.
-extern SECStatus DER_Decode(PRArenaPool *arena, void *dest, DERTemplate *t,
-			   SECItem *src);
 ** Encode a data structure into DER.
 **	"dest" will be filled in (and memory allocated) to hold the der
 **	   encoded structure in "src"
 **	"t" is a template structure which defines the shape of the
 **	   stored data
 **	"src" is a pointer to the structure that will be encoded
 extern SECStatus DER_Encode(PRArenaPool *arena, SECItem *dest, DERTemplate *t,