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Fri Oct 24 22:50:22 2014 +0000
215863cde755db34e8605ca99c25384847470080Kai Engert — set version numbers to NSS_3_16_2_BRANCH NSS_3_16_2_3_RC0
53506619e81aa29a5366453ba17ce93e8427ef8aKai Engert — Bug 1036735, backported patch. Add TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV cipher suite to version fallback connections (draft-ietf-tls-downgrade-scsv). Original author: Adam Langley (agl). r=wtc,martin.thomson NSS_3_16_2_BRANCH
dc27c76586282fd4413380ae721a21e57c625f46Richard Barnes — Bug 1057161 - NSS hangs with 100% CPU on invalid EC key. r=rrelyea NSS_3_16_2_BRANCH