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Tue Aug 08 20:30:23 2017 +0000
0fb72828eb618d67e3a71d052480e0396062ca07Tim Taubert — Added tag NSS_3_31_1_RTM for changeset b891e70ae7a9 NSS_3_31_1_BRANCH
b891e70ae7a999ebf5cd3c6d91af75c8281304e2Tim Taubert — set version numbers to 3.31.1 final NSS_3_31_1_BRANCH NSS_3_31_1_RTM
8dd4fb083510cad2d84cf4b3465fe371fca212aeDaiki Ueno — Bug 1381784, Avoid deadlock in nssSlot_IsTokenPresent, r=ttaubert NSS_3_31_1_BRANCH
439bd82c8e1a033701a34a62c57c308e630c8b87Tim Taubert — set version numbers to 3.31.1 beta NSS_3_31_1_BRANCH