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Thu Nov 07 13:21:57 2013 +0000
b81ef807925b3f1d2a4092e8728ff90c921558b4Kai Engert — Added tag NSS_3_15_3_BETA3 for changeset 7bb41a9655d6 NSS_3_15_3_RELEASE_BRANCH
7bb41a9655d6259427c309eb499e50fcb0560765Ryan Sleevi — Bug 934016: Handle invalid handshake packets, r=wtc NSS_3_15_3_RELEASE_BRANCH NSS_3_15_3_BETA3
ea271ded037742a2f967a01186117ad1fe653f79Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 850478: List RC4_128 cipher suites after AES_128 cipher suites. NSS_3_15_3_RELEASE_BRANCH
742638de6ba3af57233bc9b6377a9a9be2a59724Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 925100: ensure a size is <= half of the maximum PRUint32 value NSS_3_15_3_RELEASE_BRANCH
e36c33b6e2a7c01c4b8fe5de8d8af2a0eaac7571Brian Smith — Bug 910438: Have CERT_VerifyCert return the correct result when certificate verification fails and a verifyLog is not used, r=briansmith, r=rrelyea NSS_3_15_3_RELEASE_BRANCH
8d2633bd8ebb13429f5af414dd7f36c144bf95f5Kai Engert — Creating a NSS 3.15.3 release branch based on 10853:eeb277ec054c NSS_3_15_3_RELEASE_BRANCH