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Mon Mar 28 15:50:56 2022 +0000
a92b878e13a57052277fbc428940262b71f5e591John M. Schanck — Added tag NSS_3_76_1_RTM for changeset 0e6c67470eed NSS_3_76_1_BRANCH
0e6c67470eed5044ace519e2405ddfa7186f0dc2John M. Schanck — Release notes for NSS 3.76.1 NSS_3_76_1_BRANCH NSS_3_76_1_RTM
41966ff1253b09fdb39ca99ba4127831f7c958b1John M. Schanck — Bug 1756271 - Remove token member from NSSSlot struct. r=rrelyea NSS_3_76_1_BRANCH
48ff4cd9badaa7e58e1889d6a6a69076a66e0c87John M. Schanck — Set version numbers to 3.76.1 final NSS_3_76_1_BRANCH