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Tue Aug 05 13:16:51 2014 +0000
0f6effa542e60e9beea0020c3786acc335bd3de6David Major — Bug 1025729 - Fix register saving in s_mp_sqr_comba_4. NSS_3_16_3_PLUS_BRANCH
354504312e4d1faee86990540313633da9b48650Kai Engert — Replacing the expired paypal test certificate with the current version, to fix test bustage. NSS_3_16_3_PLUS_BRANCH
497022ada1eae8de88ed1404b1ba69a82f6c77ecSachin Kumar Gupta — Bug 1047210, fix allocation in pkix_pl_CrlDp_Create, r=kaie NSS_3_16_3_PLUS_BRANCH