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Tue Oct 22 19:00:18 2013 +0000
0e83ea9f0c9d633bbdca88f28b92548d723f7cc3Kai Engert — Added tag NSS_3_14_4_RC0 for changeset c22f83676278 NSS_3_14_4_RELEASE_BRANCH NSS_3_14_4_RTM
c22f83676278a392d9096f0e6b042f7f73a9196aKai Engert — Set version numbers to 3.14.4 release NSS_3_14_4_RELEASE_BRANCH NSS_3_14_4_RC0
a3deb9fc0d34798b22fda284809fdccff44c2f66Camilo Viecco — Bug 832942: work around an ARMv6 code generation bug in gcc 4.6. r=wtc NSS_3_14_4_RELEASE_BRANCH
a54284d96781e06f598f7c33e73ad8d548817503Ryan Sleevi — Bug 863947: When using libpkix with both explicit anchors and user/PKCS#11 trust settings, correctly handle cached trust anchors. r=rrelyea,wtc NSS_3_14_4_RELEASE_BRANCH
e344478da7f8065fce0754dc23278b94281bd604Adam Langley — Bug 894370: avoid uninitialised data warning in the event of a decryption failure. r=sleevi,wtc NSS_3_14_4_RELEASE_BRANCH
99f4bcd5d169b798637ec2bfffb98b7646807c07Kai Engert — Creating a NSS 3.14.4 release branch based on NSS_3_14_3_RTM NSS_3_14_4_RELEASE_BRANCH