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Bug 1791699 - Bump minimum NSPR version to 4.35. r=nss-reviewers,djackson Differential Revision:

Usage: [-h] [-c|-cc] [-v] [-j <n>] [--gyp|-g] [--opt|-o]
                [-t <x64|ia32|...>|--target=<x64|ia32|...>]
                [--clang|--gcc|--msvc] [--scan-build[=dir]] [--disable-tests]
                [--pprof] [--asan] [--msan] [--ubsan[=bool,shift,...]
                [--fuzz[=tls|oss]] [--sancov[=edge|bb|func|...]]
                [--emit-llvm] [--no-zdefs] [--static] [--ct-verif]
                [--system-sqlite] [--enable-fips] [--enable-libpkix]
                [--mozpkix-only] [-D<gyp-option>]
                [--rebuild] [--enable-legacy-db]

This script builds NSS with gyp and ninja.

NSS build tool options:

    -h               display this help and exit
    -c               clean before build
    -cc              clean without building
    -v               verbose build
    -j <n>           run at most <n> concurrent jobs
    --gyp|-g         force a rerun of gyp
    --opt|-o         do an opt build
    --target|-t      specify target architecture (e.g., ia32, x64, aarch64)
    --clang          build with clang and clang++
    --gcc            build with gcc and g++
    --msvc           build with MSVC
    --scan-build     run the build with scan-build
                     --scan-build=<dir> sets the output path for scan-build
    --disable-tests  don't build tests and corresponding cmdline utils
    --pprof          build with gperftool support
    --asan           enable address sanitizer
    --msan           enable memory sanitizer
    --ubsan          enable undefined behavior sanitizer
                     --ubsan=bool,shift,... sets specific UB sanitizers
    --fuzz           build fuzzing targets (this always enables static builds)
                     --fuzz=tls to enable TLS fuzzing mode
                     --fuzz=oss to build for OSS-Fuzz
    --sancov         do sanitize coverage builds
                     --sancov=func sets coverage to function level for example
    --emit-llvm      emit LLVM bitcode while building
                     (requires the gold linker, use clang-3.8 for SAW)
    --no-zdefs       don't set -Wl,-z,defs
    --static         create static libraries and use static linking
    --ct-verif       build with valgrind for ct-verif
    --nspr           force a rebuild of NSPR
    --nspr-test-build when building NSPR also build its tests
    --nspr-test-run  when building NSPR tests also run its tests
    --nspr-only      exit after building NSPR
    --with-nspr      use the NSPR build at the given locations
                     --with-nspr=<include>:<lib> sets include and lib paths
    --system-nspr    attempt to use system nspr
                     shorthand for --with-nspr=/usr/include/nspr:
    --system-sqlite  use system sqlite
    --enable-fips    enable FIPS checks
    --enable-libpkix make libpkix part of the build
    --enable-legacy-db enable the legacy db (libnssdbm)
    --mozpkix-only   build only static mozpkix and mozpkix-test libraries
                     support for this build option is limited
    --disable-keylog disable support for logging key data to a file specified
                     by the SSLKEYLOGFILE environment variable
    -D<gyp-option>   pass an option directly to gyp
    --rebuild        build again using the last set of options provided
                     (all other arguments are ignored if --rebuild is used)