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Bug 1247278 - s/uint16_t/PRUint16 to fix Windows build errors r=bustage

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */
 * This file implements PKCS 11 on top of our existing security modules
 * For more information about PKCS 11 See PKCS 11 Token Inteface Standard.
 *   This implementation has two slots:
 *	slot 1 is our generic crypto support. It does not require login.
 *   It supports Public Key ops, and all they bulk ciphers and hashes. 
 *   It can also support Private Key ops for imported Private keys. It does 
 *   not have any token storage.
 *	slot 2 is our private key support. It requires a login before use. It
 *   can store Private Keys and Certs as token objects. Currently only private
 *   keys and their associated Certificates are saved on the token.
 *   In this implementation, session objects are only visible to the session
 *   that created or generated them.

 * the following data structures should be moved to a 'rdb.h'.

#ifndef _SDB_H
#define _SDB_H 1
#include "pkcs11t.h"
#include "secitem.h"
#include "sftkdbt.h"

#define STATIC_CMD_SIZE 2048

typedef struct SDBFindStr SDBFind;
typedef struct SDBStr SDB;

struct SDBStr {
    void *private;
    int  version;
    int  reserved;
    int  sdb_flags;
    void *app_private;
    CK_RV (*sdb_FindObjectsInit)(SDB *sdb, const CK_ATTRIBUTE *template, 
				 CK_ULONG count, SDBFind **find);
    CK_RV (*sdb_FindObjects)(SDB *sdb, SDBFind *find, CK_OBJECT_HANDLE *ids, 
				CK_ULONG arraySize, CK_ULONG *count);
    CK_RV (*sdb_FindObjectsFinal)(SDB *sdb, SDBFind *find);
    CK_RV (*sdb_GetAttributeValue)(SDB *sdb, CK_OBJECT_HANDLE object, 
				CK_ATTRIBUTE *template, CK_ULONG count);
    CK_RV (*sdb_SetAttributeValue)(SDB *sdb, CK_OBJECT_HANDLE object, 
				const CK_ATTRIBUTE *template, CK_ULONG count);
    CK_RV (*sdb_CreateObject)(SDB *sdb, CK_OBJECT_HANDLE *object, 
				const CK_ATTRIBUTE *template, CK_ULONG count);
    CK_RV (*sdb_DestroyObject)(SDB *sdb, CK_OBJECT_HANDLE object);
    CK_RV (*sdb_GetMetaData)(SDB *sdb, const char *id, 
				SECItem *item1, SECItem *item2);
    CK_RV (*sdb_PutMetaData)(SDB *sdb, const char *id,
				const SECItem *item1, const SECItem *item2);
    CK_RV (*sdb_Begin)(SDB *sdb);
    CK_RV (*sdb_Commit)(SDB *sdb);
    CK_RV (*sdb_Abort)(SDB *sdb);
    CK_RV (*sdb_Reset)(SDB *sdb);
    CK_RV (*sdb_Close)(SDB *sdb);
    void (*sdb_SetForkState)(PRBool forked);

CK_RV s_open(const char *directory, const char *certPrefix, 
	     const char *keyPrefix,
	     int cert_version, int key_version, 
	     int flags, SDB **certdb, SDB **keydb, int *newInit);
CK_RV s_shutdown();

/* flags */
#define SDB_RDONLY      1
#define SDB_RDWR        2
#define SDB_CREATE      4
#define SDB_HAS_META    8
#define SDB_FIPS        0x10