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Thu, 15 Jul 2021 14:23:55 -0700
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Bug 1720232 SQLite calls could timeout in starvation situations. Some of our servers could cause random failures when trying to generate many key pairs from multiple threads. This is caused because some threads would starve long enough for them to give up on getting a begin transaction on sqlite. sqlite only allows one transaction at a time. Also, there were some bugs in error handling of the broken transaction case where NSS would try to cancel a transation after the begin failed (most cases were correct, but one case in particular was problematic). Differential Revision:

Usage: [-h] [-c|-cc] [-v] [-j <n>] [--gyp|-g] [--opt|-o]
                [-t <x64|ia32|...>|--target=<x64|ia32|...>]
                [--clang|--gcc|--msvc] [--scan-build[=dir]] [--disable-tests]
                [--pprof] [--asan] [--msan] [--ubsan[=bool,shift,...]
                [--fuzz[=tls|oss]] [--sancov[=edge|bb|func|...]]
                [--emit-llvm] [--no-zdefs] [--static] [--ct-verif]
                [--system-sqlite] [--enable-fips] [--enable-libpkix]
                [--mozpkix-only] [-D<gyp-option>]
                [--rebuild] [--enable-legacy-db]

This script builds NSS with gyp and ninja.

NSS build tool options:

    -h               display this help and exit
    -c               clean before build
    -cc              clean without building
    -v               verbose build
    -j <n>           run at most <n> concurrent jobs
    --gyp|-g         force a rerun of gyp
    --opt|-o         do an opt build
    --target|-t      specify target architecture (e.g., ia32, x64, aarch64)
    --clang          build with clang and clang++
    --gcc            build with gcc and g++
    --msvc           build with MSVC
    --scan-build     run the build with scan-build
                     --scan-build=<dir> sets the output path for scan-build
    --disable-tests  don't build tests and corresponding cmdline utils
    --pprof          build with gperftool support
    --asan           enable address sanitizer
    --msan           enable memory sanitizer
    --ubsan          enable undefined behavior sanitizer
                     --ubsan=bool,shift,... sets specific UB sanitizers
    --fuzz           build fuzzing targets (this always enables static builds)
                     --fuzz=tls to enable TLS fuzzing mode
                     --fuzz=oss to build for OSS-Fuzz
    --sancov         do sanitize coverage builds
                     --sancov=func sets coverage to function level for example
    --emit-llvm      emit LLVM bitcode while building
                     (requires the gold linker, use clang-3.8 for SAW)
    --no-zdefs       don't set -Wl,-z,defs
    --static         create static libraries and use static linking
    --ct-verif       build with valgrind for ct-verif
    --nspr           force a rebuild of NSPR
    --nspr-test-build when building NSPR also build its tests
    --nspr-test-run  when building NSPR tests also run its tests
    --nspr-only      exit after building NSPR
    --with-nspr      use the NSPR build at the given locations
                     --with-nspr=<include>:<lib> sets include and lib paths
    --system-nspr    attempt to use system nspr
                     shorthand for --with-nspr=/usr/include/nspr:
    --system-sqlite  use system sqlite
    --enable-fips    enable FIPS checks
    --enable-libpkix make libpkix part of the build
    --enable-legacy-db enable the legacy db (libnssdbm)
    --mozpkix-only   build only static mozpkix and mozpkix-test libraries
                     support for this build option is limited
    --disable-keylog disable support for logging key data to a file specified
                     by the SSLKEYLOGFILE environment variable
    -D<gyp-option>   pass an option directly to gyp
    --rebuild        build again using the last set of options provided
                     (all other arguments are ignored if --rebuild is used)