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Bug 1427675 - Add TlsAgent argument to TlsRecordFilter, r=ekr This is a fairly disruptive change, but mostly just mechanical. There are a few extra changes: - I have renamed the TlsInspector* filters for consistency. This was purely mechanical. - I renamed the SetPacketFilter function to just SetFilter. Also mechanical. - TlsRecordFilter maintains a weak pointer reference to the TlsAgent now rather than using a bare pointer. This meant that I had to change TlsAgentTestBase to use shared_ptr rather than unique_ptr to support of use of filters with those tests. - I removed the helper function that enables decryption. Enabling decryption is now more explicit. - I ran a newer clang-format version and it fixed a few extra things, like the comments on the end of namespace {} blocks, some of which were wrong. - I discovered a bug in some of the drop tests: in the 0-RTT tests, the filters were being installed on the client and server right at the start, which meant that they were capturing the first handshake and not the second one. This was clearly against intent, but the tests were mostly right still, it was only the expected ACKs that were wrong. We were expecting just one record to be ACKed by a server (Finished), but the record with EndOfEarlyData should have been acknowledged as well. - In TlsSkipTest and Tls13SkipTest, I had to override SetUp() so that client_ and server_ are initialized prior to constructing filters. In doing so, I noticed that we weren't being consistent about overriding SetUp properly, so I fixed the small number of instances of that by adding an override label to each and marking the base method virtual. - The stateless HRR test for TLS 1.3 compat mode was replacing the server, but expecting to retain the same filters. That wasn't a problem in that case, but I didn't want to have any places where the filter was set on a different agent from the one that was passed to it.

Usage: [-hcv] [-cc] [-j <n>] [--nspr] [--gyp|-g] [--opt|-o] [-m32]
                [--test] [--pprof] [--scan-build[=output]] [--ct-verif]
                [--asan] [--ubsan] [--msan] [--sancov[=edge|bb|func|...]]
                [--disable-tests] [--fuzz[=tls|oss]] [--system-sqlite]
                [--no-zdefs] [--with-nspr] [--system-nspr] [--enable-libpkix]

This script builds NSS with gyp and ninja.

This build system is still under development.  It does not yet support all
the features or platforms that NSS supports.

NSS build tool options:

    -h               display this help and exit
    -c               clean before build
    -cc              clean without building
    -v               verbose build
    -j <n>           run at most <n> concurrent jobs
    --nspr           force a rebuild of NSPR
    --gyp|-g         force a rerun of gyp
    --opt|-o         do an opt build
    -m32             do a 32-bit build on a 64-bit system
    --clang          build with clang and clang++
    --gcc            build with gcc and g++
    --test           ignore map files and export everything we have
    --fuzz           build fuzzing targets (this always enables test builds)
                     --fuzz=tls to enable TLS fuzzing mode
                     --fuzz=oss to build for OSS-Fuzz
    --pprof          build with gperftool support
    --ct-verif       build with valgrind for ct-verif
    --scan-build     run the build with scan-build (scan-build has to be in the path)
                     --scan-build=/out/path sets the output path for scan-build
    --asan           do an asan build
    --ubsan          do an ubsan build
                     --ubsan=bool,shift,... sets specific UB sanitizers
    --msan           do an msan build
    --sancov         do sanitize coverage builds
                     --sancov=func sets coverage to function level for example
    --emit-llvm      emit LLVM bitcode while building
                     (requires the gold linker, use clang-3.8 for SAW)
    --disable-tests  don't build tests and corresponding cmdline utils
    --system-sqlite  use system sqlite
    --no-zdefs       don't set -Wl,-z,defs
    --with-nspr      don't build NSPR but use the one at the given location, e.g.
    --system-nspr    use system nspr. This requires an installation of NSPR and
                     might not work on all systems.
    --enable-libpkix make libpkix part of the build.
    --enable-fips    don't disable FIPS checks.