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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#ifndef _PKCS12T_H_
#define _PKCS12T_H_

#include "seccomon.h"
#include "secoid.h"
#include "cert.h"
#include "key.h"
#include "plarena.h"
#include "secpkcs7.h"
#include "secdig.h" /* for SGNDigestInfo */

typedef enum {
    SECPKCS12TargetTokenNoCAs,           /* CA get loaded intothe fixed token,
                                          * User certs go to target token */
    SECPKCS12TargetTokenIntermediateCAs, /* User certs and intermediates go to
                                          * target token, root certs got to
                                          * fixed token */
    SECPKCS12TargetTokenAllCAs           /* All certs go to target token */
} SECPKCS12TargetTokenCAs;

/* PKCS12 Structures */
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12PFXItemStr SEC_PKCS12PFXItem;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12MacDataStr SEC_PKCS12MacData;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12AuthenticatedSafeStr SEC_PKCS12AuthenticatedSafe;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12BaggageItemStr SEC_PKCS12BaggageItem;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12BaggageStr SEC_PKCS12Baggage;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12Baggage_OLDStr SEC_PKCS12Baggage_OLD;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12ESPVKItemStr SEC_PKCS12ESPVKItem;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12PVKSupportingDataStr SEC_PKCS12PVKSupportingData;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12PVKAdditionalDataStr SEC_PKCS12PVKAdditionalData;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12SafeContentsStr SEC_PKCS12SafeContents;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12SafeBagStr SEC_PKCS12SafeBag;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12PrivateKeyStr SEC_PKCS12PrivateKey;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12PrivateKeyBagStr SEC_PKCS12PrivateKeyBag;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRLBagStr SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRLBag;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRLStr SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRL;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12X509CertCRLStr SEC_PKCS12X509CertCRL;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12SDSICertStr SEC_PKCS12SDSICert;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12SecretStr SEC_PKCS12Secret;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12SecretAdditionalStr SEC_PKCS12SecretAdditional;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12SecretItemStr SEC_PKCS12SecretItem;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12SecretBagStr SEC_PKCS12SecretBag;

typedef SECItem *(*SEC_PKCS12PasswordFunc)(SECItem *args);

/* PKCS12 types */

/* stores shrouded keys */
struct SEC_PKCS12BaggageStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12BaggageItem **bags;

    int luggage_size; /* used locally */

/* additional data to be associated with keys.  currently there
 * is nothing defined to be stored here.  allows future expansion.
struct SEC_PKCS12PVKAdditionalDataStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SECOidData *pvkAdditionalTypeTag; /* used locally */
    SECItem pvkAdditionalType;
    SECItem pvkAdditionalContent;

/* cert and other supporting data for private keys.  used
 * for both shrouded and non-shrouded keys.
struct SEC_PKCS12PVKSupportingDataStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SGNDigestInfo **assocCerts;
    SECItem regenerable;
    SECItem nickname;
    SEC_PKCS12PVKAdditionalData pvkAdditional;
    SECItem pvkAdditionalDER;

    SECItem uniNickName;
    /* used locally */
    int nThumbs;

/* shrouded key structure.  supports only pkcs8 shrouding
 * currently.
struct SEC_PKCS12ESPVKItemStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;   /* used locally */
    SECOidData *espvkTag; /* used locally */
    SECItem espvkOID;
    SEC_PKCS12PVKSupportingData espvkData;
    union {
        SECKEYEncryptedPrivateKeyInfo *pkcs8KeyShroud;
    } espvkCipherText;

    PRBool duplicate;    /* used locally */
    PRBool problem_cert; /* used locally */
    PRBool single_cert;  /* used locally */
    int nCerts;          /* used locally */
    SECItem derCert;     /* used locally */

/* generic bag store for the safe.  safeBagType identifies
 * the type of bag stored.
struct SEC_PKCS12SafeBagStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SECOidData *safeBagTypeTag; /* used locally */
    SECItem safeBagType;
    union {
        SEC_PKCS12PrivateKeyBag *keyBag;
        SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRLBag *certAndCRLBag;
        SEC_PKCS12SecretBag *secretBag;
    } safeContent;

    SECItem derSafeContent;
    SECItem safeBagName;

    SECItem uniSafeBagName;

/* stores private keys and certificates in a list.  each safebag
 * has an ID identifying the type of content stored.
struct SEC_PKCS12SafeContentsStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12SafeBag **contents;

    /* used for tracking purposes */
    int safe_size;
    PRBool old;
    PRBool swapUnicode;
    PRBool possibleSwapUnicode;

/* private key structure which holds encrypted private key and
 * supporting data including nickname and certificate thumbprint.
struct SEC_PKCS12PrivateKeyStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12PVKSupportingData pvkData;
    SECKEYPrivateKeyInfo pkcs8data; /* borrowed from PKCS 8 */

    PRBool duplicate;    /* used locally */
    PRBool problem_cert; /* used locally */
    PRBool single_cert;  /* used locally */
    int nCerts;          /* used locally */
    SECItem derCert;     /* used locally */

/* private key bag, holds a (null terminated) list of private key
 * structures.
struct SEC_PKCS12PrivateKeyBagStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12PrivateKey **privateKeys;

    int bag_size; /* used locally */

/* container to hold certificates.  currently supports x509
 * and sdsi certificates
struct SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRLStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SECOidData *BagTypeTag; /* used locally */
    SECItem BagID;
    union {
        SEC_PKCS12X509CertCRL *x509;
        SEC_PKCS12SDSICert *sdsi;
    } value;

    SECItem derValue;
    SECItem nickname; /* used locally */
    PRBool duplicate; /* used locally */

/* x509 certificate structure.  typically holds the der encoding
 * of the x509 certificate.  thumbprint contains a digest of the
 * certificate
struct SEC_PKCS12X509CertCRLStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS7ContentInfo certOrCRL;
    SGNDigestInfo thumbprint;

    SECItem *derLeafCert; /* used locally */

/* sdsi certificate structure.  typically holds the der encoding
 * of the sdsi certificate.  thumbprint contains a digest of the
 * certificate
struct SEC_PKCS12SDSICertStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SECItem value;
    SGNDigestInfo thumbprint;

/* contains a null terminated list of certs and crls */
struct SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRLBagStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRL **certAndCRLs;

    int bag_size; /* used locally */

/* additional secret information.  currently no information
 * stored in this structure.
struct SEC_PKCS12SecretAdditionalStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SECOidData *secretTypeTag; /* used locally */
    SECItem secretAdditionalType;
    SECItem secretAdditionalContent;

/* secrets container.  this will be used to contain currently
 * unspecified secrets.  (it's a secret)
struct SEC_PKCS12SecretStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SECItem secretName;
    SECItem value;
    SEC_PKCS12SecretAdditional secretAdditional;

    SECItem uniSecretName;

struct SEC_PKCS12SecretItemStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12Secret secret;
    SEC_PKCS12SafeBag subFolder;

/* a bag of secrets.  holds a null terminated list of secrets.
struct SEC_PKCS12SecretBagStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12SecretItem **secrets;

    int bag_size; /* used locally */

struct SEC_PKCS12MacDataStr {
    SGNDigestInfo safeMac;
    SECItem macSalt;

/* outer transfer unit */
struct SEC_PKCS12PFXItemStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12MacData macData;
    SEC_PKCS7ContentInfo authSafe;

    /* for compatibility with beta */
    PRBool old;
    SGNDigestInfo old_safeMac;
    SECItem old_macSalt;

    /* compatibility between platforms for unicode swapping */
    PRBool swapUnicode;

struct SEC_PKCS12BaggageItemStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12ESPVKItem **espvks;
    SEC_PKCS12SafeBag **unencSecrets;

    int nEspvks;
    int nSecrets;

/* stores shrouded keys */
struct SEC_PKCS12Baggage_OLDStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SEC_PKCS12ESPVKItem **espvks;

    int luggage_size; /* used locally */

/* authenticated safe, stores certs, keys, and shrouded keys */
struct SEC_PKCS12AuthenticatedSafeStr {
    PLArenaPool *poolp;
    SECItem version;
    SECOidData *transportTypeTag; /* local not part of encoding*/
    SECItem transportMode;
    SECItem privacySalt;
    SEC_PKCS12Baggage baggage;
    SEC_PKCS7ContentInfo *safe;

    /* used for beta compatibility */
    PRBool old;
    PRBool emptySafe;
    SEC_PKCS12Baggage_OLD old_baggage;
    SEC_PKCS7ContentInfo old_safe;
    PRBool swapUnicode;
#define SEC_PKCS12_PFX_VERSION 1 /* what we create */

/* PKCS 12 Templates */
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12PFXItemTemplate_OLD[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12AuthenticatedSafeTemplate_OLD[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12BaggageTemplate_OLD[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12PFXItemTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12MacDataTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12AuthenticatedSafeTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12BaggageTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12ESPVKItemTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12PVKSupportingDataTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12PVKAdditionalTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12SafeContentsTemplate_OLD[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12SafeContentsTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12SafeBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12PrivateKeyTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12PrivateKeyBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRLTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12CertAndCRLBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12X509CertCRLTemplate_OLD[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12X509CertCRLTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12SDSICertTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12SecretBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12SecretTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12SecretItemTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12SecretAdditionalTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SGN_DigestInfoTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PointerToPKCS12KeyBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PointerToPKCS12CertAndCRLBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PointerToPKCS12CertAndCRLBagTemplate_OLD[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PointerToPKCS12SecretBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PointerToPKCS12X509CertCRLTemplate_OLD[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PointerToPKCS12X509CertCRLTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PointerToPKCS12SDSICertTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12CodedSafeBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12CodedCertBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12CodedCertAndCRLBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12PVKSupportingDataTemplate_OLD[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template SEC_PKCS12ESPVKItemTemplate_OLD[];