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Thu, 11 May 2017 13:22:52 -0700
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Bug 1363932 - reduce locking overhead in sftk_searchObjectList r=franziskus Summary: Before this patch, sftk_searchObjectList would acquire and release the SFTKSlot's objectLock once per bucket in the SFTKSlot's sessObjHashTable. This patch reduces the locking overhead by acquiring the lock once and then iterating over the entire table. This patch also removes the unused PRBool tokenOnly in NSC_FindObjectsInit (the only caller of sftk_searchObjectList). (Changeset b8f289456399 removed the code that modified tokenOnly. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a bug associated with that changeset, so we can't easily determine if that was intended. In any case, it's been this way for a decade, so if anything was broken by this, no one has noticed yet.) Reviewers: franziskus Reviewed By: franziskus Differential Revision: https://nss-review.dev.mozaws.net/D316