Bugzilla bug #4297: the use of 'stack' as function arguments conflicts
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 04:30:37 +0000
changeset 523 a835d6e823b49f54c2b81c30465c1c5f1fdf862d
parent 522 8bcb2f3d5c7795375df3bbae37abfbe1e1d82f80
child 524 77250f4a4eccc6741ed6e81abd14bc85b438c304
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Bugzilla bug #4297: the use of 'stack' as function arguments conflicts with the class name 'stack' in STL, so renamed it to 'fd_stack'. Thanks to joseph.gregorio@mts.com for reporting the problem and suggesting a fix.
--- a/pr/include/prio.h
+++ b/pr/include/prio.h
@@ -453,17 +453,17 @@ PR_EXTERN(PRFileDesc*) PR_GetSpecialFD(P
 #define PR_INVALID_IO_LAYER (PRDescIdentity)-1
 #define PR_TOP_IO_LAYER (PRDescIdentity)-2
 #define PR_NSPR_IO_LAYER (PRDescIdentity)0
 PR_EXTERN(PRDescIdentity) PR_GetUniqueIdentity(const char *layer_name);
 PR_EXTERN(const char*) PR_GetNameForIdentity(PRDescIdentity ident);
 PR_EXTERN(PRDescIdentity) PR_GetLayersIdentity(PRFileDesc* fd);
-PR_EXTERN(PRFileDesc*) PR_GetIdentitiesLayer(PRFileDesc* stack, PRDescIdentity id);
+PR_EXTERN(PRFileDesc*) PR_GetIdentitiesLayer(PRFileDesc* fd_stack, PRDescIdentity id);
  * PR_GetDefaultIOMethods: Accessing the default methods table.
  * You may get a pointer to the default methods table by calling this function.
  * You may then select any elements from that table with which to build your
  * layer's methods table. You may NOT modify the table directly.
@@ -492,33 +492,33 @@ PR_EXTERN(PRFileDesc*) PR_CreateIOLayerS
  * just above the layer with the indicated identity.
  * Note: Even if the identity parameter indicates the top-most layer of
  * the stack, the value of the file descriptor describing the original
  * stack will not change.
 PR_EXTERN(PRStatus) PR_PushIOLayer(
-    PRFileDesc *stack, PRDescIdentity id, PRFileDesc *layer);
+    PRFileDesc *fd_stack, PRDescIdentity id, PRFileDesc *layer);
  * Popping a layer
  * A layer may be popped from a stack by indicating the identity of the
  * layer to be removed. If found, a pointer to the removed object will
  * be returned to the caller. The object then becomes the responsibility
  * of the caller.
  * Note: Even if the identity indicates the top layer of the stack, the
  * reference returned will not be the file descriptor for the stack and
  * that file descriptor will remain valid.
-PR_EXTERN(PRFileDesc*) PR_PopIOLayer(PRFileDesc *stack, PRDescIdentity id);
+PR_EXTERN(PRFileDesc*) PR_PopIOLayer(PRFileDesc *fd_stack, PRDescIdentity id);
  * FUNCTION:    PR_Open
  * DESCRIPTION:    Open a file for reading, writing, or both.
  *     const char *name
  *         The path name of the file to be opened