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#ifndef prdtoa_h___
#define prdtoa_h___

#include "prtypes.h"


** PR_strtod() returns as a double-precision floating-point number
** the  value represented by the character string pointed to by
** s00. The string is scanned up to the first unrecognized
** character.
** If the value of se is not (char **)NULL, a  pointer  to
** the  character terminating the scan is returned in the location pointed
** to by se. If no number can be formed, se is set to s00, and
** zero is returned.
#if defined(HAVE_WATCOM_BUG_1)
/* this is a hack to circumvent a bug in the Watcom C/C++ 11.0 compiler
** When Watcom fixes the bug, remove the special case for Win16
PRFloat64 __pascal __loadds __export
PR_strtod(const char *s00, char **se);

** PR_cnvtf()
** conversion routines for floating point
** prcsn - number of digits of precision to generate floating
** point value.
NSPR_API(void) PR_cnvtf(char *buf, PRIntn bufsz, PRIntn prcsn, PRFloat64 fval);

** PR_dtoa() converts double to a string.
** If rve is not null, *rve is set to point to the end of the return value.
** If d is +-Infinity or NaN, then *decpt is set to 9999.
** mode:
**     0 ==> shortest string that yields d when read in
**           and rounded to nearest.
NSPR_API(PRStatus) PR_dtoa(PRFloat64 d, PRIntn mode, PRIntn ndigits,
	PRIntn *decpt, PRIntn *sign, char **rve, char *buf, PRSize bufsize);


#endif /* prdtoa_h___ */