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BugZilla 42367. change license to dual-license

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** A collection of things thought to be obsolete

#if defined(PROBSLET_H)
#define PROBSLET_H

#include "prio.h"


** Yield the current thread.  The proper function to use in place of
** PR_Yield() is PR_Sleep() with an argument of PR_INTERVAL_NO_WAIT.
NSPR_API(PRStatus) PR_Yield(void);

/************* The following definitions are for select *****************/

** The following is obsolete and will be deleted in the next release!
** These are provided for compatibility, but are GUARANTEED to be slow.
** Override PR_MAX_SELECT_DESC if you need more space in the select set.
#define PR_MAX_SELECT_DESC 1024
typedef struct PR_fd_set {
    PRUint32      hsize;
    PRFileDesc   *harray[PR_MAX_SELECT_DESC];
    PRUint32      nsize;
    PRInt32       narray[PR_MAX_SELECT_DESC];
} PR_fd_set;

** FUNCTION:    PR_Select
** The call returns as soon as I/O is ready on one or more of the underlying
** file/socket descriptors or an exceptional condition is pending. A count of the 
** number of ready descriptors is returned unless a timeout occurs in which case 
** zero is returned.  On return, PR_Select replaces the given descriptor sets with 
** subsets consisting of those descriptors that are ready for the requested condition.
** The total number of ready descriptors in all the sets is the return value.
**   PRInt32 num             
**       This argument is unused but is provided for select(unix) interface
**       compatability.  All input PR_fd_set arguments are self-describing
**       with its own maximum number of elements in the set.
**   PR_fd_set *readfds
**       A set describing the io descriptors for which ready for reading
**       condition is of interest.  
**   PR_fd_set *writefds
**       A set describing the io descriptors for which ready for writing
**       condition is of interest.  
**   PR_fd_set *exceptfds
**       A set describing the io descriptors for which exception pending
**       condition is of interest.  
**   Any of the above readfds, writefds or exceptfds may be given as NULL 
**   pointers if no descriptors are of interest for that particular condition.                          
**   PRIntervalTime timeout  
**       Amount of time the call will block waiting for I/O to become ready. 
**       If this time expires without any I/O becoming ready, the result will
**       be zero.
** OUTPUTS:    
**   PR_fd_set *readfds
**       A set describing the io descriptors which are ready for reading.
**   PR_fd_set *writefds
**       A set describing the io descriptors which are ready for writing.
**   PR_fd_set *exceptfds
**       A set describing the io descriptors which have pending exception.
**   Number of io descriptors with asked for conditions or zero if the function
**   timed out or -1 on failure.  The reason for the failure is obtained by 
**   calling PR_GetError().
** XXX can we implement this on windoze and mac?
NSPR_API(PRInt32) PR_Select(
    PRInt32 num, PR_fd_set *readfds, PR_fd_set *writefds,
    PR_fd_set *exceptfds, PRIntervalTime timeout);

** The following are not thread safe for two threads operating on them at the
** same time.
** The following routines are provided for manipulating io descriptor sets.
** PR_FD_ZERO(&fdset) initializes a descriptor set fdset to the null set.
** PR_FD_SET(fd, &fdset) includes a particular file descriptor fd in fdset.
** PR_FD_CLR(fd, &fdset) removes a file descriptor fd from fdset.  
** PR_FD_ISSET(fd, &fdset) is nonzero if file descriptor fd is a member of 
** fdset, zero otherwise.
** PR_FD_NSET(osfd, &fdset) includes a particular native file descriptor osfd
** in fdset.
** PR_FD_NCLR(osfd, &fdset) removes a native file descriptor osfd from fdset.  
** PR_FD_NISSET(osfd, &fdset) is nonzero if native file descriptor osfd is a member of 
** fdset, zero otherwise.

NSPR_API(void)        PR_FD_ZERO(PR_fd_set *set);
NSPR_API(void)        PR_FD_SET(PRFileDesc *fd, PR_fd_set *set);
NSPR_API(void)        PR_FD_CLR(PRFileDesc *fd, PR_fd_set *set);
NSPR_API(PRInt32)     PR_FD_ISSET(PRFileDesc *fd, PR_fd_set *set);
NSPR_API(void)        PR_FD_NSET(PRInt32 osfd, PR_fd_set *set);
NSPR_API(void)        PR_FD_NCLR(PRInt32 osfd, PR_fd_set *set);
NSPR_API(PRInt32)     PR_FD_NISSET(PRInt32 osfd, PR_fd_set *set);

#ifndef NO_NSPR_10_SUPPORT
#ifdef XP_MAC
#include <stat.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>

NSPR_API(PRInt32) PR_Stat(const char *path, struct stat *buf);
#endif /* NO_NSPR_10_SUPPORT */


#endif /* defined(PROBSLET_H) */

/* probslet.h */