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Bugzilla Bug 326168: fixed an allocation size bug. The patch is contributed by r=wtc.

NSPR 2.0 libc functions

Last edited: AOF 04 March 1997

This directory contains various libc-types of functions. All functions in
this directory are platform independent, thread friendly (both safe and
efficient). They are contributed from various sources, though the contri-
butions are monitored by the NSPR group (mailto:freier).

All API items exported by these functions will contain the same three
character prefix, "PL_" (Portable Library). Internal function names
that are not exported (static) are of little concern, though some caution
must be used on those elements that are 'extern' but not really intended
to be part of the API. Those should all have a prefix of "_PL_" (is that

The responsibility for contributions in this area are distributed among
all interested parties.