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Bug 720373 followup : regen configure with autoconf after change. rs=standard8

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  <title>The Mozilla implementation of org.ietf.ldap</title>
<h2>The Mozilla implementation of org.ietf.ldap</h2>
<i><small>Rob Weltman</small><small><br></small><small>November 8, 2001</small></i><br>

This is a new branch of the Directory SDK for Java that complies with the
proposed IETF standard API. While very similar to the netscape.ldap branch,
it is different enough that just changing your import statements from "import
netscape.ldap.*;" to "import org.ietf.ldap.*;" won't let you compile. There
will be a migration guide and sample apps soon.<br>
The code requires JDK 1.2 or higher, or JDK 1.8 if you have the Collections classes in your CLASSPATH.<br>
Build the SDK with <a href="">ant</a>
  <li>ant &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Compiles and creates a JAR file</li>
  <li>ant javadoc &nbsp; &nbsp;Generates javadocs</li>
At this point, consider the branch to be of Alpha quality. It implements
just about everything in the IETF API except for startTLS and stopTLS.<br>
SASL clients will require the new Java SASL API being defined in <a href="">JSR 28</a>
 in the JCP. There are <a href="">docs</a>
 for the proposed new API that you can browse. Soon there will be a Reference Implementation for download.<br>